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Augustus Mede I
Augurius Mede.png
Augustus in 4E 215
Race Imperial
Gender Male
Age 42
Status Deceased
Titles Emperor of Tamriel, Prince of Tamriel (Formerly)
Factions Empire, Mede Dynasty
Birthplace Imperial City, Cyrodiil
Family Titus Mede I (Ancestor - Deceased)
Attrebus Mede I (Ancestor - Deceased)
Annaïg Hoïnart-Mede (Ancestor - Deceased)
Titus Mede II (Father - Deceased)
Eloe Mede (Mother - Deceased)
Claudius Mede (Brother - Deceased)
Marcus Mede (Brother - Deceased)
Livia Mede-Septim (Sister)
Unnamed Wife (Status Unknown)
Unnamed Child (Status Unknown)
If the Blades want to join Daric then they can join him, IN OBLIVION!
— Augustus yelling about the Blades joining Daric.

Augustus Mede I was an Imperial Emperor, known as The Colovian Tyrant. He was the second son of Titus Mede II and the one that took the throne after him, after a war of succession in Cyrodiil. He was considered by many as a great general and tactician, better even than his father, however he firmly believes in victory at all costs. Augustus ruled the Empire of Tamriel for 11 years before he was usurped by Darius Septim in the Stormcrown Rebellion.

Early Life

Augustus grew up with his four siblings in the Imperial City. As the second son he knew from a young age that he was never going to inherit the Ruby Throne. That left him envious of his older brother, Claudius, because unlike his younger brother Marcus, Augustus was always ambitious. He thought himself better than his older brother and tried his hardest to prove it. He wanted to show his father that he should be the heir, not Claudius. From a young age he began training, honing his skills as a warrior. As a teenager he began to study strategy and prove himself as a commander. However none of that changed Titus' mind, Claudius was still the heir to the Empire. Augustus began to hate his father, and swore that the throne would be his.

War of Succession

After his father Titus Mede II was assassinated in Skyrim, Augustus' older brother, Claudius, was the heir to the Empire. However Augustus thought his brother was weak and a fool, and so he gathered allies and set himself up as the rightful heir. This began the Mede War of Succession. His younger brother, Marcus, was on Claudius' side. But Augustus was able to get many of the nobility on his side. There were others that wanted the throne and that fought against Augustus and his brothers, but the sons of Titus Mede II were the main candidates for the throne. Augustus crushed his opposition with efficiency and without mercy, which gained him the reputation of a great general, like his father. Because of this, he ultimately won the war of succession after two years and became the new Emperor in 4E 204.


Prince Augustus Mede was in his chamber in the Imperial City's White-Gold Tower. He was pacing back and forth, waiting for some sort of reply from his father. He wanted to speak to him as soon as possible, but he was not in Cyrodiil. His father, Titus Mede II, had gone to Skyrim because his cousin Vittoria Vici was murdered at her wedding. He had left Claudius Mede, Augustus' older brother and current heir to the Ruby Throne in charge as regent while he was away. In Augustus' opinion that had been a horrible call. Titus wasn't well liked by the Elder Council as of late. Half of them hated the Thalmor and their Aldmeri Dominion and were extremely unhappy with how the Great War ended. The other half were friendly with the Dominion and wanted to improve relations with them instead of staying in the current state of Cold War and an uneasy peace with them. Leaving Claudius in charge only made things worse.

Claudius was well known for wanting to please everyone, this made him a very well liked person. In fact he was the most well liked of all of Titus Mede's children. However when it came to ruling that made him a pushover, and the Elder Council was using that to their advantage. The Thalmor supporters were convincing the regent that removing the Legions from the southern border of Cyrodiil would be a good move to get on the Thalmor's good side. While those against then Thalmor were trying to get him to continue with what his father was doing, readying for war with the Dominion. Wanting to please both sides Claudius removed a few of the Legions from the south, which made those opposed to the Thalmor dislike him more. The whole situation with Titus Mede II's war preparations was creating a lot of tension in the Elder Council. Augustus for one hated the Aldmeri Dominion. He was strongly against their beliefs of Elven Supremacy. This made those in the Elder Council that shared his opinion of the elves like him more.

Sick of waiting for some reply from his father, Augustus decided to take his concerns up with his brother Marcus Mede. He sighed as he walked towards Marcus' quarters. He didn't like his younger brother much, he didn't understand him. Marcus was too humble and content to be royalty. Augustus once even suggested that Marcus was a bastard through his mother's side, but Titus shot this theory down and affirmed that Marcus was his son.

Augustus reached his brother's chambers. It was past midday so he should be in there. He looked around and didn't see his younger brother. When he was about to give up he heard someone call him, he turned around and came face to face with Marcus. Marcus asked him why he was in his room. Augustus told him that he came to talk about Claudius, him staying in charge was putting the Empire in jeopardy. Marcus told him to relax, since their father would be back soon. There was no reason for him to get upset over Claudius's regency for much longer. Augustus was still angry. He said that their older brother could ruin everything before their father even got back. He let the Thalmor supporters walk all over him. They were friends with the enemy, he shouldn't be trying to please them, he should be trying to kill them. Marcus sighed. He said that he didn't have time for another of Augustus' rants, their brother had asked him to come to the next Elder Council meeting which he was late for. He had only come back for his armor.

Augustus waited for his younger brother. Marcus was 23 years old, so he was a man grown, but Augustus always felt he was a bit childish. He thought him not yet fit to join the Imperial Legion. A few moments later Marcus walked back wearing his armor. He said for them to get going or they'd miss the meeting entirely.

Augustus nodded and the two brothers walked through the White-Gold Tower, going down a few stair cases, to the Elder Council room. When they arrived the meeting had already started. They quietly entered. Augustus never went to many of the meetings, even though his father asked for him to attend them more. He looked around the room and counted over 20 people. I never paid attention to how many members there was in the Elder Council, seems like there are too many. If only one person held all the power it would make decisions faster, didn't need to wait for the bureaucracy. he thought. He also spotted his older brother, Claudius, on the far end of the room seated near the council's High Chancellor.

Augustus and Marcus went to sit next to him. Marcus greeted Claudius but Augustus ignored him, he was still angry. To distract himself he looked around the room as the Elder Council went about its business. He looked at the faces of all the council members and tried to figure out which ones were Thalmor supporters or not. While he was doing so the Prince spotted an empty chair. He was never in the meetings so he didn't know who sat there. He was about to ignore that but curiosity came over him and he leaned over to Marcus and asked him if he knew who was missing. Marcus looked at it for a few seconds then looked back at his brother. He said quietly that it was a Breton councilor, a Motierre. Augustus figured that he must be important, the Motierre were a wealthy and powerful family. He asked his brother how long he was gone for. Marcus said that he left some time after their father. Augustus asked where he went, his brother figured it was the Breton's home near Chorrol.

The meeting continued, the councilors argued and discussed many subjects. A few times the subject of the Dominion and the Thalmor came up, brought up by both the Thalmor supporters and those that hate them. Both sides wanted something for the troops in the south. Claudius didn't make any decisions, as choosing one side over the other was not something he liked to do. He said that his father would be the one to make that decision when he came back. When the meeting was dismissed Augustus was among the first to leave, he had not enjoyed the experience and was more thoroughly convinced of Claudius ineptitude for ruling. If it had been him he wouldn't have been taking crap from the Thalmor Supporters, he would have them all executed then send more forces to the south. Augustus headed back to his chambers as it was already dark, he felt he could use some rest.

The next day Augustus awoke and headed to train in the barracks. It had been a few days since his father had last sent him, and his siblings, a letter. This was worrisome for the Prince. He had been bothering him with a lot of complaints but he wouldn't ignore his own children. He blocked an attack from a guard and then countered with a stab that cut the guard on his side. Augustus moved back. He told the guard, Amiel, that it was enough for that day. The guard nodded. The Prince was heading back to the White-Gold Tower with two guards as his escort. He saw a bunch of commotion in the streets. People murmuring as he passed by and some looked sad or even scared. He wondered what was going on.

Finally as he was about to enter the Green Emperor Way district of the city a citizen walked up to him teary-eyed and told him he was sorry for his loss. The two escorts then pushed the citizen away and led Augustus into the district. He asked himself what the citizen meant. He saw that the Green Emperor Way was having a similar commotion, the district was strangely filled with citizens. Him and his escort pushed past the crowds and went into the tower. As he entered it he spotted Marcus, who immediately ran over to him. He called to him. There was something off about his tone. Marcus said that there was grave news. Augustus could see that his brother had been crying. He thought that his brother was a child. He asked him what it was. With his voice full of gried, Marcus revealed that their father had been murdered. Augustus yelled in disbelief. He was filled with a mix of confusion, disbelief, anger and sadness all at once. He could not believe what he was hearing. He wondered: How could his father have been killed? why? most importantly, why now?

He asked his brother who had killed the Emperor. Marcus explained that a Dark Brotherhood assassin snuck onto their father's ship and murdered him in his quarters. Augustus was shocked, so he continued on his way to the Tower. Anger became his most prominent emotion as he started to organize his thoughts. His father needed to be avenged, he needed to find who hired the assassin so he could kill them.


It had been two days since the news of the Emperor's death had reached the capital. The city was grieving, and so were Titus Mede's children. Livia was not at the capital, as she was still traveling around the province, but her brothers were. Their father's death only made Augustus resent Claudius Mede more, as he was now the unofficial Emperor. Claudius hadn't had his coronation yet, as he wanted things to cool down first before he took the Ruby Throne.

Augustus wasn't taking his father's death well, in the last few days he had become obsessed with finding out who had hired the Dark Brotherhood assassin. The prince had started to isolate himself from others in the Imperial City, as he began to suspect that whomever hired the Brotherhood was working for the Aldmeri Dominion. His father had been getting ready for war and they didn't like that, so they got their allies to put out a hit on him. The number one suspects were the Thalmor supporters in the Elder Council, as they were the most outspoken and they had the money to hire the Brotherhood. He had talked about this to Marcus Mede but his little brother didn't think anything of Augustus' paranoia. Angry, Augustus chose to continue the investigation mostly by himself. The only person he brought into it was his friend and bodyguard, Gergio Urtius, of the Penitus Oculatus. Gergio acknowledged that the prince's theory had some merit and agreed to use his skills as an agent to aid in the investigation.

Gergio knocked on the door to Augustus' chambers. He had returned from his assignment. The door was unlocked and opened. Augustus was sitting at his desk with his back to a wall. Just like Augustus thought, Amaund Motierre was indeed one of the Thalmor supporters in the Elder Council, though he wasn't as outspoken as the others. Augustus suspected as much. Him disappearing shortly after his father left for Skyrim was highly suspicious. It gave him the opportunity to follow him to Skyrim and hire the Dark Brotherhood there, as the last remnants of that organization were rumored to be located there. His family was rich so that gave him the means to hire the assassins and his affiliation with the Thalmor was also a clear motive. The agent said that it fit all the requirements. They wouldn't need to interrogate the other Elder Councilors anymore. The prince said that they still didn't know where he was. One of his co-workers or his family did. Gergio asked if they should pay the other Motierres a visit. Augustus said that the sooner they dealt with his father's killers they sooner they could deal with the other Thalmor supporters. He stood up and walked over to the window. His brother had been too lenient with them, he wouldn't allow that to continue for much longer. Gergio nodded. It was dangerous to let them continue as they were now. He then helped the prince to gather his equipment so they could travel to Chorrol and confront the Motierre family. Before they left Gergio asked his comrades in the Penitus Oculatus to watch out for Claudius, as the Thalmor supporters might try to kill him. The two of them got on a carriage that took them to Chorrol, they decided to go in disguise so the Motierres didn't see them coming.

Arriving some time later they dismounted off the carriage and paid the driver. They had gotten off near the stables so they walked over to the gates. The guards didn't recognize them as they were wearing common armor, the prince was wearing Steel Armor and Gergio was wearing a set of Leather Armor. Instead of a helmet, Augustus was wearing a hood to conceal his face so no one recognized him. The two of them headed to the Motierre Manor. Gergio asked him what they were going to do when they arrived at the manor. They couldn't just knock on the door and demand answers. Augustus told him to sneak in, he'd be the lookout. Gergio nodded and when the two of them were a block from the manor Augustus stayed back while Gergio sneaked closer.

Augustus spotted his companion returning from the manor, he was still waiting a block from the building and keeping a lookout. He asked if he found them. Gergio revealed that he discovered where they went. He showed Augustus a letter. It was a note for the head mercenary, telling her that the Motierres would be in their retreat and to keep guarding the manor. Now they just needed to find the family's retreat. The two headed to the inn and asked around. It didn't take long, but it did take a bribe, to find out that the Motierre Retreat was located a ways north of Chorrol. The prince and his bodyguard then left the city and headed there, intent on confronting the Motierres about the Emperor's murder.

The retreat was a complex, it was made up of a house a bit smaller than their manor in the Chorrol as well as a stable and a small wall around it. A road led to the gate that was the only way into the complex and a watchtower stood by the gate. Gergio suggested they strike the gate to get inside, but they would need reinforcements. Augustus agreed and suggested they head to Fort Rayles for Legionnaire help. The Legion would answer the call of their prince.

The two then headed west to the fort. A few hours later they arrived, and when the lookouts realized who they were they were welcomed inside. Augustus observed the fort. The garrison looked to be about 50 men strong, maybe more. They were escorted inside where they were led to the commanding officer of the fort, Tribune Falco Baenius. Falco bowed and greeted the prince. Augustus said that they didn't come for visit, they needed their help. The traitorous Motierres were suspected of being part of the plot that killed the Emperor. They needed Falco and his soldiers to attack their retreat east of the fort. Falco rose and said that he would have as he required and he would personally lead them. He didn't even question the prince's orders. Augustus asked for 20 good men and thanked the Tribute. Falco nodded and had his subordinates round up the soldiers. Within the hour they departed for the Motierre Retreat.

Once they reached the gates the Tribune walked up and demanded that they open up in the name of the Emperor. They refused. Augustus told them to assault the retreat. The Legion archers fired on the watchtower. Mages began to shot at the gates, trying to destroy them so they could enter. The mercenaries inside fired back, the Legion warriors raised their shields to block the arrows. It took a couple minutes but the mages were able to break through the gates. Falco led them through the gates and to the courtyard. 15 mercenaries were gathered there. Falco told the prince to head inside. Augustus nodded and went into the house with Gergio. As soon as they entered they were met with resistance. However there were very few mercenaries in the house, nothing that the two of them couldn't handle. They fought and sneaked their way to the living room, where they found the Motierres. Augustus and his friend approached them, with their weapons drawn. He told them that they had come for answers and demanded to know why they killed the Emperor. Bereditte Motierre stayed sitting down, next to him was his daughter. On the other side of the room, Verick Motierre was standing near a woman who had her back turned. The old man told them to put down their swords and waved at his son to let the prince meet their guest. Verick helped the woman up. It was then that Augustus and Gergio saw that her hands were bound behind her back. Verick then turned her around to face the two Imperials. When she turned completely, Augustus' jaw dropped as he recognized his sister.


Augustus asked his sister she was doing there. He was confused in discovering her with the Motierres. It wasn't the princess that replied, it was Verick Motierre. He revealed that she was his fiancé and that they'd soon be married and ascend to the throne. Gergio Urtius demanded answers as well. Bereditte Motierre confirmed their plan to use the princess in order to claim the Ruby Throne. Augustus spat at them. He would never let that happen, the throne was his. He inched closer to the Bretons nobles, still brandishing his sword. The old Breton said that with Titus dead and his son on the throne their allies would grow stronger. Gergio asked him to clarify. Maurrie Motierre revealed that it was the Thalmor. Augustus began to grind his teeth. He cursed, regretting not having all the Thalmor supports killed as soon as possible. He swore he'd do that as soon as he got his vengeance for the death of his father. Bereditte said that he wouldn't be leaving alive and put two fingers in his mouth to whistle. The side doors were kicked in, six mercenaries walked into the room, weapons in hand. The old Breton ordered them to kill their uninvited guests.

Gergio didn't wait for them to attack, he charged at one of them, slashing with both his swords. The mercenary blocked his first strike, from his right sword, but was not able to block the second from his left sword. He fell down bleeding, the Penitus Agent was already after the next opponent. Augustus joined up in the fight, aggressively hacking at the mercenaries. The Motierres stood there as their mercenaries went down one by one, killed by the duo. Verick took a step forward. Livia took advantage of her fiancé being distracted and grabbed the dagger strapped to his belt. Before he could react she cut the binds around her wrists and stabbed him in the back. He yelled and fell to his knees, the dagger stuck in his back. She backed away, heading over to the wall. He fell down with his face to the floor, the back of his shirt red with blood. Bereditte called to his injured son. Augustus charged in and bashed the old man in the back of the head with his shield, he fell to the ground. Gergio and Augustus had killed all the mercenaries. With Verick on the ground bleeding, Bereditte knocked out and the mercenaries dead, only Maurrie was left. The sounds of fighting ended, soon after Tribune Falco's men entered. Falco reported that they defeated the mercenaries. Augustus told them to arrest the survivors, they would bring them back to the Imperial City for execution.

The legionnaires rounded up the remaining mercenaries and the Motierres. On the journey to the capital, Verick Motierre died from his wound. Augustus had ordered that he not receive any medical attention and he bled to death during the trip. Bereditte grew depressed after his son's death and the failure of his plot. His daughter Maurrie didn't seem too phased at her brother's death. Livia seemed to be glad the bastard was dead. She was quiet on the way home, however.

Within three days they arrived in the Imperial City. Augustus ordered Tribune Falco to take the Motierres and their men to the Imperial Prison, he wanted to meet with Claudius Mede, his older brother, before dealing with the traitors. He ordered Gergio to take Livia to her chambers. She had been through a lot in the past weeks. The agent nodded and escorted the princess to her room. Augustus Mede headed to the Emperor's study, where he guessed that Claudius was. Along the way he encountered his younger brother, Marcus Mede. He asked him what he wanted, he had business with Claudius. He sounded cold towards his brother, there was no affection in his voice. He was in no mood for distractions, he needed to see Claudius. Marcus asked where he had been, the Prince had been gone from the capital for a long time. His siblings didn't know where he was, they feared for his life, just like Livia's. Her escort was found dead on the road to Kvatch some time ago. Augustus cut him off. He revealed that Livia was fine. He had rescued her and avenged their father. The young Imperial was confused. Augustus explained that he hunted down the ones that hired the Dark Brotherhood and kidnapped Livia and brought them to the capital for execution. He then ordered Marcus to step aside so he could speak with Claudius. His brother didn't try to stop him, so Augustus continued to the study.

Augustus didn't knock on the door, he just swung it open. Claudius was sitting at their father's desk. He looked up when the door opened. He was glad to see his brother and said that he had troubling news about Livia. Augustus tried to cut him off, but Claudius interjected angrily. Augustus explained the situation like he had done with Marcus. Claudius looked relieved. He then looked his brother in the eyes and continued. He pointed out that he missed their father's funeral, he had returned to the capital three days prior. Augustus was devastated, he had no idea his father's remains had returned from Skyrim already. It made him kind of ashamed to have missed the funeral. His brother said that he also missed his coronation as Emperor, it had happened the day prior. That news angered Augustus. He slammed his hand on the table. He yelled at his brother saying he had no right. Claudius stood up. He looked angry, which was unusual for him. He yelled back, saying that he was the rightful heir. He stared straight into his brother's eyes and told him to get over his jealousy. Augustus called him weak, he was the one that took charge and arrested their father's killers and saved Livia. He was the better fighter and firmer leader. Claudius was too soft like their father. The prince blamed them for the Thalmor's grip on the Empire, their supporters had killed their fathers and tried to forcefully claim the throne through Livia. Claudius was taken aback. Augustus told him of the Motierres' plans and what had transpired in the past week. The young Emperor hoped their sister was alright, she must been through a lot. AAugustus said that if he was in charge he'd have killed all the Thalmor supporters months ago and stopped any of this from happening. The Empire needed a strong leader like him to save it. Claudius would only bring about its destruction. Augustus continued to rant. He didn't much care about how Livia was feeling. Saving her wasn't his intention, it had happened by pure accident. Claudius bluntly refused to abdicate the throne. Augustus looked right at him, remaining silent for a bit before speaking. He threatened to take it. The Emperor asked if that was a real threat. When Augustus chose to remain silent instead of answering, his brother added that if what he said about the Motierres were true then the Thalmor might try some other plot soon. A fight between them would only weaken Cyrodiil. He urged his brother to make peace with him and help him deal with their father's murderers. Augustus refused, he didn't care. He would accomplish his goals no matter the cost. He truly believe he was the best choice in the long run and that many would agree with him. He almost reached for his sword right then and there, but there were Penitus Oculatus outside the study and they would kill him if he tried to attack his brother. He began to walk away. Claudius begged him not to do anything, a war would only mean the defeat of them both. Augustus disagreed. When he got to the door he looked back and said that next time they met they would be enemies on the field of battle.

As Augustus left the study he immediately ran into Marcus again. His younger brother was right outside the door near the Penitus guards. He asked him what he overheard. Marcus was silent for a moment, then tried to convince Augustus not to go hrough with it. Augustus refused and said the only way to stop him was to fight him now. He reached for his sword. The guards gripped their swords, unsure what to do. Marcus didn't react, he just stood there with a sad and disappointed look in his face. Augustus walked past him. As he walked away, Gergio arrived. He said that Livia was being taken care of in her chambers. The Prince called his friend and said they were leaving. Gergio followed without question. He and the Prince left the White-Gold Tower and the Imperial City behind. He asked their next course of action. Augustus looked back at him as they neared the stables. They were going to gather allies. He got on his horse, his friend and bodyguard did the same. He told his friend to call him Emperor, as the throne would soon be his. Gergio nodded.

Reign as Emperor

Augustus was able to ally with the Talos Pact by officially recognizing Skyrim as an independent province. With the alliance the Nords sent soldiers to aid the Imperials in pushing the Aldmeri Dominion back and stopping their advance into Cyrodiil. When the Nords were able to ally with the Dunmer and their sent forces into Cyrodiil the Talos Pact was able to completely push the Dominion out of the Cyrodiil. Augustus then led the Imperial Army into the Elsweyr countries, where they, with the help of the local resistance, were able to defeat the Dominion and then invaded Valenwood. With the help of the Redguards and the Breton they easily took Valenwood and then the Talos Pact invaded Alinor. After the Talos Pact defeated the Dominion in its home territory Augustus ordered everyone associated with the Thalmor killed. The Empire took over the provinces of the former Aldmeri Dominion and put Imperial Governors in charge.

The Emperor then made alliances with the Crowns and House Hlaalu. The Empire then turned on its former allies of the Talos Pact and quickly took over Hammerfell and Morrowind, because of the alliances with local factions. Afterwards Augustus turned his attention to Skyrim and won the war when they surrendered in 4E 208. Only Black Marsh remained independent, and Augustus couldn't have that. So the Empire invaded Black Marsh and, after conquering the outer swamps, took control of the province and got the Empire back to its full size.


Character Form

Augustus Mede in his Black Tyrant Armor

  • Class: Warrior
  • Skills: Master One-handed, Expert Block/Speech, Adept Heavy Armor/Two-Handed/Restoration
  • Powers: Voice of the Emperor, Intimidation.
  • Equipment: Emperor's Robe, Fine Boots, Imperial Dragon Armor, Imperial Dragon Sword, Imperial Dragon Shield. (Part 1) Black Tyrant Armor, Daedric Longsword, Imperial Dragon Shield (Part 5)

Return of the Septim Dynasty I

Augurius Mede was in the throne room of the Imperial Palace. He called to his bodyguard, Ortius Civello, and asked him to head to the city's inn to meet with an assassin that he had hired. He asked Ortius to bring the assassin to the throne room so he could give him the contract. When they arrived a few minutes later Augustus told the assassin what his job was, to kill his brother Marcus Mede. Marcus and Augustus had never gotten along, they fought for different sides in the Mede War of Succession and now Marcus had gone to Shornhelm to side with the usurper against his own brother. Augustus then had Ortius led the assassin out of the Palace. Augustus was upset that the Nords were in open rebellion against the Empire, again, however this time all of Skyrim was united against him. He and his generals strategized and decided which Legions would go where, sending more troops to Skyrim and a few to High Rock to deal with the rebels. Kastus returned a few days later, having completed the contract. Augustus was pleased that his brother was killed and had Ortius pay the assassin. After that Augustus retired to his room. There he took out his sword and sharpened it.

After that he went over to his desk and looked at the pile of reports, which is one of the things he most hated about being Emperor...the paperwork. He looked over some of them and found one that caught his attention. A priest of Talos from the Temple of the One had been preaching his support for Daric Lariat's claim for the throne. Augustus was outraged. The Emperor had the guards arrest the Priest of Talos and bring him to the Palace. Ortius was also called back to stand by the Emperor's side. It took a while for everyone to get there but soon the court was in progress. Augustus yelled at the priest, and said that his sentence would death by hanging. The priests tried to defend himself, claiming he was only answering a question that a pilgrim had asked about Talos and Tiber Septim. Augustus asked if the priest believed the usurper's claim. The priest replied "No...of course not, its heresy to say such things." Augustus said that he didn't believe the priest and sentenced him to hang. The priest cried for mercy but those cries fell on deaf ears, for the Emperor had already made up his mind. The guards dragged the priest away. The throne room was quiet for a time, until a Penitus Oculatus member walked in. He told Augustus that part of the Blades had set off from Skyrim to join Daric in High Rock. The Emperor was caught by surprise, he asked him if that was true. The Penitus agent hesitated and said yes. The Emperor walked closer to the messenger. He then grabed his sword and plunges it into the Penitus Oculatus agent's boot. He screamed. Augustus was outraged that more people were turning against him. He took his sword out of the messeger's foot. He then sat back on his throne and said that he only wanted to hear something now if it was good news. He told Ortius to escort the wounded agent out of the throne room, as he appeared to have 'hurt' his foot. Augustus then left to meet with his generals again. At the War Room Augustus looked over the map of Tamriel. He cursed the Blades and then slamed his fist onto the table, knocking over the pieces that represented the armies on the map. He declared every Blade a traitor and called for their immediate termination. He then asked how the war with Skyrim was going. The general told him that they had just captured Falkreath, Augustus was pleased. However the general said that the Nords had they pinned down and they couldn't advance into the rest of Skyrim. Augustus took the news well and asked if another legion was available to provide back up for the one in Falkreath, the general said that most of the Legions were busy keeping order in the other provinces. The Emperor said to move the Legion from High Rock to Skyrim once Daric had been dealt with, after that he dismissed the generals and retired to his chambers.

A few days later Ortius brought the Emperor news that Daggerfall was under siege from Daric's forces. Augustus was surprised and he knew that the Legion, which was in eastern High Rock, wouldn't be able to assist in defending the city. He had Ortius immediately send word to the Navy ships that were stationed in Hammerfell. Augustus sat in his throne, he was restless, he longed for a battle. He decided to join the battle for Daggerfall and set off for Anvil with part of his Penitus Oculatus. There they boarded a ship to take them to Hammerfell to meet up with the rest of the Navy. Ortius asked the Emperor if it was wise for him to join in the fighting, to which Augustus reminded his bodyguard that he led the Legions against the Aldmeri Dominion and then against the Talos Pact. The Imperial Navy arrived in Daggerfall and began assaulting the Nordic Navy. The two navies disembarked troops and those troops began a skirmish. Augustus and the Penitus Oculatus were along with the Redguard troops in the battle against the Nords. The two armies were mostly evenly matched. Augustus slashed at the Nord soldiers. To turn the tide of the battle in Imperial favor Augustus wanted his ships to fire onto the battlefield, he had Ortius go bring the order. Ortius refused and tried to reason with the Emperor. Augustus assured him that more Nords would die than legionnaires, and told him not to argue with the Emperor. Ortius continued to be against the tactic, Augustus ordered him to stop arguing and to do as he was told. He said that victory was worth any price. Ortius snapped and yelled at the Emperor, and after speaking his mind he ordered the Penitus Oculatus to stand down and surrender to the rebels. After what Ortius said Augustus became furious and damned Ortius and his enemies to Oblivion, he then ordered a retreat as the Bretons had joined the battle and that was turning the tide in the Stormcrown Alliance's favor. The Legionnaires retreated back to the ships. Augustus watched angrily as the Nords commemorated their victory. When they were far enough away from Daggerfall that I could hardly been seen the Emperor felt a poke on his back. He turned around and saw the assassin he had hired to kill his brother. He asked him what he was doing, the assassin mostly ignored the question and proposed that he spy on Daric's forces for the Emperor. Augustus liked the idea but still questioned how the assassin was aboard his ship. Kastus slipped up and told Augustus that he had been hired by Daric to assist him in the siege of Daggerfall and that he killed High King Arnand of Daggerfall and High Rock. Augustus was furious and before the assassin could react he drew his sword and swung at Kastus, the strike cut his cheek deeply. The assassin then quickly jumped off the ship to escape Augustus.

After the loss of Daggerfall Augustus turned his attention to Skyrim and he joined the Legion there. The Imperials were besieging Whiterun, and the Emperor headed to Falkreath. He stayed there while the Legion besieged the city. The Nords' main army was being held up in Eastmarch by attacking Imperial forces from Morrowind. Augustus was pleased when he heard that soon the siege would end with Imperial victory, however a Breton army had come from High Rock and helped the Nords lift the siege and push the Legion back to Falkreath. A wounded soldier from the Legion was the one that reported the news of the failed siege to the Emperor. Augustus drew his sword and started to turn it nonchalantly, he then thrust the blade into the soldier's chest, killing him. Augustus' decent madness continued as he returned to Cyrodiil. The Imperial City was locked down, very few people entered or left, and dark rumors started to spread about what was going on in the city.

Return of the Septim Dynasty II

In the months following Daric's coronation in High Rock, Augustus started looking for ways to defeat the usurper. He planned on using the greater number of his army but with other provinces revolting his armies were forced to fight on more than one front, splitting them up and making the rebels harder to deal with. One idea that came to mind was getting more troops, and the easiest way to do so was to bring people back...from the dead. The Emperor became obsessed with this plan to use necromancy to reinforce his army and so eventually contacted the Sloads, as there wasn't enough powerful necromancers in Cyrodiil to support an undead army. Sload diplomats from the Coral Kingdom of Thras met with the Emperor and one of them, Q'Taga was instrumental to forming the alliance between the Sloads and the Empire.

Emperor Augustus was in his study. He banged on the table. He was becoming very angry, his citizens where revolting and High Rock and Skyrim were in Daric's possession. He damned the Bretons, Nords and the Forebears, who were now in open war with the Crowns in Hammerfell. He needed to send reinforcements to Skyrim since the 2nd Legion was annihilated when the Nords took back Falkreath two months ago. He had gotten all the spare soldiers from Summerset, Valenwood and Elsweyr and combined them into a 12th Legion. The new legion was heading to Skyrim, they were planning to invaded from Morrowind, assaulting the Rift.

The Emperor continued to become more and more secluded from other people. He had his family moved out of the Imperial City, and stopped conversing with his advisors. The dark rumors that spread across Cyrodiil about the Emperor and the Imperial City only continued. Travel in and out of the Imperial City also decreased. With his descent into madness only getting worse he continued to sentence people to death, mostly by hanging, due to his anger and paranoia.

Return of the Septim Dynasty III

In the Imperial City, Emperor Augustus Mede was becoming more and more paranoid. After Daric became High King of High Rock and the Hammerfell Civil War started he began believing everyone was an enemy of his. He only trusted his guards and his generals to an extent. Most of the time he spent was in his study thinking of who would betray him next, for the betrayal of the numerous Penitus Oculatus agents was fresh in his mind. The rest of his time he spent punishing those who were rumored to be supporters of Daric.

One day when he was in his office, a guard asked to come in. Augustus, in his paranoid state, asked the guard why he wanted to come in. He reached for his sword, thinking that the guard might want to attack him. The guard told him that he had a letter from a friend. The Emperor ordered him to pass it underneath the door. The guard did as he asked, Augustus then picked up the letter and sat at his desk to read it. The letter was from Morgan, the smuggler that had helped him in the War of Succession. The letter said that everything was going smoothly for the smuggling operations. He had managed to deliver the high-quality ebony weapons and armor to his doorstep thanks to his contacts. He had also received a bunch of new recruits from the selection process. Morgan said that there was still a chance to win the war, and that he knew of the Emperor's current paranoia. The letter also informed Augustus that the smuggler had opened a new branch of his operations: assassination and shill jobs. It said that if the Emperor wanted to see someone dead to only write Morgan a letter. The last bit of information was about the smuggling operations dropping in activity due to a man Khajiit whom was causing trouble for them. The smuggler assured that the issue would be taken care of. The Emperor put down the letter after reading it. He thought that the high-quality weapons and armor would come in handy. Then he though of who he would like to assassinate, but all he could think of was the assassin who had betrayed him six months ago. Then a smile came to his face when he thought of the flailing the traitorous assassin would receive if he was caught.

Emperor Augustus received the letter from the Governor of Black Marsh. He learned of the Argonian rebellion and ordered part of the 7th legion of Morrowind relocated to Stormhold to meet up with General Hasphat. The Imperial City was a little uneasy. Everyone that was rumored to have been supporters of Daric, the Nords, the Argonians or the Forebears was hung. Their corpses covered the graveyard around the White-Gold Tower. Augustus' paranoia was making him exhausted, as he barely got any sleep.

On one day, Augustus left the door to his study half open. For he was so tired he forgot to close it. Nevertheless there were guards outside. He was at his desk looking over reports. A guard walked into the room and told him that Morgan was here to see him. The Emperor told them to come in, his tired state was obvious from the tone of his voice. A Dunmer, that came with Morgan, asked Augustus if he was alright, expressing concern for him. Morgan suggested that he lend some of his best men to keep the Emperor safe. Augustus told them that the reports on his desk were keeping him up, that it was nothing to worry about. He told Morgan that the Penitus Oculatus were his guards, but admitted that when Ortius Civello defected to Daric's forces he took many of the Penitus Oculatus with him. The vampire nodded, then asked what the Emperor would ask of them. He thought for a second. He could actually use more guards since many of the Penitus Oculatus defected, but he was so paranoid he didn't trust almost anyone. He told Morgan to bring over some men, and he could give them the Ebony weapons and armor that he smuggled to Cyrodiil. Augustus then asked how the whole Khajiit thing was going. The vampire said that if the Khajiit even dozed off for a moment, that his men would not hesitate to end him if he is found. He said the best thing was the cat's cluelessness to where he was. He said he'd send men at his request, then asked if there was anything else. The Emperor said to just keep smuggling and using subterfuge to undermine Daric and his allies. Morgan said he'd send a new leter once he opened new trump cards. Morgan and Elvali bowed before the Emperor before they left.

The 100 new guards that Morgan sent arrived in the Imperial City a couple days later. Augustus had them all equipped with the Ebony gear that Morgan had smuggled into Cyrodiil. They became know as his Ebony Guard. The Ebony Guard joined the White-Gold Tower Guards, the remaining Penitus Oculatus that stayed loyal to the Emperor. Some time later Morgan sent another letter to the Emperor. The letter told Augustus of the zealotry and loyalty of the men he had sent him, how they were willing to sacrifice themselves for his safety.

Return of the Septim Dynasty IV

The Empire had pulled their Legions from Summerset, Valenwood and Elsweyr to defend Cyrodiil. They knew an attack from Daric Lariat and his allies was imminent so they anticipated it by bulking up their defenses in the capital province. He soon received word that Morrowind had been taken by the rebels and that a rebellion began in the Summerset Isles.

King Edras of Morrowind had made it to the Imperial City. His clothes were dirty and ripped as he had been riding for a few days straight. The guards let him into the city. Despite it being the middle of the day the streets were empty of citizens. Most had either locked themselves in their houses out of fear or managed to escape the city, though some were hung as examples. The whole city had a dreary feeling to it. Edras made his way to the White-Gold Tower and to the Emperor's throne room. Augustus sat at the Ruby Throne. He told the king that he had failed him. Edras claimed that it wasn't his fault, he didn't know how but the other Houses had united under Joran Nerevar's banner. They simply outnumbered House Hlaalu. He approached the throne carefully. Augustus stood up. He had no doubt that Daric had something to do with it. He had a hand in every rebellion. He started walking towards Edras. The king said that the loss was not a problem, that now that Augustus had his new army, they could retake Morrowind and the other provinces with ease. Augustus put a hand on the Dunmer's shoulder and said that there was no 'we' anymore. Edras tried to protect but Augustus stabbed him in the stomach with a dagger. Augustus then cleaned the blood off the dagger and then sat on his throne once again. He told the Sloads that were near his throne to raise Edras from the dead.

Return of the Septim Dynasty V

When the Stormcrown Alliance invaded Cyrodiil to take the Ruby Throne, Emperor Augustus sent the legions out to intercept them. He had brought all the remaining Legions into the province and ordered: the 2nd and 8th Legions to Cheydinhal, the 9th and 10th Legions to Bruma, the 3rd and 4th Legions to Bravil and Leyawiin and the 1st and 11th Legions to Anvil. Cyrodiil wasn't going to give up without a fight. Daric's alliance had a hard time advancing through Cyrodiil. The Legions were well trained and disciplined, their formations were strong and unbreakable.

Augustus also sent a letter to the King of Orsinium and ordered him to gather his armies and invade High Rock, to burn the province to the ground while High King Daric was focused on Cyrodiil.

The Emperor, ready for battle

Some months later the Stormcrown Alliance camped outside the Imperial City, having taken: Anvil, Cheydinhal, Bruma, Kvatch, Chorrol and Skingrad. All that remained of Augustus' regime was the Imperial City. His Sload allies helped him prepare for the siege from many enemies. Augustus was in the Palace District, he was wearing his black armor and wielding his new sword Dread. He watched as his undead army fought the invaders.

A group of Dunmer ran towards the palace. The group stopped, seeing Augustus, standing at the door to the palace. He turned his eyes upon the squad, and arrows flew from all sides of them, striking down the entire squad. The Sloads used their necromancy to revive the Dunmer, but this time their blades were turned upon their leader. The last sound he ever heard was laughing.

Augustus was fighting alongside his undead in the Palace District with the dunmer that had dropped from the Silt Striders. By his side he had three Sloads that were raising the dead dunmer to fight by the Emperor's side. At each city district there was at least two Sloads that were commanding the undead troops. As Alliance men started to fall in the Market district they began rising as undead to fight for the Emperor, this brought down the moral of the surrounding troops.

The fighting was still going on atop the walls and alliance artillery was still firing on the city. Augustus and his undead had killed all the dunmer that had dropped into the Palace District. The armies had spread into the city and were fighting all over.

As Augustus slayed a Dunmer soldier he saw a man in the black fog. He pointed at him and ordered his Undead soldiers to bring him his head. The undead nodded and fired arrows at the man. He managed to dodge them, then turned his head to face the man that had ordered the attack, Augustus Mede. He told him to feel the might of the Nelthars and shot a bolt of Death Magic at him. Beside Augustus were numerous Sloads. One of the Sloads cast a ward on Augustus. The Emperor then pointed his sword at Naritin and said that the Nelthars were nothing compared to him. His sword fired a bolt of Death Magic at Naritin. The Sloads also started casting spells at Naritin. Naritin dodged the bolts. He then retreated before creating as much black fog as possible. The fog spell lingered in the area he had retreated from. The Emperor called him a coward. He then returned to the White-Gold Tower. He climbed to a higher floor so he could see the rest of the city. He saw that Daric's Alliance had already taken two Districts. Augustus was going to order a Sload to lead a platoon of undead to the Talos Plaza but the fog was in the way of the gates. He damned the Nelthar. He headed to where the Alliance's men were thinnest, the Elven Gardens, with a platoon of undead.

A platoon of undead entered the Elven Gardens with Augustus himself leading them. The Dunmer Commander ordered his men to fall back, as the undead had caught them by surprise and flanked them. The Dunmer and Nord Commanders stood at the helm, as the rest of the army fled. The Dunmer looked at the Nord, who nodded, and the two charged at Augustus. Augustus had lead the bulk of the undead army into the Elven Gardens. He and his undead charged at the two men, calling them fools and saying that they would die by his blade. Augustus swung his sword, and the Dunmer rolled under it, coming up behind him. He attempted to stab Augustus' leg, but Augustus backhanded him, sending him flying into a wall. Augustus charged at the Dunmer, but the Nord struck first, swinging his axe into Augustus' back. Sadly, the armor was too strong, and the axe became stuck in it, leaving the Nord without a weapon. Augustus swung the flat of his blade into him, sending him into a different wall.

The Dunmer stood up. He sprinted as fast as possible over to Augustus, who was standing over the Nord, ready to strike. The Dunmer leaped onto his back, drawing a dagger. Augustus shook him off onto the pavement where the Dunmer lay there, groaning. Augustus put his foot on his chest, raising his sword. The Dunmer stabbed the dagger into a chink in the armor. Augustus roared in pain and brought his sword down. Augustus roared in outrage as he saw Daric. Without giving it a second thought, he brought down his sword, stabbing Balyn through the neck. Augustus charged at Daric while the Bretons engaged the undead. He clashed blades with Daric and told the Usurper that he was going to kill him. The Breton said that his time as Emperor was done. The Nord Commander and the rest of the army fought the Undead to a standstill, giving Daric and Augustus room to duel. Augustus bashed Daric staggering him. He shot a fireball at the Emperor. The blast gave Daric enough time to get back up. The two then continued their duel but it was obvious that Augustus was stronger. He relentlessly attacked Daric. The undead were getting the upper hand when the dead Bretons started attacking their former companions. The Nord charged in at Augustus. Augustus kicked Daric aside and then blocked the Nord's attack. The Bretons were being pushed back by the undead. Augustus heard a roar in the sky.

Augustus bashed the Nord then slashed at him, wounding him. Daric stood up and struck Augustus in the back. The Emperor was momentarily staggered by the blow but composed himself and the blocked Daric's second attack. The roar got louder and closer. The Nord looked at the sky. The undead were almost pushing the Bretons out of the Elven Gardens. Augustus and Daric were fighting near the gates to the Talos Plaza. The Emperor told him that he couldn't win. Daric tried to block his blows as he slowly retreated. The Nord kept looked around at the sky. Daric looked perplexed at the Nord. Augustus noticed that the roaring had stopped. Then out of nowhere a red dragon swooped into the Elven Gardens and breathed fire down on the undead. Augustus was distracted by the dragon's sudden appearance. The Nord cheered, yelling Ysmir at the top of his lungs. The dragon devastated a good portion of the undead foes with his fire after a few swoops over the Elven Gardens. Augustus saw that his army was suffering heavy losses thanks to the dragon and the new moral boost that Daric's men had gotten. He reluctantly ordered his undead to retreat to the Market District to regroup.

Augustus heard word that the Nelthars had broken into the Palace District. He knew that he only had one chance to defeat his foes. He started rounding up the remaining Sloads and the Undead soldiers. Augustus and his undead army charged into the Palace District. He was leading the attack, the Sloads were in the back of the army controlling the undead. The Bretons and the Nords entered the Palace District to aid the Nelthars. The Dunmer followed the Nords and Bretons to assault the White-Gold Tower. The armies clashed. Augustus was at the front lines slashing at the invaders. The Dunmer surged against his undead host. The Dunmer King Joran Nerevar ran to him. Augustus pointed his sword at Joran. It glowed and then fired a bolt of dark magic. Joran rolled out of the way, coming up and firing the Magic Flames from Trueflame and Hopesfire directly at Augustus' face.

Seeing that Joran had dodged his bolt he charged at the dunmer king. Joran jumped out of the way, as Augustus barreled past him. As Augustus was expecting to hit him, he stumbled past. In that moment, Joran drove Trueflame into the back of Augustus' left calve. Joran drew it out, red blood staining the blade. Augustus groaned in pain, telling the Dunmer that he would pay for that. He bashed the king with his shield. Joran fell back, stumbling. He slashed back with his sword. Augustus blocked the slash with his shield, then lunged forward with his sword. Joran caught the blade, barely an inch from his chest. He drove away the Tyrant Emperor, slashing back with his sword.

Augustus blocked a spell with his shield, then bashed the Dunmer King. He said that Joran was no match for him. He was already an excellent warrior without all the enchantments of his new armor and weapons. With them, his foes were hopeless. The High King of High Rock jumped into the fight and said that Joran was not hopeless if he had help. Daric shot a fireball at Augustus, who turned around and lifted his shield. Augustus commented on Daric's new sword, saying that it would not change anything. He then charged at the Breton. He said they would see and blocked Augustus's first attack, but the was hit by the second. He rolled the side after that. Joran ducked under the bash, and saw Daric enter the battle. Joran followed him after Daric, and stabbed Trueflame into his other calve. Augustus was angered by Joran. He pointed his sword at the dunmer and then shot a bolt of dark energy. Daric got up and got attack by two skeletons, he cast a fireball killing them both. Joran got blasted back. He muttered groggily as he stood up again.

A girl got in between him and Joran. A powerful lightning bolt shot straight towards Augustus. The Dunmer girl shouted Naerion in joy. A masked man, Naerion, walked over to her and her father and said that he wasn't doing this for either of them. Jina said that she didn't expect anything more from him. The bolt hit Augustus and staggered him, his armor's enchantment absorbed most of the damage but he still got hurt. He angrily swung his sword at Jina, since she was in between him and Joran. Daric blocked the attack and criticized Augustus for try to strike a child. Augustus said that all would fall by his blade. He was getting weakened from the fighting. Daric clashed swords with the Emperor. The Alliance forces were winning but slowly, the Sloads' powers to reanimate dead soldiers were keeping the fight relatively even. Jina ducked as an arrow flew over her head. She was utilizing her training to get behind Augustus as Joran got to his feet. Joran got up and struck at Augustus' stomach. An undead came up behind Naerion but Naerion grabbed it's arm and place his fist in its face so it's head flew off.

Augustus jumped back to evade the attack, the blocked an attack from Daric. Daric cast a Fireball straight at Augustus. Then power attacked the Emperor. Augustus was slashed by the Breton, he kicked the usurper and then power attacked Joran. Joran shouted and rolled away, getting grazed on his side by Augustus' sword. Jina struck, while Augustus was off balance. She drew her Nightingale Sword and drove it into his back. Augustus yelled in pain, then he turned around and bashed the girl, making her lose her grip on her sword, that was still stuck on the Emperor's back. He asked Daric if he was fighting four on one because he was so afraid that he'd die. He asked the Breton were was his sense of honor. Daric looked around and told the others to stand down. This was his fight, he had to defeat him alone. Joran and Jina backed up. If Augustus didn't have his helmet on the others could've seen the grin on his face. He knew he was a better fighter than Daric and he had just played him into having a one on one fight. Daric and Augustus circled each other. Then they began their duel, clashing blades.

Daric lunged at the Emperor, who blocked the attack with his shield. However from all the damage he suffered from fighting everyone else was slowing him down. Daric cast a firebolt at the Augustus. The Emperor power attacked the Breton. Daric held the sword and blocked the attack. Daric charged in clashing blades with Augustus. He cast flames at Augustus' head. The Emperor moved back, Daric grabbed his shield then hit him with his sword's hilt. Augustus let go of the shield. The Breton said that now it was a fair fight and threw the shield away. Augustus lunged at Daric and the two clashed blades again. Augustus kicked Daric, then slashed him across the chest. Daric grabbed his chest in pain. He fell, Augustus standing over him. He put his legs in between the Emperor's and tripped him. Daric got up and cast Close Wounds on himself. Augustus rolled back and stood up. Daric lunged forward with his sword, stabbing Augustus in the stomach. Augustus punched Daric in the face the pulled the sword out of his stomach. The Emperor said that he'd pay for that. He was wielding both swords. Daric cast a dual Fireball at him, when the Emperor fell to one knee he jumped over him. Behind the Emperor he pulled out Jina's Nightingale sword.

Daric had to endure an onslaught of attacks from Augustus now that he had two swords. He kept his sword in a blocking position. Augustus kicked him, causing Daric to stop blocking and tried to strike the Breton. Daric jumped back and then cast a fireball at the ground in front of the Emperor. Augustus now pretty weakened fell to one knee. Daric sliced his left arm, and then caused Augustus to drop Tazaarfeyn. Daric tossed Jina's sword aside, close to the girl, and picked up his sword. Augustus struggled to get up, saying that he'd kill the usurper. Daric asked Augustus if he knew the name of the sword he was using. Slowly getting up, Augustus asked if it mattered. Daric said that its name was Tazaarfeyn, Tyrant's Bane. He lunged forward at Augustus, who lifted his sword to block the attack. He pushes Daric back and then slashes at the Breton. Daric catches the attack mid air, then he fires a firebolt at Augustus' chest. The Emperor moved back, Daric sliced him across the chest. The Emperor was very weakened. He could barely stand, the Sloads were preoccupied with the battle and couldn't assist him this time. Daric kicked Augustus in the chest, knocking him down. He said that Augustus' time was up, he was relieving him of the throne. He stepped on Augustus's right arm so he couldn't lift his sword and asked what were his last words. Augustus told him to rot in Oblivion. Daric gripped his sword with both hands, then thrust it into the Emperor's chest. The Emperor screamed for a second before dying.


  • In the Return of the Septim Dynasty RP Augustus' family is never mentioned, as he dislikes them and had them moved out of the Imperial City.
  • Through the course of Return of the Septim Dynasty Augustus descended further and further into madness.
  • Even after the Aldmeri Dominion was defeated, Augustus maintained the ban on Talos worship, this was because he despised the god. He hated Talos because he was Tiber Septim. Feeling that his worship undermined the Mede Dynasty's rule, he maintained the ban which was one of the main reasons that the Nords so quickly sided with Daric Lariat when he announced his rebellion.
  • Augustus was named after Augustus Claudian, a rumored ancestor of the Mede Dynasty.