Altair Azzan
Altair, wearing his scouting attire
Race Redguard/Breton
Gender Male
Age 27
Status Alive
Factions Order of Vulcan and Blackwood Knights
Titles Colonel of the Order and General of the Order
Place of Birth Leyawiin, Cyrodiil
Family -------------------------
  • Namir Azzan (Older Brother)

Altair Azzan is Redguard/Breton half-breed mercenary who fights stealthfully and is a colonel in the Blackwood Knights as well as a general in the Order of Vulcan.

Early Life

Altair grew up in the city of Leyawiin, and from a very early age he dreamed of becoming a scout. At age six his brother, Namir, killed a thief breaking into the orphanage he was living in, getting him kicked out for violence. Altair couldnt stand the idea of being separated from his brother, and chose to leave with him. They lived on the streets for a long time, until Vendil Dagoth took them in on the orders of Adawulf Sea-Born. They were raised learning swordsmanship and Magic, though Altair prefered stealth. Eventually they joined the Blackwood Knights ages 16 and 17.


  • He is named after Altair from the Assassin's Creed Franchise.
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