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The Elder Scrolls Sandbox

Aryn is a High elf vampire.


Born in Stonefalls, moved to Summerset when he was 1 years old.

He loved his  family, especially his father: Kyrin Mneme . He protected Aryn from everything. But there was so much Aryn didn't know about his  father.

(Aryn didn't know that his father was a vampire hunter, until he found letters sended from Kyrin to his mother.

"Dear Cyllene, I hope you and Aryn are well, I miss you so much. Give him a hug from me and tell him I think of him every day. I love you. But you know I need to hunt these vampires, don't   tell Aryn that we are  vampire hunters. It's too dangerous for him to know. I love you, never forget that // Your beloved husband Kyrin Mneme.

It has been 6 years since his father left, Aryn misses him very much.

When Aryn was 12 years old His father came back. But something is wrong with him. His eyes are red and his skin is white like snow. He hadn't aged a day.

His father looks at him  with  red scary eyes, Before Aryn can blink, his father stands in front of him. Grabs him and bites his neck. Aryn feels the pain, it hurts. He knows that his father is no longer a mortal, he is a vampire.

When Aryn wakes up he is in a basement. How did he end up here? Then he remembers his father bited him.  Why did his father do this to him? He has shackles and a chain around his wrists. His body hurts so much he feels weak. Aryn is locked in a basement just 12 years old. Alone and scared. He will be in this basement until he turns 26. Kyrin told his wife that  Aryn was put in a coma all those years because he  was weak, he never drinked her blood.)

It have been 14 Years and Aryn is still stuck in basment, he is is very lonely. His body hurts so much after Kyrins biting marks and torture. He can't understand why his father became so evil when he was turned into a vampire.

Aryn could hear when his father came into the basement. Aryn does not want him to drink from him anymore. His body hurts so much. Today is the day Kyrin will turn Aryn into a vampire , Aryn is 26 years old. Kyrin doesn't want to but he has to do it. Aryn is weak, he has lost so much blood. Kyrin doesn't love him but he can't let him die for some reason. So he turned his son into a vampire. Aryn never forgot the pain when he was turned into a vampire. His body burned. He didn't want to be a vampire, maybe he became like his father, evil and cruel.

Aryn was very thirsty, he hadn't  drunk blood for several weeks. His father didn't give him much blood after he turned him into a vampire. Aryn is weak, he can hear his father entering the room. Aryn smells the sweet smell of blood. He closes his eyes and bites her throat and drinks her blood. Aryn did not see who he was biting. Until it was too late. Aryn opened his  eyes. His mother is lying on the floor in front of him. she's pale, Aryn touches her cheek, it's cold.

"No please mom, you can't be dead, wake up". Aryn gives her his blood, trying to turn her into a vampire. but it's too late, she is dead. Aryn killed her. He will never forgive himself for what he did.

Power and abilities

Sorcerer ,vampire, magician

Personality and Traits

He is mostly kind, but can be dangerous sometimes, when he haven't drink blood in a long time. Aryn can be shy, when other vampires are near him, especially if they are older than him.