The Daedric Princess Azura

The Blessing of Azura is a very special gift bestowed upon certain Knights of Azura whom the Daedric Princess deems worthy.


The Blessing automatically activates whenever a blessed Knight is in serious mortal danger, or if they choose to activate it. Its influence can be felt for anything from one minute to about four, depending on the Knight's concentration.

The effect of the Blessing is that the Knight is utterly indestructible for its duration, able to take infinite punishment without feeling anything. It also makes them thrice as strong, and twice as fast.

After the duration is over, all damage taken during the time of its effect is dealt simultaneously. Any bones that would have been broken are suddenly broken, for instance. This sudden effect is enough to kill almost any Knight, and thus the Blessing is a last resort.


  • This effect was first seen in an RP from the Burned-Mane Canon, Back to Roots V. The Altmer Glorfindel used it when fighting a dragon. However, its use in this canon was minimal, and separate from its usage in the Age of Industry canon.
  • In The Burned-Mane Canon Glorfindel was given this gift by Azura after he made a deal with her for its power, in return for his living in Moonshadow with her.
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