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Acolyte Callonia
Acolyte Callonia.png
Callonia in her Mythic Dawn robes
Race Imperial
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Factions House Redoran
Mythic Dawn
Class Mage
Home Province Cyrodiil
Home Town Bruma
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Acolyte Callonia is an Imperial mage and a member of the Mythic Dawn, who secretly operated within the ranks of House Redoran during the Oblivion Crisis.

She appears in the Padomaic Canon.


Born in Bruma, Callonia began expressing interest in Mehrunes Dagon's cults upon reading the Mythic Dawn Commentaries. She was introduced to a coven of Mythic Dawn cultists, headquartered in the cave near Bruma, at the age of nineteen, and progressed to the rank of Acolyte since.

During her time in the Mythic Dawn, Callonia came to possess Xefhedle's Locket.

Third Era

Callonia was sent to Morrowind in 3E 433, tasked with infiltrating House Redoran in order to weaken one of the greatest opponents and let the Daedric Forces of Destruction invade the province.

When she is encountered by Urjorahn and the rest of the group, she is disguised as Master Hlormaren Redoran's second-in-command, and helps the warriors close Oblivion Gates across Vvardenfell. However, she then makes an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Hlormaren, revealing herself to be a Mythic Dawn agent. She helps summon the Great Gate at Balmora, but is killed shortly thereafter.

Fourth Era

Disfigured Callonia reappears as Velar Veleth's thrall and confronts the adventurers on Solstheim, her heart replaced by a Heart Stone. She is one of the several ash thralls created by "Dagoth Velar", and is killed by Clemence.


  • Callonia is the first female member to be introduced in Songs of Cinder and the only member of the Mythic Dawn.


Songs of Cinder, Tome One