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Archers were soldiers armed with longbows or crossbows who patrolled rooftops and watched for possible enemies below. They usually initiated attacks against any intruder they noticed above ground. A well-placed arrow or crossbow bolt had the potential to possibly knock an adversary off a rooftop.

When approached by an enemy or so, an Archer would cease using his bow in favor of his short-sword or hatchet in melee combat. They also hid a dagger in their boots as a last-resort weapon. Though accurate and deadly from a distance, archers did not pose a serious threat in close combat.

In some circumstances however, a group of archers were capable of taking on an adversary, with some attacking from a close range, and others from a distance.


Archers were usually stationed at every rooftops of any and all cities, and on top of tall guard towers. They usually guarded important areas or people, kept an eye out for troublemakers, and strictly enforced the city's laws against civilians being up on the rooftops and restricted areas.

Archers took advantage of both normal and enchanted bows along with two varieties of arrows: normal arrows and fire-tipped or poisoned variants. Though the former and the second latter was widely used, the first latter was notably used in certain circumstances. A few examples are setting enemy horse drawn carriages or structures susceptible to fire ablaze, or sending signals to hidden units from a distance. Aside attacking passing intruders or enemies, archers also hunted down pickpockets, snatchers, and enemy messengers, should they cross their patrol.


Archers were the most effective when stationed in elevated positions to cover more ground. They were also deadly to adversaries only wearing light armor or clothing. They acted much like scouts in terms of combat, except that they do not dodge as often, were vulnerable to being disarmed, and were relatively weaker than their more agile counterparts. A well-skilled archer can easily kill, disable, or cripple any adversary with a well-placed shot.


In groups, archers had the potential to overwhelm adversaries with ranged attacks and pressure them in battle by going on the ranged offensive with other fellow soldiers. The usage of spells and timed dodging or strafing were commonly used as countermeasures. Shields also prove to be very effective at increasing survival against archers.

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