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Analise Vonilicar or just Lise (Lee-z) is a power seeker that appears in the events of Ancient Legends. She is one of the many people searching for the Dragon Priest Masks scattered through-out Skyrim.

She has not acquired any masks as of yet but is confident she will.


Little of Analise's history is known, though much is revealed through nightmares. Her son Octavian died at the age of four. He was attacked by an agent of "Daedron" who is yet to be introduced. She was too weak to stop her son from getting his neck broken and since then she has had a fierce quest to never be weak again. Afterwards while visiting her son's grave an old woman sits down a book presumed to be a Black Book on the gravestone and disappears. Analise opens the book and is immediately struck by a huge amount of pain. While writhing on the ground and screaming a daedric rune or tattoo appears on her shoulder. The words in the book say: "With each victory your Mark and power grow and each defeat your powers weaken." The meaning of this is revealed soon after this.She attacks some of Daedron's henchmen and wins. Once this happens she is struck with pain and the mark spreads from her arms to her cheeks. It is yet to be revealed how the other marks were gained.


She is average height with bright blue eyes that turn red when she is angry. Long curly black hair reaches her mid-waist. Her skin is pure white due to reasons not yet known. Runes colored a mixture of black and red cover her arms,shoulder,back and recently her cheeks. The runes spread when she wins a victory or completes a goal she set for herself.



Octavian Vonilicar (Son) - He died at an unknown time in Analise's life. He was four years old at the time of his death. In the brief time he is shown the impression is given that he is light-hearted and cheerfull. His male parentage is uncertain.


  • Analise is very scarred by her son's death
  • Analise is being pursued by a mysterious man named Daedron in the events of Ancient Legends she decided to fight back going on a rampage and killing some of his henchmen furthering her Mark
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