Arthur Witchbane
Race Nord
Gender Male
Age 35
Status Alive
Factions Bloodblades

Templars (Formerly)

Titles Bloodblade General
Place of Birth Windhelm
Family Etaret Witchbane

Astrid Witchbane

Elijah Witchbane

For the Arthur from Ancient Legends, see Arthur Beurdeaux.

Arthur Witchbane, the son of Etaret Witchbane, was once in line to become Jarl of Eastmarch before he disgraced himself. Now he is just the head of a powerful mercenary group in Skyrim. He appears in The New Kingdoms.

Early Life

Like his sister, Astrid, Arthur had a pretty easy going life as the son of a Jarl. He got most anything he wanted and was spoiled. Also like his sister he showed magical talent and was trained by Gaius and Wuunferth, though unlike Astrid he had no want to learn magics outside what the Templars taught. He excelled at Alteration and Destruction magic, though he was only adept at Restoration. Like his father he was also an excellent swordsman, though not quite as skilled as Etaret. When he was fifteen he signed up for the Templars and after passing the rigorous training and testing he was accepted in.


Arthur quickly rose through the ranks of the Templars due to his skill, though the decision to let him rise was questioned by many due to his personality. While excellent at hunting down magical threats he did so with unnecessary cruelty and hatred, showing no compassion to Vampires or Lycanthropes and treating non-Human witches and necromancers cruelly. Despite this he continued to be promoted eventually becoming second in command of the Templars.

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