Aya as seen in 4E 212.

Important Information
Race Breton
Gender Female





Status Deceased
Eye Color Blue (Aetherial Infusion)
Hair Color Hazel Brown
Height 5'2
Weight 135 lbs.
Other Information
Affiliation Ciel Highwind
Weapons Arkay's Will
Home Skyrim

Aya was a Breton in the Stories of Tamriel.

Biography and Personality

Aya appears to be an woman in her 20s-30s. In her early years, she had short, hazel-brown hair, and sand-colored eyes. In her later years, she has longer clipped hair, and her trademark blue eyes due to her Aetherial Infusion after completing her training as a summoner by Ciel Highwind.

During the 4E, she was an adopted child of an Altmer from Summerset Isles who was dedicated to total equality of all races. Aya died of an unknown disease years after she was adopted, and this sends her father into a spiraling cycle of depression, which will endanger all of Nirn in the years to come.

After the Avatars of Vengeance were formed, Aya was resurrected as an 'independent' Dead Thrall by her father, who donned the mane 'Vanitas', to serve as the last member of the shadowy group.

At "The Doors of Oblivion", she is shown to be a valuable asset to the protagonists' party, willingly divulging information about her adoptive father's plan to merge Nirn with Coldharbour, as what Mannimarco tried to do in the Second Era before.

After the defeat of the Avatars and her 'father', she is murdered by Sephiroth after being impaled with his Masamune. An distraught Erys uses an Amulet of Retribution to claim her soul from Oblivion and brought her back to life as a new living being.

During "The Order", she is shown to have moved on from the past and continued to focus on the present. During a mishap of practicing a new form of Destruction magic, her clothes were burned and left her almost completely exposed, which catched the attention of Valindor Oakwood. She eventually falls for him soon after as they continue to help Samuel Corrick in his quest to break free of Hermaeus Mora's grasp.


As a pure mage, Aya is shown to have incredible skills in the schools of Destruction, Alteration, Restoration, and Conjuration. She was also nimble with a blade, able to cast spells while blocking.

She also shows some degree of skill in freerunning, able to climb and jump from buildings and ledges.


  • The Doors of Oblivion (Completed)
  • The Order (Completed)
  • The Pilgrimage (Completed)

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