Agrias Viralaine
Important Information
Race Breton
Gender Female
Age 25
Status Active
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Born Unknown
Height 5'4
Weight 120 lbs
Other Information
Factions House Lionheart


Home High Rock
Family Unnamed Parents
Firmament Transparent
Do not let society alone judge the way you live. Learn how to differentiate right and wrong on your own. In the end, only you alone can ever truly judge you for your actions.

Agrias Viralaine is a Breton appearing in The Firmament. She is the daughter of Riane Viralaine and Rayon Avryil, and the wife and lover of Bryce Bellamois. She is also the mother of Luciana Bellamois.


Agrias was conceived when Riane mingled with Rayon Avryil during the period of High Rock's economical depression. Like any other noble child, she was raised to rule and protect. Currently, she serves as an acting leader for the Lionhearts ever since her mother's death and a personal assistant to her lover, Bryce.


Agrias is shown to be a fine lady; respectful, formal, and well-mannered. However, she is shown to be beyond brutal when concerning the lives of her loved ones, especially when dealing with criminals and the corrupt, as shown how she brutally murdered the entire Black-Briar family and the Jarl's family during the siege of Riften.

Despite these flaws, Agrias is not completely heartless, as she still values her loved ones very deeply. Like Bryce, she has a lust for blood, but this is rare.


Bryce Bellamois

Agrias first met Bryce after the latter returned for his reward for clearing out a bandirt camp. When the latter enlisted to the Lionhearts, the former gave him a test to see how much he can take. Bryce passes, and he was officially made a soldier. After receiving a quest, Agrias and Bryce headed for the ruins of Korvanjund to retrieve the legendary Jagged Crown. After more and more strange encounters, they succeed un taking the crown for the Lionhearts.

Eventually, as time went on, Bryce's actions earned Agrias's complete trust, to the point their relationship developed to become that of lovers. Not long after, Agrias birthed their first child; Luciana.

Riane Viralaine

Agrias and Riane have trusted and loved each other very deeply. The two never saw each other much eye-to-eye, but they have always respected one another. It was Riane whom helped Agrias train to become a fine warrior for the Lionhearts until she gained the role of a leader for the said faction. Riane's death at the hands of Talion Avryil caused Agrias to develop an intense amount of hatred against the latter, to the point that she declared Talion an enemy of the Lionhearts. This also created a large rift between her and her father: Rayon Avryil.


Little is known of their relationship, but Agrias sees Amarie as a very good friend to the point that the former trusted the latter to be her 'eyes and ears'.

Luciana Bellamois

Like Brcye, Agrias shares a very strong bond with her daughter. Upon her birth, she immediately began to grow attatched, the latter doing the same. She would do anything to protect both her and Bryce, determined to give Luciana a bright future.


The Firmament (On-going)


  • The name 'Agrias' is a female variation of the name 'Agrius'.

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