Arnor Gray-Dawn
Arnor in 4E 218
Race Nord
Gender Male
Age 61
Status Alive
Titles Investigator, Ice-Veins (Formerly)
Factions Rift Guard, The Stormcloaks (Formerly)
Birthplace Riften, Skyrim
Family Unknown
Francois, I won't turn a blind eye on this corruption.
— Arnor to Francois.

Arnor Gray-Dawn is an investigator of the Rift Guard. He was a former Stormcloak, having fought in the Skyrim Civil War. He also fought against widespread corruption within the Guard in 4E 218, when it reached its worst.

Early Life

When the Skyrim Civil War began, Arnor volunteered and fought for the Stormcloaks in the Rift, holding the line in the west, not letting the Legion in Falkreath expand into his home hold. After the war, he became a guard in Riften and excelled at the police work, especially investigations. He climbed the ranks quickly and became an Investigator, one of the top ranked guards in the hold. He would sometimes go undercover and raid possible thief hideouts.


Character Form

  • Class: Warrior
  • Skills: Master One-Handed, Expert Light Armor/Blocking, Adept Archery/Sneak/Lockpicking
  • Powers: Battle Cry, Warrior Stone
  • Equipment: Rift Guard Armor (BtR I-II), Stormcloak Armor (BtR III), Skyforge Steel Sword

Back to Roots I

Arnor trained viciously in the courtyard of Mistveil Keep, smashing through dummies with his mace. He was approached by Francois Beaufort, who commented on him still training. Arnor said that it was necessary in order to keep up with the job. A Dunmer walked towards the training grounds. She made quite a spectacle, being a pretty, young Dunmer girl in a dress, standing among big, burly guards who were very sweaty. She approached and greeted them and asked if she could join them. Francois asked her what she wanted. The Dunmer asked if she could train with them. He shrugged and let her. She nodded her thanks. She drew her sword. She hacked away at the training dummy. She asked the Imperial about his name. Francois introduced himself. She paused for just a second to flash him a smile. She asked him about himself. Francois said that he was a guard Lieutenant. He mentioned to the Nord that no one wanted to be a guard in Riften. The Dunmer nodded politely. She asked him what he meant, why no one wanted to be a guard in this city.

Francois said that the whole city was a mess, the guards were barely able to keep it from anarchy. Arnor said that without them the city would be a smoking crater. The Dunmer shrugged, saying that she wasn't familiar with the situation in Riften. She had only just arrived from Falkreath. She asked them about the Thieves Guild, asking if they are trying to catch them. Almost absentmindedly, she began to twirl a piece of her red hair around her finger. The Imperial said that the only mystery was how they haven't caught them yet. Everyone in the city knew they had a base somewhere in the Ratways. It made him so angry that those criminals get to use Riften as their own little playground. But it was like that all over Skyrim, Riften was must the worse in that aspect. He heard it wasn't as bad in the other provinces, but in Skyrim they acted as if they own the place. The Nord said that he suspected widespread corruption. The Dunmer sighed, saying that she will make sure to keep an eye on her coin purse. Imperial Guards arrived. They called the Dunmer Princess and told her that they should be getting back to the inn. She agreed. They surrounded the Dunmer Princess, and the group moved off. Arnor was a bit shocked that he had been talking with some Princess, but he didn't pay it too much mind afterwards.

Thane Mjoll chose a group of guards she would take to the Ratways at night for a raid, Arnor was among them. At night Mjoll and the group of guards she chose headed to the Canals. As Mjoll saw the other guards go take care of the usual thefts that happened every night she and her group entered the Ratways. The Ratways was a maze of underground tunnels and where the sewers of the city passed through. Mjoll lit a torch and told them to start looking. It shouldn't take them too long to find a trace of the Thieves' Guild. Mjoll and her men continue their search. The Ratways really was like a maze, they had already gone in circles twice. Arnor told the other guards to watch out for traps. Mjoll agreed. They were walking through a doorway into a chamber. When they entered the chamber they heard someone yell a signal. Behind the guards was an upper walkway and on it was a group of people. They fired arrows at the guards, killing two of them and injuring others. Eldrid Red-Spear was shot in the shoulder with an arrow. Mjoll dodged the first wave of arrows and drew Grimsever. She yelled that it was an ambush.

Mjoll dodged another wave arrow but one managed to pierce her thigh. Another guard died. Mjoll looked back and ordered a retreat. She ran while limping. She only had 4 more guards with her, counting Arnor and Eldrid. Arnor cursed as they retreated. As they retreated another guard died from being shot in the back by the archers. They ran into another room. Mjoll cursed and asked how they knew that they were down there. Arnor pointed out that there was a rat among the guards. Mjoll agreed, but said that first they needed to escape the Ratways. They couldn't go back the way they came, and they couldn't wait there. The enemy would soon come after them and they were outnumbered, fighting would certainly mean their death. The investigator said that he knew a way. He jogged the rest of the way out of the Ratways, the surviving guards behind him. Mjoll, Arnor, Eldrid and the other guard got out into the Canals. Mjoll was still limping from the arrow wound. She pointed out that they weren't followed and said for them to head to the barracks. Arnor nodded. Elrid split up from them, taking the injured guard to the Temple.

When they arrive in the barracks Mjoll quickly sat down and looks at her leg. She cursed when she saw that the arrow had pierced her thigh. She grabbed the arrow and took a deep breath, then pulled it out in one fast pull. She grunted, then asked Arnor if he could hand her some cloth straps. He did so. Mjoll wraps them around her left wound to stop the bleeding. She asked him to tell the survivors to get some rest. They would deal with the situation tomorrow. Arnor suggested that perhaps they needed military support. Mjoll said that if they brought the military then the city would turn into a warzone. They couldn't put the citizens in danger. They had to deal with this themselves. They had to find out who were the corrupt guards and stop them. But that would take time, as they had no way of telling who was corrupt or not. Arnor said that he would begin investigating at once. The Thane nodded.

Arnor began searching through his men's things while they are out of the barracks, looking for signs of corruption. Arnor was reading through a guard's papers, searching for the crooked guard, when the Thane walked in. He greeted her. Mjoll said that she had been thinking and was sure that Maven was connected to the ambush. But she suspected that they wouldn't find anything incriminating there, as Maven would never risk having evidence like that in the Barracks. They would have to look for it elsewhere. Arnor agreed with her. He had suspected Maven for a while, but hasn't found anything connecting her to any of this yet. The Thane left to let him continue his investigation.

After not coming up with any new information, Arnor went out to do his nightly patrols around the city. As he was walking through the alleys he found Francois on the ground. He was dying. The Investigator helped Francois up and supported him as they hobble to the barracks together. Francois was barely conscious. Arnor tried to talk to him. He fell unconscious again. He looked bad, he wouldn't survive much longer without a healer. As he dragged the dying Imperial into the barracks he called out for help. Mjoll saw Arnor and Francois. She was about to ask what happened before she saw his condition. She then said that they needed to get him to the Temple to heal. She helped Arnor pick Francois up. Arnor and Mjoll manage to get him into the Temple of Mara. They laid him on a bed and the priests got to work healing Francois. The Thane said that they needed to find evidence of Maven's connection to the Thieves Guild. She was sure it would be tough but with his skills in sneaking and lockpicking it will make the job a bit easier. Arnor said that he would question Francois when the priests were done healing him. She nodded and then left for the Barracks. Francois was still unconscious as the priests started to heal him. Arnor sat quietly, waiting for him to wake up.

Francois was finally waking up at the Temple. He asked what happened and where he was. Arnor told him that he was in the Temple of Mara. He told him that he was found severely beaten early in the morning. The investigator asked who assaulted him. Francois remembered the beating. He tried to sit up, but he was still in pain. He told his comrade that it was Maven's lackey, the big guy. He and some guards cornered him in an alley. He didn't think he would survive. He asked if Arnor was the one that found him. The Investigator confirmed and asked if he was speaking of Maul. The Imperial nodded. He put a hand on his chest. He complained that it hurt, then looked at Arnor. He thanked the Nord for saving his life. Arnor nodded in response. He said that Maul usually was at the docks around this hour. He assured Francois that he would be arrested before the day's end. The Lieutenant said that he would be out by tomorrow and pointed out that his testimony alone wasn't going to be evidence enough to lock him up. He realized that arresting Maul would only put them in further danger. He said that he was stupid for arresting Sibbi. The investigator said that he was not giving in to Maven. He was going to arrest Maul when he saw him again. He would inform the Jarl that he was a suspect of assaulting a guard and that Maven was a suspect of conspiracy. If they got off free, it's an obvious breach of the law which could push Jarl Laila out of power if it was brought to the High King.

Francois asked Arnor if he was suicidal. If he did that not only would it amout to nothing but Maven would surely have him killed. Laila would also not convict them without solid evidence. Adamantly, the Nord said that he would not turn a blind eye on this corruption. His comrade was assaulted by Maul, and a guard lieutenant's testimony was enough to land Maul some time in jail at the very least. Francois argued that some time was not enough. For once he was free he would come after them, as would Maven and her men. The guards that were with Maul, he didn't see their faces but he knew there must be more that were in Maven's pocket. Arnor said that they must do this, for justice. The Imperial said that then they would die for justice. He told the Investigator to go back to Mjoll and tell her everything he told him. The sun was setting, so he decided to rest at the temple for the night. Arnor solemnly nodded before leaving the Temple and reporting his few findings to Mjoll.

The next day after reporting to Mjoll, Arnor learned that the investigation of the assault was called off. He headed to the keep and approached the Jarl, angered and offended. The investigator ranted about Laila's decision to call off the investigation and asked if she cared so little about her guards. They needed to investigate further for the safety of the guards and Riften's citizens. The Jarl said that it was not her decision alone. Mjoll agreed that the guards needed to focus on keeping the peace and searching for the guild, and Francois dropped the charges. There was no evidence to convict Maul with. She suggested that he speak to her with respect or she would have him spend the night in a cell to clear his head. Arnor chuckled as he walked away. He meet Mjoll in the barracks soon after, as requested.

Mjoll saw Arnor enter the Barracks. She told him that first she tried to investigate the guards, then supposed Thieves' Guild members living in the city. Both tasks were of no avail. She was now forced to go with plan B, which involved Arnor. She needed him to spy on Maven, search her house and the Black-Briar Meadery for evidence of her connection to the guild. She warned him that this wasn't legal, so if he was caught she'd have no choice but to distance herself from him. Arnor nodded, but told her not to betray him. The Thane reminded him that this mission was illegal, so she had no choice in the matter. Though if he did get caught she suspected that jail will be the least of his worries, Maven would likely kill him. He understood. He'd need to formulate a plan for searching the meadery and her home, but it was entirely legal for him to do surveillance on her throughout the day. He'd just keep his distance, stalking her until more can be done. Mjoll pointed out that he'd have to be on the lookout for the thieves, if they discover him they'd inform on him to Maven. Mjoll told him that she was counting on him. Arnor suggested that they have someone steal something from her residence east of the city, allowing him to go and legally investigate. Mjoll said that there was no one to do the deed, since the thieves would never dare steal from Maven and the guards didn't have anyone of those skills. She left the task in his hands, trusting him to complete it.

Arnor tailed Maven around the city while in disguise, posing as an adventurer staying in Riften for a few nights. He also had another guard helping him out, Abbard, whom Mjoll also trusted and sent to help him. As Arnor was following Maven in disguise Abbard went searching through Black-Briar Meadery. Arnor sat down in the Bee and Barb, a few tables away from Maven, when evening comes. Arnor listened to Maven discuss the business with the manager of the Meadery. Arnor continued listening to Maven speak with the Meadery's manager, and he ordered a bottle of Black-Briar Reserve, assuming it will be his last. Maven soon left the Inn, but to not look suspicious, Arnor remained behind. Maul entered the Inn not longer after and he began to watch Arnor. He figured that his disguise may have been made. He spotted Abbard waving at him out of Maul's line of sight. He casually walked over to Abbard and talked to him, trying not to make it obvious that the two were associated. Abbard whispered, telling him that Mjoll wanted them to infiltrate Maven's Lodge. Arnor nodded. Abbard and Arnor got out of the inn. Abbard told him that he found no dirt on Maven inside Riften, so the Lodge outside of town seemed like the only place they might find the information they needed. Maul was following the two of them and Abbard said that they needed to lose him. Arnor asked how they were going to do that. Abbard suggested the alleyways. He agreed.

Arnor walked out of the building and separated from Abbard for a few minutes, as to not look like they were associated with each other. In an alley, Arnor turned around, having known Maul was following him instead of Abbard. He asked the mercenary if he needed anything. Maul said that he knew Arnor was following Maven all day, not a smart thing to do. The investigator tried to play dumb. He asked if Maul was going to leave or if they were going to have a problem. He put his hand on his sword, ready to fight. Maul persisted and asked who he worked for. Arnor drew his sword and repeated his question. The mercenary said that they were and drew his own swords. He said that the guard would tell him why he was following Maven or else. Arnor faked compliance and moved close to Maul, as if he was going to whisper something to him, before smashing him in the temple with the hilt of his sword and then slamming his head into the wall. While Maul was down, Arnor quickly left. Upon checking to make sure no one was following him, he entered the barracks. He took off his auburn-colored wig and fake beard. He then wipes the war paint and other makeup off of his face. He was unrecognizable from the person he had appeared to be throughout the day.

Arnor soon arrived at the Black-Briar Lodge, as Abbard was not at their meeting spot so he figured the guard went on ahead. When he got there he heard Abbard whisper to him, calling him over. He went over to the guard and asked him if he had any invisibility potions, the investigator only had one. The guard said that he used his last one in Maven's Manor in Riften, but he could sneak well enough that he didn't need one during the night. So could Arnor, but he'd rather be safe than sorry. Abbard said that they needed to get past the two guards outside. While Arnor was gone Abbard watched them. They seemed to be a little drunk so it wouldn't be that hard to get past them, but they had the key to the Lodge. The Nord nodded. Abbard crouched and started sneaking towards the two guards. Arnor sneaked around the other way, prepared to take out the other guard. Abbard was directly behind one of the guards. He grabbed the guard and knocked him out with a blow to the head. Arnor comes up behind the other and strangles them to the point of unconsciousness, all the while covering the guard's mouth. Abbard searched the guard for the key. He found it and then handed it to Arnor. He let the investigator take the lead. He figured that any dirt on Maven would be locked away in a safe somewhere in the Lodge. Arnor agreed, then unlocked the door and moved inside.

Abbard followed him in. He was sneaking by the entry hall and could heard some guards in a room nearby. Arnor suggested they sneak past them. Abbard nodded and sneaked past the guards. He said that the safe would likely be in Maven's room. Arnor nodded and moved towards the bedroom door. Abbard followed him, the bedroom was the large suite on the ground floor. The only guards seemed to be the ones that were sitting at the table drinking and playing cards in a room nearby. Arnor told him to check the safe, he would keep watch. Abbard nodded. He searched the room for the safe and eventually found it behind a painting. He soon found out that it was a master lock. He asked Arnor for any lockpicks he might have and said that it might take him a while to get it open. The investigator handed them over. As Arnor watched, Abbard started picking the lock. He broke a few picks when he tried to find the angle in which to turn them, though he found the approximate angle. He then slowly changed the angle and turned the lock to find the exact angle in which it opened. That process cost him a few more picks. Abbard was almost at the correct angle, just turning the lockpick a little bit and then he unlocked the safe. He opened it up and saw some gold bars and some papers inside. He took the papers and gave them to Arnor, saying they might be it. Arnor was pleased. As they were leaving, a guard stumbled out of the room that they were all in, obviously drunk. Arnor choked him to the point of unconsciousness and dragged him out of sight before they left. Outside the Lodge, Abbard tried to read the papers, but it was too dark. He suggested they get back to Riften and show them to Mjoll. Arnor said for them to hurry.

Back to Roots II

Abbard and Arnor reached Riften and headed to the Barracks. Abbard was reading some of the papers to see if any one them connected Maven to the Thieves Guild. Abbard found some evidence, some odd transfers were made from Maven's bank account to anonymous accounts. There were also some letters addressed to people only identified by a letter, which is very suspicious. He decided to tried looking for Mjoll Grimlion in the Barracks but only found Lieutenant Francois Beaufort. He asked him if he had seen the Thane. Francois said that it had been a few days and suggested they check her house. Abbard agreed. Arnor went with them. Abbard and Francois knocked on Mjoll's door. They called her but there was no answer. Francois looked over at Abbard and said that something was wrong. Abbard nodded. Francois then kicked down the door and drew his sword. Francois and Abbard checked around the house, both of them had their weapons drawn. Arnor went to check other rooms for evidence and split up from them. They managed to find Mjoll and learned that her family had been kidnapped.

Mjoll and the guards at her house returned to the Barracks. They gave her the papers they found in the Lodge. She asked if they had told anything else about them. Abbard said that it was just the four of them. Mjoll said that the longer it took for Maven to hear about this the better. Mjoll quickly looked over the papers that Arnor and Abbard had taken from Maven's Lodge. She said that some of the letters come from other provinces. Maven must have contacts in other places outside Skyrim. She read some more. Francois asked if it was enough. She said that it would certainly get the Jarl's attention. Though she was unsure if it would be enough to lock Maven up for good. They needed to first organize the case. She ordered them to separate anything that could be used against Maven and set it aside for her to take to Jarl Laila. She headed outside for some fresh air. Francois told her to take her time, she'd been through a lot. She thanked him and headed outside the Barracks.

At the Barracks. Francois was sitting at a table playing cards with some of the other guards, including Arnor. Francois asked him what it was like sticking it to Maven by finding the evidence with Abbard. Arnor said that it was suspenseful. He played cards with the other guards till late that night.

Sometime later, Arnor went to privately look through the evidence he had collected. Francois stumbled into Arnor. He told him that the evidence, it was all gone. He couldn't find it anywhere. Arnor blamed Francois for this, because of his boasting during their card game. He let out his anger at the Imperial. Francois said that he wasn't the one handling the evidence. Last time he saw it was with Mjoll. He asked where she was. She was supposed to meet with the Jarl today so she might have the evidence. He went to check on Mjoll and told Abbard to help Arnor try to find the evidence. Francois left the Barracks and went to the Keep. Arnor shouted before slamming several objects off of a table. He picked up a wooden sword that managed to stay on the table and smashed it on the table. Francois returned sometime later. He said that he found where the evidence went. Mjoll had exchanged it for her husband, all of it. She also said she couldn't help them anymore since they still had her daughter locked up somewhere. Arnor shouted in rage before violently leaving the barracks. Abbard left after Arnor.

Arnor has stormed into the tavern, where he ordered a cheap bottle of Nord mead, refusing to drink Black-Briar beverages. Arnor finished his mead. He looks over, having heard Francois and Abbard speaking to each other. He walked over to them. He told them that Mjoll was corrupt. She could've denied that there was any evidence, and then she could have come to them. They would've found her family. After all, he and Abbard were investigators. They've each investigated kidnappings. He warned them of Mjoll. Francois pointed out that Maven's goons had kidnapper her family. If she didn't give them the evidence they would have killed them. When he went by her house he saw the state that Aerin, her husband, was in. It was pretty bad, he was severely beaten. Like the Imperial was a few months back. He then revealed that he was able to get Jarl Laila to make him the new Captain of the Guard. He had a few guards watching Maven's and her men's every move. In the meantime he wanted Arnor and Abbard to infiltrate the Ratway and find the Thieves Guild's hideout. He had heard rumors of a Black Market in the Ratway, so they should start there. Arnor thanked the gods for Eldrid Red-Spear and Thane Mjoll being relieved of their duties, he thought them both incompetent. The Imperial said it wasn't their fault. He said they he was going to stay in the Barracks and try to uncover any corrupt guards. Arnor suggested raiding the Ratways, without informing any other guards. Last time it had been their downfall he was certain that someone in the group was corrupt. Francois said that only the three of them knew of this undercover operation. He wasn't going to make the same mistakes as Mjoll.

Arnor wasn't sure an undercover operation was a good idea, it ended poorly last time with his confrontation with Maul. The new Captain said that it was their best option. Arnor refused to go undercover again, it was too risky. He said that he knew undercover operations better than Francois did. The captain said that it was their only option. They had tried and failed to raid the Ratways before. They hadn't tried to infiltrate it yet. Arnor insisted that it only failed last time because they were ratted out. Francois told him to keep his voice down, else corrupt guards might hear them. He pointed out that even if they aren't ratted out a group of guards going into the Ratways would draw a lot of attention. The investigator suggested they use plainclothes, just the three of them. Francois said that he couldn't go, he had other duties now as captain, muttering that maybe he was a little over his head. He told him and Abbard to go alone and try to infiltrate the black market. Arnor tried to insist on a raid another time but finally he reluctantly agreed to accept the mission. He said that any failure was now Francois responsibility. The Imperial was well aware.

Abbard followed Arnor. Arnor suited up in plainclothes and was soon ready to go. He opened the grated door to the Ratway. Abbard followed Arnor into the Ratway. Arnor told him to be quiet, he heard voices in the distance. Abbard did as Arnor said. They were near two scummy-looking men after sneaking for a distance. Arnor walked up to them, one hand on the hilt of his sword in case things went wrong. He greeted them and asked for the direction to the Thieves Guild. He knew the danger of speaking about them and was prepared to fight. The man gave Arnor a weird look. The first man acted confused but was interrupted by the second when he asked why Arnor had his hand on his sword. Abbard looked at Arnor. The Nord said that he was aware of the dangers of the Ratways and was just being cautious. The two men stood up. One of them grabbed a dagger from his trousers. They told him to take his hand off his sword. Arnor drew his sword in response to the dagger. The other man drew a club. Abbard let go of his axe. He told them that they just came to talk. The man said to tell that to Arnor. Arnor threatened them. The man with a club said he had a lot of nerve coming into their home and demanding information at sword point. He cursed them. He tried to get out of the situation and reason with the two men, but it was too late. The men figured out that Arnor and Abbard were guards in disguise thanks to their behavior and attacked them. Abbard said that he should've been more subtle. The two men charged at the guards. Arnor impaled one through the stomach as he charged before pulling the sword out and impaling his head with it. From behind, he was hit by a club and knocked over. Abbard hacked at the man with the club with his axe. The man fell over, and Abbard finished him off.

Arnor got up and put his sword through the dead club-wielding bandit's head. He cursed, before yanking his sword out of their skull and sheathing it. Abbard said that asking questions was probably not the way to go. It was too straight forward. Arnor agreed. Abbard followed Arnor as they traversed the Ratway. The duo arrive at the Ragged Flagon and come face-to-face with Dirge. Dirge looked at them, trying to figure out if he'd even seen them before. Abbard walked past Dirge and sat down near the bar as if he was familiar with the place already. He gave a small wave for Arnor to follow his lead. Arnor did the same. He sat down at the bar and bought some cheap mead, he nodded discreetly to his partner. Abbard whispered to him, saying that he was going to check the Black Market. Arnor agreed with the plan, it was a good to start. Abbard nodded. He got up and left the Flagon, heading to the Black Market nearby. Arnor visited the blacksmith. He asked him about his weaponry. The smith said that he had everything, even some ebony items. Arnor acted interested, but walked away. He leaned against a wall, in the shadows, listening to the conversation throughout the black market. He heard some troubling news, apparently Jarl Laila was murdered by her son Harrald.

Arnor pulled Abbard aside and asked him if he heard what happened in Mistvell Keep. Abbard did hear about the Jarl. He wondered if they should head up and check on things. Arnor agreed to go topside. He wanted to question Harrald. He began walking towards the Ratway's exit. Abbard followed Arnor. He said he'd go to Francois and learn the full situation.

After suiting up in his guard armor as to not risk blowing his cover, Arnor entered the room that Harrald was being detained in. He introduced himself with a fake name, in case anyone was listening to his conversation. He asked him to describe to him what happened the previous night so that he could try to figure out the entirety of what happened. Harrald looked up at Arnor from his cell. He sighed. He didn't know, he was in his bed and heard his mother scream. He immediately ran to her room and found her like that. Like he had told the others, he didn't know how or why she had his dagger in her chest and he didn't know anything about Saerlund being made the new heir. He proclaimed his innocence. Arnor asked if he thought it was a conspiracy to land him in jail and make his brother the Jarl. He asked for the location of any documents his brother may have signed. Harrald said that his brother would never do that. He had read the papers when Saerlund showed it to him, the signature and the seal were all his mother's. He couldn't believe after everything he'd done for her she picked him. He had backed the Empire during the war. He was the one that fought for the Stormcloaks. Arnor nodded and thanked him for his time.

After leaving the dungeon, he spoke with Abbard. He suspected that it wasn't Laila that wrote that writ. He told the Nord to get the writ and another paper written by Laila so he could compare the handwritting. Abbard said that all the evidence was sent to the barracks by the guards that were first on the scene. Arnor cursed and punched the wall with all of his might, bloodying his knuckles, before storming out the door and towards the barracks. Abbard followed him. He told him to calm down, this kind of behavior would do him no good. Arnor was beginning to suspect Francois as well and decided to go look for him. Abbard asked him why he thought so. There were too many coincidences with Laila's murder. Abbard thought he was getting too paranoid, the evidence was still all there at the barracks. The investigator said that almost every guard was probably corrupt, he had plenty of reasons to be paranoid. He said that the guards shouldn't have moved the evidence until he and the other investigators finished their work, else they could tamper with the evidence. Abbard still thought he was overthinking things. Arnor calmed down and agreed to look through the evidence at the barracks, though he suspected that it was already tampered with and he'd hold Francois responsible. Abbard nodded and followed Arnor.

Upon arriving at the barracks, they learned that Francois had gone missing and Tobias the Black had been made the new Captain by Saerlund Law-Giver. Arnor walked into the evidence safe. He began to look through it and was surprised to see it all appeared to be genuine. He told Abbard to quickly fetch some other documents written by the Jarl. Abbard said he'd be right back before heading out of the barracks and to the Keep to get one of Laila's letters. Tobias soon approached him and he greeted the new captain. Tobias asked him what he was doing. Arnor said that he was doing his job. Tobias looked at the writ and said that Arnor was not assigned to that case. He couldn't just look into any evidence that he wanted. Arnor said that neither he nor Abbard were at the scene so as the veteran investigators they needed to investigate the crime now, after his smart guards had cleaned up the scene. Tobias said that he had other men running that investigation. He had heard that Arnor's task was to investigate the thieves guild so he told him to get back to that. Arnor stubbornly refused, saying that whomever was running the investigation was not qualified to do so and was likely corrupt. He said that he'd be taking over and told Tobias to let them do their job. He tucked the writ into a pouch on his belt before leaving.

Tobias followed Arnor. He said that the Nord wasn't allowed to take evidence from an ongoing investigation that he was not assigned to. He ordered him to put it back in the safe or be arrested for stealing evidence. Arnor stopped, slowly turned around, and got in Tobias' face. He told him that he knew he was corrupt and that he was not going to put the evidence back so it could be disposed of or tampered with. Tobias denied it and said that the only one that was corrupt was Arnor, who was trying to steal evidence. He ordered him to return it now or face the consequences, he'd have the new Jarl lock him up for treason. Arnor laughed. He decided not to take the letter but he was going to defiantly stay and look over the evidence. He sat down at the table he was at, where he picked up the magnifying glass and began to examine the letter closely. He knew that Abbard would be back any minute with the cross-reference material. Tobias grunted angrily, he ordered him to leave immediately. He was not a part of the investigation and he his meddling was only interrupting the investigation. He reminded the Nord that he was the new Captain of the Guard and Arnor was under his command. Disobeying a direct over would get him kicked out of the guard. Arnor said that he could not command him to leave the barracks, as he lived there. He did, however, put the letter back for now. He warned Tobias not to get rid of it. Arnor locked it back in the safe and went to lie down on his cot. Tobias was glad he saw reason.

Arnor kept an eye on the evidence locker from afar while he waited for Abbard. He soon saw Tobias come back to the vault and watched to see if he took anything. After he left, Arnor went to check on the evidence. The document was safe. With Tobias out of the barracks he quickly took it and forged a copy, placing that in the original's place. He folded the true evidence neatly before tucking it into his boot. He headed for the Keep to meet up with Abbard since he had yet to return. A female guard ran into him along the way. She asked if he was Arnor. He nodded and asked her what she needed. She whispered, saying her name was Lieli and Francois told her to meet him. Arnor told her to keep talking. She said that he told her to inform the investigator of his survival and that he left Riften. She had recently saved him from being drowned by one of Maven's goons. Lieli didn't know why they tried to kill him. Arnor told her to come with him. After the Jarl's funeral they'd have work to do. She nodded. He walked to the cemetery. He stood in the back, away from the crowd, watching over everyone for suspicious activity. Saerlund said a few words about his mother. After the funeral was done everyone went to the Keep for Saerlund's coronation.

After the funeral, Arnor returned to the barracks and heard of Abbard's arrest for Skooma dealing. He checked the evidence vault and found no evidence pertaining to Abbard's case. He cursed. Lieli asked him what was wrong. He told her and she asked about the gold they supposedly found in Abbard's things. Arnor didn't see it. Lieli said that someone must have taken it. Gold sometimes went missing from the evidence vault. She asked about the work they had to do. Arnor and Lieli could hear footsteps getting closer and closer. The investigator said the Francois trusted her, so now that Abbard was in jail it was up to them to expose the corruption in the city. The two of them against all of Maven's goods weren't good odds. Three guards entered the Vault. They noticed Lieli and Arnor there. One of them asked what they were doing there. Another said that he was going to grab the evidence for Harrald's trial, they would need to bring it to the keep since it was starting soon. She said that they weren't doing anything. That made the guards suspicious. The other two guards grabbed a box which contained the evidence on Harrald's case from a safe. The Nord said that he was taking care of the evidence from a closed case of his. He mentioned that he and Lieli were going to clear out a bandit encampment and said to tell the captain. Arnor whispered to her to meet him outside the north gate by the forest. He then left the barracks. He walks out the north gate, seeing an opportunity to because of the trial.

Lieli followed Arnor. She said that they couldn't take on the corrupt guards and the thieves guild by themselves. They needed allies. He nodded and said that they needed to leave quickly for Windhelm. The corrupt guards would soon be looking for them. He decide against following the roads and ran for the forest. He told her to get rid of her guards' armor as well, to make it harder to spot them. Arnor took off the blue cloth garment over his armor and left it behind before taking off the chainmail and leaving that as well. They needed to blend in so they needed plainclothes disguises. Lieli did as Arnor and took off her guard's armor and conly leaving on her clothes that she wore underneath. They began their hike north. They needed to hurry since they shouldn't leave Maven and her goons ruling Riften for too long.

Lieli asked his plan. Arnor wanted to bring all this up with the High King. She asked how they were going to convince him of the truth. Arnor revealed that he had the true writ that made Saerlund the new Jarl. If the writ was shown to be forged, then Ulfric's guards could conduct a proper investigation into the Jarl's murder proving Harrald's innocence. They would need more evidence to completely prove that and Lieli suggested finding Francois. He knew of something since Maven tried to kill him. Arnor agreed but first they needed to get to Windhelm. She pointed out that there were two Stormcloak forts nearby so they could get help fast.

They walk through the Windhelm gates a few hours into the night. Lieli was tired from the journey so she suggested the inn. Arnor was determined not to rest until he had his audience with the High King. She said that the guards were unlikely to grant them passage into the Palace in their disguises. The investigator revealed that he still kept his Rift guard badge. She cursed at him for not telling her that before, she had thrown hers away with her uniform. He said that his would be enough. She still suggested resting, but he was against it since he suspected that Maven or Tobias might have sent assassins after them. She agreed with Abbard in saying that he was paranoid. She managed to convince him to allow her a nap to rest from the tiring trip, but he refused to sleep. Lieli and Arnor went to the inn and Lieli rented a room, where she rested for a few hours. When she woke up in the morning, Arnor was leaning against the wall keeping watch for assassins and struggling to stay awake. She asked if he saw anyone jokingly. He told the truth but joked that one could never be too safe. She gathered her stuff and finally agreed to head to the Palace.

Arnor walked to the Palace of the Kings, showing his badge to the guard at the doors. After a short explanation they let him through and he approached Ulfric. He told him of the problem in Riften and asked for help. They were surprised to find out that Francois was there in the Palace, already speaking to Ulfric. The High King said that this was a matter that their Jarl needed to deal with. Francois said that the current Jarl was just a puppet of Maven. Ulfric asked for evidence. Francois shook his head, Maven made it nearly impossible to find evidence on her. She had the city guard, the thieves guild and the Jarl in her pocket. He then asked Arnor and Lieli where Abbard was. The investigator told him of the charges put against Abbard by Tobias. He then asked Ulfric for safe stay at the Palace like Francois since they might have assassins after them. Francois revealed that he was staying at his sister's house, not the Palace and suggested they come with him. He asked Ulfric when his sister would arrive from her mission. The High Kind said that Sofia would be arriving soon and told them that he'd send a messenger to inform them of her arrival. Francois bowed to the High King. Lieli tried to copy him, but it didn't turn out as graceful as the Imperial's bow. Ulfric lifted an eyebrow at the sight of Lieli bow. She turned a little red from embarrassment. Francois couldn't help but smile and chuckle a bit. He told them to follow him to Hjerim, his sister's home. Arnor laughed quietly at Lieli's bow. He then gracefully bowed to the High King before turning around and following Francois. As they left the Palace she asked if it was that bad. Francois grinned and said that it was pretty bad, then asked them about the situation in Riften.

Back to Roots III

Arnor said that the situation in Riften was a nightmare. He said he would explain more when they were in a more private place. Francois Beaufort led them to Hjerim, his sister's old house. He told them to a small bedroom with two single beds that they could take. His siblings and him sued to sleep there when they visited the house with their guardian. The Imperial sat down at a nearby table and gestured for them to follow. Lieli sat at the table as well. Francois told Arnor to elaborate. Arnor revealed that in Francois' absence, Tobias the Black had been promoted to Captain of the Guard. Tobias barred Abbard and him from investigating Jarl Laila's murder. When he couldn't stop them from sticking their nose into it, he planted skooma with Abbard's belongings, landing him in jail. They escaped the city before Harrald's trial, but he didn't have much faith in Maven and her goons giving him a fair trial. The evidence that could prove him innocent was with Arnor, the original writ that he stole from the evidence vault before the trial. He asked where he could keep it, if the house was safe to stash it in. Francois said that if Tobias framed Abbard then it was clear that he was in Maven's pocket. He had doubts about the man before, because of the rumors that he had stolen from the evidence vault before. The Imperial said that he could keep the letter in his sister's chest in her room upstairs for now. He then revealed to them that he knew that Harrald didn't kill Laila, it was the reason that Maven tried to kill him. Lieli asked how he was sure. He revealed to them that his brother killed the Jarl, he was a Dark Brotherhood assassin.

Francois revealed that his brother had a house in Windhelm, but he wasn't able to find anything there. The Dark Brotherhood wouldn't keep any evidence in a place like that. Still, he was sure that Maven was the one that hired him. If he returned to Riften he'd testify to free Harrald, but until Maven was dealt with she wouldn't allow such a thing. Riften will always be a place of corruption and scoundrels until Maven was gone. She had the Thieves Guild and the Guards in her control now, she wasn't going to give up easily. Arnor suggested that they get the High King to fight against her. If they got Ulfric to send a company of Stormcloaks with them back to Riften she would resist them. Now that she managed to obtain control of the city she wouldn't let anyone take it away from her. Francois hoped that was the case, he wanted some payback for the times she tried to have him killed. Arnor wanted more than just a company, they would need a whole army to assault the city. He wanted a point made that Skyrim wouldn't submit to corruption. Francois said that a full army would be too much, the Riften guards weren't soldiers. Arnor wanted to make a point. Francois asked if he wanted Riften to burn. Sending an entire army would do just that. They needed to act with more caution so as not to put the citizens in danger. He was going to requested Ulfric to let his sister lead the company. He was sure that she wouldn't go overboard. The Nord sighed and gave in to the plan. The former captain assured him that they would take back their city. The three of them could hear knocking on the door. Arnor drew his blade. He told Francois to open the door and be ready for anything. Francois walked up to the door and opened it. A Windhelm guard was at the door. He informed them that High King Ulfric had come to a decision, he wanted them back at the Palace of the Kings so he could tell it to them himself. The Imperial and Arnor thanked the guard. They agreed to head there immediately. Francois nodded and Lieli stood up. They walked with Arnor to the Palace.

They arrive in the Palace and meet with High King in the meeting room off to the side of the main chamber. Ulfric looked up at them. He was unsure that Maven was a mastermind, but he could see that there was major problem in Riften. He assigned Sofie Bone-Breaker to lead the company. He wanted the matter of corruption dealt with and Riften back in order. Francois thanked him. Ulfric also wanted the Thieves Guild destroyed. They were a weed that was hurting Skyrim, they needed to be pulled out at the roots. Ulfric said that the three of them would be drafted into the Stormcloaks and serve under Bone-Breaker Sofie's orders. He told them to meet her in Fort Amol, where she was currently stationed with a company of soldiers. Arnor asked about new equipment, since they ditched their armor before coming to Windhelm. The High King said that the fort's quartermaster would see that they are properly equiped for the coming battle. They were dismissed by Ulfric and left the palace. The group departed for Fort Amol.

They eventually reached the fort. Arnor met with the quartermaster and received a set of Stormcloak armor. The others got outfitted in new armor as well. Arnor went to meet with Francois and found him talking with the officer, Sofie, in the courtyard. He interrupted their talk and asked to get going, he was eager to return to Riften with the army. Francois joked that Arnor slept too long. Sofie chuckled a bit, then said that the investigator was right. Her men were ready to depart. The company of soldiers soon set off from Fort Amol.

The Stormcloaks, Francois, Lieli and Arnor reached the outskirts of Riften at nightfall. The Imperial remarked that the city was on lockdown, the gates were closed. Arnor had expected this. He was ready to kill their former comrades. Francois said that the moment they gave up their duty for Maven's gold, they were no longer their comrades, only criminals. Arnor agreed. Francois turned to Sofie and asked how they were going to get the gates open. Sofie suggested building battering rams, but that would take time and give the enemy more time to prepare a better defense. Francois also didn't want to put the citizens in danger, a prolonged siege could cause starvation. Lieli suggested scaling the walls. Sofie said that it could work, but the enemy would see them coming. They would need covering fire. The Imperial asked if Arnor had any other plan. Arnor suggested a night attack, but Francois was against it since Maven would already have time to evacuate by then after seeing the size of the company. He, instead, suggested sneaking into the city through the the docks. His house, Honeyside, was by the water and could be infiltrated by the lakeside. If Sofie's men provided a distraction at the main gate, Francois and a small party could sneak into the city and open the gates from the inside. They all agreed with the plan.

Arnor and Lieli joined Francois' party along with three other Stormcloaks, while the bulk of the army stayed north of the city and assaulted the main gates in a feint. They were by the lakeside when they heard the sounds of the exchange of arrow volleys from the north. Francois told them to be quiet, so the guards on the walls wouldn't notice them as they sneak onto Honeyside's deck. When he made it to the dock he unlocked it. Arnor drew his sword and followed the Imperial into the house. When they got inside Francois lead them to the door that leads into the city. He said that as soon as they made it out into the streets they were likely to be spotted, so they needed to head immediately to the gates. Luckily his house wasn't too far from them. He asked if they were ready. They nodded and he opened the door. Outside in the streets, Riften guards were heading to the wall at the northern gate. Tobias was leading them. He spotted them as they were heading towards the gates. Arnor told Lieli to head for the gates, while he and the others hold Tobias and his men off. Lieli nodded and rushed into a nearby alley. Tobias and his group of guards moved on Francois, Arnor and the Stormcloaks. The Imperial told them to fight smart, they were outnumbered. He gripped his sword and readied a spell.

Arnor lunged at the nearest guard, cutting the guard's arm. The guards charged at the group. Francois dodged the attack one of the guards. The three Stormcloaks fought against the guards. Arnor blocked several attacks before piercing a guard's chest and then running off at Tobias. Tobias rolled to the side, dodging the Investigator's charge and then left as the other guards distracted the Stormcloaks. A guard shot an arrow at one of the Stormcloaks, hitting him in the shoulder. While he was distracted by the arrow another guard stabbed him. Francois summoned a Frost Atronach, then slashed a guard. Francois's Atronach hit a guard across the street. Francois blocked an attack from a guard then cast frost on his face, temporarily blinding him and used that opportunity to stab the guard in the leg. The Atronach killed another guard, but it then disappeared as its summoning time had run out. One of the two remaining Stormcloaks was being attacked by two guards. As they ganged up on him he wasn't able to block both of their attacks and received a slash on his back. There were 6 guards against Francois, Arnor and the two Stormcloaks. Francois fired an Ice Spike at a guard's leg then stabbed him through the lower abdomen. The Stormcloak that was slashed in the back got killed by the two guards when one of them managed to disarm him. Francois killed the guard that he was fighting. Only 5 remained, but since one of the Stormcloaks was killed they were in trouble. Francois summoned another frost atronach to aid them.

Arnor put his sword through a guard's skull before pulling the blade out and slashing through another's throat. He was hit with an arrow in the shoulder after killing the guards. He pulled out the arrow, but that left him bleeding more heavily. He kept fighting despite the injury. The Atronach kept the guards away while Francois approaches Arnor. He quickly healed the arrow wound so his friend doesn't bleed to death. Francois' atronach hit a guard, throwing him a few feet away. The Stormcloak hacked at a guard with his axe and was able to overpower the guard and kill him. The Atronach impaled a guard with its arm then slammed him against a nearby wall. After that the Atronach disappeared. Francois clashed swords with the remaining guard. He was obviously the better fighter but he was fatigued and got sloppy. The guard was able to bash Francois with his shield and made the Imperial fall. The last Stormcloak came to Francois' aid and blocked the guard's attack. The Stormcloak fought off the guard and gave Francois time to get up and catch his breath. The Stormcloak ruthlessly attacked the guard and used his axe to break the guard's wooden shield. Francois fired an ice spike at the guard and the Stormcloak finished him off by decapitating him. Arnor picked up the sword of a dead guard and threw it at another. It lodged itself in the guard's chest, killing them.

Lieli made it back to Honeyside. She told them that she got the gate open, they could hear the sounds of battle nearby so the Stormcloaks had made it into the city. Lieli told them that they needed to make it up to the battlements and take care of the archers, who were firing down on the Stormcloaks while their backs were exposed. Francois stood up, determined to aid them. Arnor followed Francois, violently slashing at any guard they encounter. They went to the battle at the gates. When they arrived at the gates Arnor impaled a guard from behind. The guards were losing and so some of them started to abandon the battle. Suddenly, Lieli was hit with a dagger. She yelled from the pain and fell to the ground. Francois ran to help her. He tried healing her to stop the bleeding but as he did so she threw up blood. Francois was holding Lieli. She was turning pale. He had managed to remove the dagger and was sealing the wound, but she wasn't getting better for she was poisoned. Sofie and a few Stormcloaks protected Francois while tried healing Lieli. More guards abandoned the battle. The Stormcloaks moved more into the city and started to spread out. Some of Sofie's men grabbed the dying Lieli and headed out with her to the alchemist's shop at the Imperial's request. Mjoll Grimlion arrived at the front lines, having been helping with the battle in the battlements. She and Francois left the fighting as well after he told her his plan of saving Lieli's life. The remaining guards had been routed and were running from the battle, some into the wilderness while others ran to other parts of the city.

Once the battle died down, Arnor went after Francois. He headed to the alchemist's shop, where Lieli had gone. He found that Francois had managed to get the alchemist, Ingrun Black-Briar, to help, but had gotten stabbed with a poisoned dagger himself in the process. Arnor stayed there to offer protection to the injured in case the assassins showed up. They heard some yelling outside and Arnor got ready for a fight, but none came. Ingrun continued to mix ingredients to make an antidote. Ingrun wiped her forehead as she was mixing the ingredients, she was obviously nervous. Francois was starting to get woozy from the poison. Ingrun poured a drop on antidote on the sample of poison. There was a hiss and the poison changed color. She exclaimed with excitement, then rushed over to Francois and gave him the antitoxin, and then to Lieli.

Suddenly, Maul kicked down the door to Elgrim's Elixirs. Francois was starting to get better because of the antidote, but was still weak. Mjoll was unconscious still as Ingrun didn't have time to make something to wake her up from the sleep toxin. Lieli was unconscious atop the counter. That left Arnor as the only able-bodied fighter in the room. Maul gripped his swords and told Ingrun to come with him, the threated Francois. Francois stood up from the chair and drew his sword. He was still weak from the poison. Maul charged at Francois, who jumped to the side to avoid the attack, stumbling over when he jumped. Arnor tackled Maul from the side. Drawing his sword, he quickly stands up and put the blade to Maul's chest. Maul grabbed at Arnor's legs with both hands in a desperate attempt to survive by tripping the nord over. Arnor brutally hacks at Maul's arms with his sword. Maul's right arm got brutally cut, but when Arnor took the sword away from his chest it gave Maul room to sit up. Arnor kicked Maul in the chest, slashing wildly with his sword. Maul grunts with pain and falls back down. But he grabbed Arnor's left leg and strongly pulled it to trip the guard. Arnor goes down hard, dropping his sword. As Maul mounts Arnor and begins to pummel him, Arnor tries to block what he can. He eventually bridged out of the position, flipping Maul off of him. Maul stumbled over, but manages to get up and retrieve his swords. Because his right arm was badly wounded it was hard for him to use it in combat. Francois got up, using the counter to bring himself up. Desite him still being weak from the poison it had not affected his magicka. So Francois summoned a Familiar to aid Arnor against Maul.

Arnor picked up his own sword and, blocking an attack from Maul, thrusts it into Maul's shoulder. He quickly twisted the blade, making it more painful and difficult to tend to. He swung wildly at Maul a few more times. Maul started to succumb to his injuries. He blocked a few of Arnor's attacks but started getting too slow. Francois's Familiar tackled Maul from the side and made the Nord lose his balance and almost fall to the ground, only being able to stand up by using a wall as leverage. Arnor came at Maul once more, slashing and stabbing wildly. Maul tries one final attempt to win. He blocked three of Arnor's consecutive attacks and then countered with a lunge forward. The blade got Arnor in the shoulder, and he reacted with a violent, strong stab down at the top of Maul's skull. Maul fell to his knees and then to the ground as he died from the wound to his head. Arnor muttered a curse as he forcefully withdrew his blade from Maul's skull. He spat on Maul's corpse.

Ingrun looked shocked. Francois walked over to her and asked for her help to get Mjoll up. She was unresponsive. The Imperial shook her, snapping her out of the shock. He told Arnor to go to his sister and see how the battle had gone outside. He would remain behind to look over the Thane and Lieli.

A few days had passed since the Stormcloaks attacked Riften. Marshal law was instated as everything was sorted out, with Abbard and Arnor holding a real investigation on Laila's murder. Francois testified that a Dark Brotherhood assassin was the murder, the letter was discovered as not being written by Laila, Harrald's dagger was found to have been indeed stolen when scratch marks on the dagger's display case's lock were found. With all this Harrald was found innocent of the murder and set free. He then became the acting Jarl as Saerlund and Maven were detained in jail. Lieli woke up from her comatose state after two days. Tobias was able to escape with a few guards and they haven't been heard from since. Now that the issue with Harrald had been solved the new guard, led by Francois and his second-in-command, Arnor, hade begun investigating Maven and her involvement into Laila's murder and the Thieves Guild.

Arnor entered the barracks to speak to Francois. The captain asked him if he had any luck finding evidence against Maven. Abbard had informed him that so far both her Manor and her Lodge seem to be clean. She must have torched the evidence. The Nord suggested a raid on the Ratways. Francois had been sending men there, but they didn't know exactly where to look. He asked if Arnor had already interrogated Maven. The investigator agreed to go now. He walked to the interrogation room of the dungeon and told the jailer to bring in Maven. Within a few minutes she was brought in. He introduced himself. Maven ignored him, apparently jail hasn't made her any humbler. He demanded her to confess the truth of what occurred the night of Jarl Laila's murder now there she had no more henchmen to help her. He suggested that her sentence could be reduced if she did. He threatened her with the chopping block if she refused to cooperate. She casually brushed off the threat and claimed she had nothing to tell him since they already knew that Harrald was innocent. Arnor still wanted to hear her side of the story. Maven said that she had nothing to gain from telling him anything. She wasn't going to plead guilty of something that she had no part in. Arnor stood up and cursed at her. They didn't have any solid evidence linking her to Laila's murderer, they needed something to charge her for it. A confession would be best, but now they would need to find something else. He told the jailer to send her back to the cell. Maven smiled and said that she had 3 more days before she was set free.

Arnor went to Jarl Harrald. He told him that he needed to keep Maven detained longer. Francois had an idea of who the killer was, a Dark Brotherhood assassin, all they needed to do was link Maven to him. Harrald said that his hands were tied. The week limit of her detainment was almost over, he couldn't keep her in the dungeon legally anymore. Arnor said that they would need to quicken the investigation. Harrald wished him luck.

On his way back to the barracks, he ran into Abbard. He had a lead. One of Maven's servants went missing a day before the Jarl was murdered, and apparently Maven wanted that disappearance to be hidden. She told her other servants not to report it to the guards. So it must be somehow connected. Arnor agreed that it was suspicious. With her three day deadline coming up, they rushed to get to work. Abbard said that they shouldn't waste time. He thought that the servant could have been used for the Black Sacrament, the ritual used to summon the Brotherhood. If that was the case then she was long dead, but her body would be of use since that ritual required some precise marks on the skeleton and some organs of the deceased. Arnor was thinking the same thing. He suggested searching the Manor of the Lodge for the body. The investigator told Abbard to gather up a few guards and meet him outside Maven's manor. Abbard nodded and went to the Barracks to get some guards.

Arnor waited outside the Black-Briar Manor. Abbard rounded up some guards and eventually met up with him. The Nord jokingly complained that he took too long. He knocked on the door only to get no answer. He knocked again, loudly, still to get no answer. Finally, he kicked in the door and drew his sword. He shouted to notify anyone inside of who they were. A servant ran into the entry hall and demanded why they kicked down the door. Abbard said that no one answered. The servant recognized him and asked what he wanted. A mercenary entered the hall as well and demanded to know what was going on. Arnor introduced himself and said that they were investigating a murder. To two of his fellow guards, he told them to detain the servant and the mercenary until they were finished. The servant asked what murder they meant as one of the guards walked over to keep her from interfering. A few more people entered the hall to see what the commotion was about, two more servants and one mercenary. Sibbi walked down the stairs as well. He complained that his father had sent him to see what the ruckus was about. Arnor repeated himself to the new entries. Sibbi demanded to know what murder he meant. The Nord ignored Sibbi and went to search the house. Sibbi protested angrily as the guards kept him from intefering. Arnor signaled to Abbard to come over to him when no one was in the room he's in so that they may speak privately. Abbard approached. Whispering, Arnor said that he wanted Abbard to go search the Lodge before word gets out so they could dispose of any evidence. Abbard said that they already checked there when the city was first taken back and didn't find anything. They searched around the Manor and found nothing. The two headed back to the entrance hall, where Sibbi was still yelling. He complained about their broken down door and demanded that they fix it. Abbard told him to petition the Jarl. Sibbi said that he would and threatened to get them fired. Arnor ignored him.

They left the Manor, not finding anything. The Nord complained and suggested going to the Lodge or heading into the Ratways. Arnor doubted that there was anything there, they already checked it a few days ago when martial law was still in effect. He suggested checking somewhere else, the Black-Briar Meadery. Arnor thought for a minute and agreed, leading the group of guards to the meadery.

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