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Jarl Ivar's forces require a healer
— Andor to Geirmund during the final battle of the Falmer War

Andor Soul-Smasher is an Atmoran knight Tongue and mercenary. In 1E 139, he joined Ivar Ilddrake's army of volunteers in the war against the snow elves and died in the Battle of the Honnith Isle to Arch-Curate Torvus.



Andor was born and raised in Drakefell. When he came of age, he studied the Thu'um with the Cult of Kyne and after he became an adult, he created a mercenary company called Andor's Alliance to make a name for himself. When he made it, he invited his adopted brother to join the company. It was very successful until he disbanded it after an argument two months before the war. After disbanding it, he worked for Elina as her bodyguard until he heard about the war and joined the Jarl of Drakefell's volunteers.

Ballad of the High King

Andor joined the volunteers of the Jarl of Drakefell and followed them to their camp near Vindhelm. After making it, he passed the time by having Elina show him around and buying an elven sword from Relan Völundr. While they waited in line, they noticed two female Companions. One was a warrior with a shield and the other was a rogue.

The Falmer War

Elina and Andor went with Jarl Ivar's army on the right flank and waited for Jarl Harald to take down the gates and charge in. They noticed an enemy tongue had used Storm Call to attack the vanguard, so Jarl Ivar called up Andor in case they needed to help break the gate since he's a Tongue. A short while later, the gate was broken and the Vanguard charged in, with Jarl Ivar following shortly afterwards.

After charging in, Andor helped Jarl Ivar kill a high paladin and afterwards went to help Jarl Harald break the elves' defensive position with his thu'um. Andor then charged in and killed one of the elves before a storm stomach tried to attack him. He was going to attack the mage that summoned it, but was intercepted by a paladin, who he then killed. They headed further into the keep and Andor noticed the elves were escaping into side tunnels, but Jarl Harald either didn't hear him or listen and they found out the elves had used a portal to escape.

He was promoted to a militia captain serving under Jarl Ivar and Thane Egil for his performance at Fort Gondorin and led a breach at a Falmer village with the other Tongues, which cost them one of the Tongues after they broke the gates and discovered the enemy had a Bolt Thrower. Andor himself barely wasn't hit by the javelin-sized projectile when it was fired, only missing him by centimeters. Afterwards, he hastily called a retreat to get some back up and his subordinate was injured by an arrow to the back of his leg. He helped his subordinate get behind Chief Yorgrim's shieldwall, where Elina healed the subordinate and they went back at it to create a breach.

After breaching the gate, Andor looked for a way to safely reach the bolt thrower and was about to go down the path he had decided on when Jarl Ivar asked what he was doing. He explained the situation and Jarl Ivar ordered his soldiers to march down the road where the bolt thrower could shoot them. Andor wasn't a fan of the idea and went down the path he had already decided on, running into some of Jarl Harald's soldiers.

After running into them, they introduced each other; Andor went first, though he didn't ask in turn since he wanted to take out the bolt thrower quickly. Housecarl Kane introduced himself anyway and Elina found them. The housecarl sent a female soldier to distract them while the others went the other way, which was successful at getting them to the tower, though one of the soldiers died. The female soldier met up with them and they went through the the tower, clearing the great resistance; Elina and the housecarl saved each other along the way. Once at the top, they all targeted different elves; the housecarl and female soldier went after a paladin, Elina went after the engineers, and Andor went after the mage.

Andor was only able to greatly injure the mage by the time Elina killed the engineers and accidentally blew up the bolt thrower. Afterwards she finished off the mage and they noticed Jarl Ivar coming up. He accused Andor of destroying the bolt thrower, but Elina admitted she did it. He had Andor bring down the destroyed bolt thrower with help, which Andor didn't mind since he didn't like looting and considered himself at Jarl Ivar's service as a soldier. Afterwards, he helped Elina collect some of the elven mage's stash.

When they returned to Gondorin, Elina was summoned by Jarl Ivar so Andor went to the housecarl and female soldier to get to know them to pass the time. He found them at a drinking contest and watched until Elina came back and explained why she was summoned. Afterwards the female soldier won, though her shirt got dirty so she had to clean it. Andor offered to help her, though she didn't hear him so he headed to his station and left with the rest of Jarl Ivar's forces soon after.

He later headed to the town of Ninnas with the Thane after Jarl Harald captured it and helped the ship wrights with labor. He then looked for Elina and found her at the church after being informed by Kane where he was. He checked for signs of battle, but she had none and he left, expecting her to talk to him soon.

The Battle of the Autumn Fields

Eventually, the Atmoran army left and Jarl Ivar was in charge of leading the vanguard against the elves near the last fortress. The elves fired magical arrows to set the autumn leaves on fire and injure the Atmorans, but they endured and the mercenaries of the army led the charge, Andor and Thalg being two of them. They tried to attack the archers, but the paladins came in to try to pincer attack them so Thalg and Andor headed after the northern warriors before they could do so.

The leader of the warriors, a Knight-Paladin, had identified Andor as a Tongue when he shouted at the archers earlier and tried to engage him. He tried to strike Andor and Andor tried to block it, but was stunned and the leader got stunned by a strike from Thalg. After a lot of coordinating, they managed to defeat the group with only minor injuries and headed after the mages.

They fought their way to the mages and noticed the leader of the mages summon an atronach so they went to attack the leader, but the atronach went after Andor so Andor stalled for time while Thalg fought the leader. Andor was starting to get heavily injured and sought out Elina so she could heal him. If not for her, he would've died.

It was around this time that the Falmer leader was killed, and the remaining elves were demoralized and eventually defeated. They headed back to Nennas to find it with smoking columns and Jarl Harald sent a group to investigate before the rest of the army, seeing as the majority of them were still injured from the battle, and Elina was among them. They learned that the elves attacked the village and were repelled, but at great cost. Many Companions died and the structures in the village were heavily damaged. The most notable death was Thane Egil's. He had died in the watch tower. According to Elisiv, the archmage was a godsend when the elves attacked.

The Final Battle

After recovering from the battles, the Atmorans sailed on longships to reach the city of Ilinhame, and Andor was with Thalg and the other mercenaries serving under Jarl Ivar. When they reached the ice, the Atmorans lifted their ships to use as giant shields. When they got close, the elven Tongue unleashed a storm that the ships were protected from via a contraption thought up by a mage Tongue until a different Tongue cleared the skies with his Voice and the elves shot fire arrows at the ships to force the Atmorans to drop them. Shortly after, the Atmorans noticed fire runes were placed around the ice and the ice began to drift apart from breaking. Andor and Thalg were among the fastest to reach the harbor due to Thalg's immense strength helping him move the ship-turned-shield closer to the city until being forced to let go as their ship caught on fire.

As Andor headed up the harbor, he and his brother noticed some strange barrels there, which he avoided and warned his fellow Atmorans of as he headed closer and joined Harald's Tongues in breaching the city with their Voice. After the initial breach into the plaza, the Atmorans discovered the elves had set up bolt-throwers nearby and had to wait until the elves were vulnerable to begin the next breach. As they began to breach the gate with their Voice, the elven Tongue created another Storm and the mage Tongue created a fog that began to weaken both sides until it was cleared by Hjorik. After breaching further in, Andor got into a fight with a paladin and they were evenly matched, close to death, until Elina once again saved him by healing him. After killing the elf, he noticed the gates were opened and the elves began to retreat. He followed Ivar into the newly accessible area.

The Jarl led his elite forces towards a weakpoint while sending his militia to distract the elves. They found themselves unable to attack, having been hit by a harmony spell, and got attacked by many thralls. The brothers retreated and found the College mages. Together, they gained control of the plaza and Andor shouted unrelenting force at an old elven mage, catching him by surprise and injuring his back. Then the old elven mage cast mass paralysis on everyone in the plaza, paralyzing everyone except the college mages and some Hawk priests. After getting dispelled by a Hawk Priest, Andor and Thalg ran up to attack the old elf, but got intercepted by one of the last Knight-Paladins. Andor let Thalg deal with him and shouted unrelenting force at the elf again, but this time the elf absorbed the magicka from the shout and cast an icy spear at Andor, creating a large hole in his torso and killing him. Not too long after, his death was avenged by his brother, who knocked the elf's head clean off with his warhammer in rage.


As an honorable Atmoran that died in battle, Andor joined the many Atmoran heroes in Sovngarde. Andor left a positive impact on his people, taking out dangers to them such as bandits and giants with his mercenary company. He also saved the lives of many of the Atmoran mercenaries serving Jarl Ivar by searching for a healer. Andor's death brought out the darker side of Thalg, who began to turn people into werebears and became more aggressive.


Andor is quiet, calm, and confident. He prefers to lead in an authoritarian manner and prefers those he follows to do the same.

Powers and Abilities

Andor is a rather difficult opponent to fight; his endurance, skill in heavy armor, blocking, and one handed, and thu'um make it rather difficult to fight him one on one. Andor relies heavily upon his shield in a fight and uses it to make openings to attack his opponents. Should his opponent refuse to make a move, Andor can use marked for death or unrelenting force to put the fight in his favor. Andor is a capable leader as well, having lead his mercenary company in battle for many years. Andor can also find any enemies, should they hide, with aura whisper.


  • Attributes: endurance and personality
  • Major skills: master heavy armor and block (shield), expert one handed (blades) and expert leadership and adept speechcraft
  • Minor skills: survival, acrobatics and athletics.
  • Powers: thu'um, rugged, and robust
  • Shouts: unrelenting force, marked for death, and aura whisper
  • Equipment: steel plate armor, steel shield, steel sword (prior to trading with Relan), and a ring enchanted with increased stamina and stamina regeneration. Elven sword (after trading with Relan). After the fight in the village, he swapped his steel shield with a Falmer shield.


  • Elina and Andor were planned for a while before Use Your Rifle finally decided to make their character cards. Thalg was contemplated a bit longer as Use Your Rifle was deciding what class to make him.