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Black Marsh
Black Marsh Planet.JPG





Day Length

18.0 Hours

Surface Temp

42 °C

Surface Gravity

1.1 g


Argonian, Lilmothiit, Kothringi, Goblins




54 Billion





Black Marsh or Argonia is the home planet of the Argonians.


Black Marsh is a medium-sized planet with a toxic atmosphere to anyone not of the indigenous races. The reason for this is because of the poisonous fumes that rise up from the mangrove swamps that cover most of the planet. It is therefore necessary for outside visitors to be properly equipped with environmental suits fit to handle the air of Black Marsh. However, most of the metropolitan cities on the planet have developed proper filtration systems for foreign visitors.

Unlike most other planets in the Mundus Galaxy, Black Marsh has no moons. A trait it shares with both Valenwood and Cyrodiil.

Many of the cities of the planet are constructed just above the water surface and the economy is mainly based on hunting and fishing the local wildlife. The dangerous Wamasu found roaming the thick rainforests on the planet is considered to be one of the most deadliest and most poisonous creatures discovered in the galaxy.

Black Marsh also boast the finest military universities in the entire galaxy. Just about a hundred of ten thousand applying recruits are qualified as elite troopers. Those worthy enough to be accepted, graduate eventually to begin a lifetime of service in the Saxhleel Legion, the local military force.

The planet is also home to two other races. The vulpine race known as the Lilmothiit, who became almost extinct as a result of the Knahaten Flu outbreak a century ago. There is also the strange race of humanoids known as the Kothringi, whereas the latter has no sort of relation with the Men of Tamriel.


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