Important Information
Race Nord
Gender Male


4E 160


Unnamed Father (Deceased)

Unnamed Mother (Deceased)

Unnamed Sister (Deceased)

Status Alive
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color White
Height 5'6
Weight 210 lbs.
Other Information
Affiliation Stormcloaks
Weapons Stormfang
Home Skyrim

Aliste is a Nord warrior who fought for the Stormcloaks during the height of the Skyrim Civil War.


Like Ren Oaken-Shield, Aliste was born in a middle-class family in Solitude, though both are unaware of the connection between the two.

At the age of 4, he showed incredible prowess in the art of using a dagger, much to the shock of his parents.

6 years later, he began training in the wilderness and treaded the path of a hunter, learning and utilizing hunting, combat, and survival skills that were considered unconventional by others, but nevertheless proved useful.

At the beginning of the Great War, Aliste was drafted to the Imperial Legion and was one of the men who participated in the failed defense of the Imperial City against the Aldmeri Dominion.

At 4E 175, Aliste was one of the Nords who fought in the Battle of the Red Ring with General Jonna, who was charged in holding a rally point at Cheydinhal.

Aliste's outlook on the Empire began to decline after the signing of the White-Gold Concordat and the ban of the worship of Talos. He also began to show signs of losing the will to fight after his sister contracted an unknown disease.

At 4E 201, he fought for the Stormcloaks at the beginning of the Skyrim Civil War, but mysteriosly vanished three months later.

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