Ashaiya Kanir
Race Breton
Gender Female
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Status Alive
Titles Intermediate, Wind Reaper.
Factions Nelthars.
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Family Nelthro Kanir (Ancestor)

Nelfesot Kanir (Ancestor)

I am but a simple Mercenary, do not worry yourself too much.
— Ashaiya Nelthar

Ashaiya Kanir is descendant of Nelthro Kanir's 12th child, and thus not a member of the Nelthar head family or the three supreme leaders.


Ashaiya is an unpredictable person. Involvement with her can lead to virtually anything.


Ashaiya, like all other Kanirs, are descended from Nelthro Kanir. However, while the Nelthar head family and Ultima Nelthar was descended from Nelthro's 10th child, "Neltark" Ashaiya is descended from Nelthro's 12th child, "Nelfesot"


Little is known of Ashaiya's past, and she is a closed book even to those who live in her hometown. Her exact parents are unknown but her red eyes show her affiliation with Nelthro and the Nelthar Family.


Ashaiya shares Nait's power and may manipulate the air. However, she cannot control it to the same extent.

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