Alisa was a supposedly Breton mage prior to her meeting with Levith Syphre and ascension into a Gatekeeper.


Little is known of Alisa, aside that she was a child prodigy on the School of Restoration magic and has gained immortality without contracting vampirism. When her parents disappeared and never returned, Alisa made it her priority to find and determine what became of them. During her search, she ended up meeting Levith Syphre, and the two gradually fell for each other as the former continued her quest, with the latter eventually offering her the option to become a Gatekeeper, which she accepted.

Eventually, her journey led her to encountering Corrin, her long-lost brother, whom revealed the true reason of their parents' disappearance. Corrin also proclaimed his crusade against the gods and that he spirited their parents away to keep them from stopping him. Corrin eventually asked his sister to join him.

Shocked and infuriated by her brother's actions, Alisa fought against Corrin in a one-on-one duel after the latter challenged her for defiance of his goals, but lost to her more-experienced and powerful sibling, almost being struck down until Levith himself intervened and routed him after a fierce battle. When Alisa realized she would never find her parents, she departed for Euphoria along with Levith, whom she married before departing for the realm beyond realms.


Alisa is shown to be generally friendly to those she trusts and is open to many people, but is also known to be shy and somewhat secretive. Though generally friendly, she can be intimidating if offended. Regardless, she cares for the well-being of those close to her and is willing to help them out, no matter how thankless it was. As a Gatekeeper, it is difficult to ascertain her emotions, much to the likeness of many Gatekeepers before her.

Powers and Abilities

Alisa is shown to be a very powerful mage, capable of using extremely powerful defensive and offensive spells in combat to grant great support to her allies and wreak havoc on her enemies.

At her strongest, Alisa can use her unique abilities, as listed below:

  • Abyss Gaze - A Bloodline Ability she shares with her brother, Abyss Gaze gaze drains away the vitality, vigor and power of the target. Those of sufficient Divinity are simply weakened, while those with insufficient divinity wither away into non-existence as they continuously become weaker and frailer. The eroding power of this is strong enough to instantly kill mortals with a single, short look. Abyss Gaze can be used defensively to disperse incoming magic or remove the force behind attacks directed at the user.
  • Bright Mist - Also a Bloodline Ability of Alisa, allows her to manipulate a white mist-like energy which she can use to exert forces or form into constructs. The true power of this ability is to generate golden lightning able to strike through Divine Skin, which Alisa can apply through the mist or directly fire as electrokinetic attacks. The maximum output of this ability can generate a storm cloud shaped mist construct that can blot out the sun and strike endlessly with the destructive golden lightning. The output of the "storm" can also be focused into a single lightning strike. This ability can also be used defensively to turn the user into white mist to phase through attacks.This ability is also present in her brother.
  • Pain Balance - A conceptual ability which can redirect injuries, pain, curses, magic, and so forth towards any target. Alisa can freely "move" injuries and other maladies between any two people, or even use this power to erase wounds and create wounds. This is normally used defensively by Alisa to convert any injuries she receives into attacks that harm others but it is a versatile power that operates on a higher level than vitakinesis. It does not heal wounds or cause wounds through damage, it makes it such that the wound never happened or has already happened, via a form of fate manipulation. Its only weakness is the inability to target higher divine entities directly with it.

Since Alisa's growth over the course of time, she has grown proficient with both swords and spears for close combat. When she ascended to a Gatekeeper, she also acquired the ability to use True Alteration. She also retains abilities common to high level divine entities, such as energy manipulation and projection on a large scale.


  • Alisa's appearance in her youth is based on a fan-made art of a White Mage from the Final Fantasy series. Her fully-grown appearance is based on Mayuri from the Date a Live series.
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