Amulet of the Nine
Amulet Nine
Base Armor 0
Weight 1
Base Value Priceless
Enchantment Blessings of the Nine Divines
Type Jewelry, Amulet
Material Gold and Ruby
Current Owner Unknown

Amulet of the Nine is a unique gold amulet, it was worn by Emperor Darius Septim I before being stolen by the Pirate King Basil Goldeye. It's current whereabouts are unknown.

It appears similar to the amulet that the members of the old Elder Council wore, except that their amulet had a pink gem in the middle instead of the red flawless ruby that the Amulet of the Nine has.


The amulet was forged in 4E 215 by the finest jeweler in the Imperial City. It was requested by the Emperor as he wished to wear an amulet like the Amulet of Kings when he lit the Dragonfires in the Temple of the One, a symbolic reference to the way the old Septim Emperors were crowned. After it was forged the amulet was blessed by the High Priests of each of the Nine Divines, in their respective chapels in Cyrodiil. The Dragonborn then enchanted the amulet so its blessing would only work for those of dragon-blood, an effect it shares with Tazaarfeyn. He achieved this by enchanting the ruby gem in the middle of the amulet with his own blood.


The Amulet of the Nine has the combined enchantment of the amulets of all the Nine Divines. It: Increases Magicka Regeneration by 25%, Increases Health by 10 Points, Increases Speech by 15 Points, Increases Magicka by 10 Points, Increases Stamina by 10 Points, Restoration Spells cost 10% less, Shields Block 10% more Damage, Time between Shouts is reduced by 20%, Prices are 10% better. Furthermore the effects of the blessings can only be received if the wearer is dragon-blooded.

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