Adamantine Monastery

The monastery, as seen from the skies.

The Adamantine Monastery is a large monastery in the Wrothgarian Mountains of High Rock. It was named for the Adamantine, or Direnni, Tower; as parts of the monastery are built from rocks from the Tower it was given this name. It appears in Age of Industry.


Knights of Azura banner

The symbol of the Knights of Azura

The monastery was built some time during the early Fifth Era, as a reclusive stronghold for the Knights of Azura. It underwent many changes in population as the Knights were hunted down, but they would almost always re-occupy it.

Sometime in 6E 184 Princess Marya arrived at the monastery, and is now the High Priestess.


Although its name suggests its proximity to the Adamantine Tower, the monastery is actually in the Wrothgarian Mountains. Its actual location is unknown to many, and it is almost impossible to get to without using an airship.


Adamantine Monastery-2

An unknown figure approaches the monastery

The monastery has an office for the High Priestess, as well as halls for the monks to sleep and dine in. There are many places for training, as well as for worship.


  • The monastery is based on the fortress of Masyaf from the games Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed Revelations.
  • Practitioners of Pacts of Darkness are known to be in hiding there.
  • Ironically, the Knights of Azura are based on the Templars, yet their fortress is based on that of their enemies.
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