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Blunt weaponry is one of the most basic and simplest of all weapons.

Clubs are examples of blunt weapons, along with mauls, warhammers, and it's other variants.

Types and Variants

War Club

A club is essentially a short staff, or stick, usually made of wood, and wielded as a simple weapon. There were other variants of clubs designed for war as well. Some war clubs are also spiked to add to it's effectiveness as a weapon.


A mace is a type of club or virge that uses a heavy head on the end of the staff to deliver powerful blows. Maces typically consist of strong, heavy, wooden or metal shaft with a head usually made of steel. The types of maces vary depending on material. Maces can also be shaped with flanges or knobs to allow greater penetration of plate armour. The length of maces can vary considerably.


Mauls are essentially shortened, one-handed versions of the two-handed warhammer. Intended for close combat action. They could damage without penetrating the armour. In particular, they transmitted the impact through even the thickest helmet and caused concussions. Later mauls often had a spike on one side of the head, making them more versatile weapons.


Warhammers are esentially two-handed variants of mauls, except that the former has longer range, and can deliver more severe damage even to heavily armored targets.

Like the maul, the spike's end can also be used to grapple an enemy's armor, reins, or shield, or could be turned in the direction of the blow to pierce even the thickest armor. A blade or spike tended to be used not against helmets but against other parts of the body where the armour was thinner and penetration was easier.


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