Baldur is a Nord who was the Commander of the Frostfall Guild in Skyrim.

Early Life

Baldur was born in the town of Shor's Stone, in The Rift. He was the son of a Lumberjack and a cook at the local tavern. He lived a simple life, though he was antagonized by some of the other children for his unusual size. This would cause Baldur to act out in extreme violence, getting him in trouble with the guards and his family. He first went to jail when he was 12, but he only spent a day.

As the Timber industry started to get big in Falkreath hold, Shor's Stones materials started to become worth less in Skyrim's economy, eventually driving Baldur's family business, which had been doing good for three generations, into a profit crisis. In turn, Baldur's parents started to becoming alcoholics. With all of these things, Baldur ended up turing to banditry into order to make end's meet and satisfy his sadistic urges. When he was 18, he officially made a group with his friends, and left Shor's Stone to raid the countryside.


Baldur joined many different gangs while on his Criminal Career. One in particular he associated with was called the Falk Fighters, who were mainly known to raid Falkreath and Riften hold often, with connections to other guilds in said areas. They had a reputation of being tough Forest warriors, with the Criminal and Business smarts of the Thieves Guild just east of their territory.

First in Guild

As Commander


  • In an alternate timeline Baldur, lost his right hand to a necromancer and was killed during a fight with a mind-controlled High King.
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