This is the timeline for the Age of Industry canon. Up to Skyrim, all events follow the games.


Events of Skyrim

201: Alduin appears, and the Dragon Crisis begins. The Last Dragonborn appears, and defeats him.

203: After a long, bloody civil war, Skyrim is finally re-united under the Empire.

213: Titus Mede II is assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood, and the Empire falls into chaos.


Late Fourth Era: The Holy Order of the Knights of Azura is formed.

446: General Kamodus, tired of living under the yoke of the Thalmor, stages a coup, and removes them from power in Cyrodiil. He then gathers the support of the other provinces, eventually building an army to take on the Thalmor. After defeating them, he re-unites Tamirel into the Empire, with himself as Emperor. Thus begins the Fifth Era.


Early Fifth Era: The Adamantine Monastery is built.

431: The farmer Dick Turpin leaves his life of farming, and becomes a famous outlaw. He starts to form the Resistance, in order to end the tyranny of Emperor Kamodus X.

435: The Resistance kills Kamodus.

566: Samarkand splits apart from the Empire.

583: The first of many wars between Samarkand and the Empire.

613: The Psijic Scientific Order is founded on Summerset Isle.

632: Morrowind is absorbed into Samarkand.

641: The Foyada Tong is founded by the Ashlanders.

759: The Psijic Scientific Order manage to create the first firearms.

784: Firearms are used by both sides in war, and are proven to be very successful.

804: Skyrim is conquered by Samarkand.

842: The wars in Cyrodiil end with Samarkand taking the Nibenay basin, but the Empire keeping the rest.

1000s: The Psijic Scientific Order begins to study Dwemer tech, hoping to find its secrets.

1262: The first steam powered machines are constructed. The Dwemer tech has been successfully recreated, and is found to be very effective. Thus begins a new era for Tamriel - the Sixth Era, or as it is commonly known, the Age of Industry.


5: The first factories are built, ready to mass-produce anything that is needed.

33: Samarkand creates the first steam powered ships, which are much faster than the now obsolete ships of the previous eras.

67: The Psijic Scientific Order begin experimenting with flight.

72: The industrialisation of Valenwood begins. This natural haven is the last place to do so. However, its natural influences are clear: here, nature and industry work in harmony together

96: The first prototype of the airship is created. It uses steam power to keep afloat, and is fairly successful.

101: Airships begin to be produced by the Psijic Scientific Order. At first only the Empire has access to these, but later on in the year Samarkand steal the designs.

182: Project: Behemoth is given clearance by the Emperor.

183: The events of Age of Industry : Bound in Blood and Steel.

184: The events of Age of Industry II : Ashes of the Past.

185: Wraith reappears, and manages to gain representation on the Senate.

187: People across the continent claim to have seen the Phoenix, but nobody is certain of her existence. Sightings are reported fairly regularly.

190: An earthquake in High Rock shakes the province. It had suffered greatly already, with most of its nobility killed and its capital city destroyed. Refugees flood into the adjacent provinces.

191: The Foyada Tong strike a great blow against the governing body of Morrowind, and manage to claim semi-independence for the province. It is now autonomous, but must still answer to Samarkand for laws, taxes, and military action.

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