Ascien Joslin
Ascien (2)
Race Breton
Gender Female
Age 21
Status Deceased
Titles Recruit
Factions The Regulators
Place of Birth Riften
Family Mother (Deceased)

Father (Deceased)

Brave New World Cannon
Ascien was a Female Breton who was part of The Regulators.


Ascien was born in Riften to very rich parents. She had everything she wanted at the click of her finger. But sadly, her parents were killed in a small bandit raid whilst she was out with her boyfriend, Aurane. She was so angry, she felt that it was her fault becuse she wasn't there to protect her family. She went to alcohol and Moon Sugar when depressed which happened almost daily. She was still incredibly rich but that meant nothing to her. She eventually moved in with Aurane, who lived in Morthal. That didn't last long though. They both started argueing which led to Aurane mocking her dead parents. She threw a knife at him with such force that when he tried to dodge the knife it hit him in the arm. Morthal Guards were called as she ran away to Dead Crone Rock to join The Regulators. She had a bounty in Morthal, before her death.


Ascien was a very easy-going and kind person. But she fell into depression after her both of her parents died. She was known to drink Skooma and buy Moon Sugar off Khajiit Caravans.


Sebastian De Rochefort

Although they never really interacted, Ascien seems to had taken a liking to Sebastian. She called him Commander when they interacted.


When The Regulators were attacked by Hippolyta and her men, Ascien thought that The Regulators were finished, and she didn't see them as the clan she thought they were. So she went off to adventure Skyrim, on her own. That didn't last long though, as she was stopped by bandits who demanded a toll. She refused to pay, and got ready to pull out her weapon. But, she forgot she left everything in the fort, which was burnt down. She ended up having to use her fists. She didn't last very long in the fight as she was carved to pieces and the remains of her body were chucked into a river.

In short, the author got bored of using the character and didn't see any more use in her.


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