Arnold Victor
Arnold in 4E 202.
Important Information
Race Breton
Gender Male
Age 24
Status Active
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Born Unknown
Height 173 Cm
Weight 60 Kg
Other Information
Factions Unknown
Home Daggerfall, High Rock
Family Unnamed Parents
Firmament Transparent

Arnold "Arno" Victor is a Breton that appears in the Firmament.


Arnold was raised in a noble family in Daggerfall, and was rather spoiled as a child due to his wealth. He had money, women and plenty of drinks and lived a lavish life until his father was killed in a bandit ambush. Ever since, he left his family to Skyrim with the inheritance from his late father.

He would later join the Dawnguard after Lord Harkon was defeated and was a skilled shot with the crossbow and was a known dual-wielder. He managed to contract Sanguine Vampiris in one of his missions to kill a Vampire and although he was cured, the event has since left him shaken because he nearly turned into one of the undead.


Due to his spoiled childhood, Arnold tends to overestimate and is overconfident in most of his endeavors. Nevertheless, Arno maintains a sense of pride and will always attempt to protect or inflate it, and due to this, will always finish any task given to him. Arno himself is a loyal man and will never betray a cause until it dissolves or he himself decides it's too much of a hassle.

Arno is also a known to be a charismatic man; he would much rather talk his way out of trouble then fight out of it. When coming to women, his charm usually does most of it's work but he is also prone to being allured easily from other women.


  • His face and armor is based off Arno Dorian from Assassins Creed Unity.


The Firmament

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