A Headhunter in Medium Armor.

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Armor is a type of apparel specially made and worn for defense against weapons. It  is worn over the body to prevent or reduce damage from an attack. The types of armor vary, ranging from Light to Heavy variants and materials used.


Light Armor

Light Armor is the lightest variant of body armor available. Despite it's lacking protection when compared to it's heavier subtypes, Light Armor gives enough decent protection and allows the wearer to maneuver more freely. Light armor is also the cheapest armor available at blacksmiths.

Light Armor is notably worn by individuals who prefer speed and defense while providing decent protection except from fiercer blows. Examples of classes that heavily utilize light armor are scouts, assassins, and rangers.

Medium Armor

Medium Armor is considered the middle ground of all body armors. It's design allows one to maneuver around effectively due to it's balanced weight and provides good, decent protection except from the fiercest of blows. It is considered the most popular type of armor by many, as it provides well-balanced protection while offering decent mobility.  Even some Battlemages were fond of using medium armor.

Heavy Armor

Heavy Armor is the heaviest variant of body armor, and is specially designed to withstand direct punishment from many attacks. It provides the most protection of all armor types, but suffers from the drawback of increased weight and lack of mobility without the proper training and conditioning. Classes such as Knights and Berserkers prefer heavy armor to allow them to withstand as much punishment as possible. If used properly and with the proper training & conditioning, heavy armor can turn it's wearer into a walking 'tank'.


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