Arachdals are a race of mutated giant spiders. Made by Vorwith Forlen in his mutation laboratories, they are made from genetically altered frostbite spiders.



A full-grown female arachdal

Arachdals are similar to frostbite spiders in many ways. However, some of the more noticeable differences are those of the arachdal's size, and it's scythes in place of front legs. The arachdal is, on average, about twice the size of a giant frostbite spider. Their abdomens are also proportionately larger to their bodies than frostbite spiders. The scythes are very large as well. One of the sharpest and hardest organic things known to Nirn, a direct hit from a scythe can puncture ebony armor with ease. They are heavily armored all across their bodies, and their only weakness is inside their mandible. It's difficult to reach the weak point due to their method of attack. They are also can be blinded, but their sense of feeling can detect movements on the earth, and are still effective at defending themselves.


Wild arachdals act very similar to frostbite spiders. The main difference between the two is combat styles. Arachdal use the scythes as their main weapon, and are extremely quick with them. They only use their venom when necessary. They seem to dislike the flavor of venomous food. The scythes are also very effective burrowing tools.


Arachdal use their scythes to burrow. Because of this, they can live in many different areas. They can build caves in days, and caves are where they dwell primarily. They also dwell in the remnants of the tunnels throughout Skyrim. Some known Arachdal locations are listed below.

  • Chillwind Depths
  • Cragslane Cavern
  • Graywinter Watch
  • Sightless Pit
  • Wolfskull Cave
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