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Father: Name unknown (Deceased)

Bugdul Blackbeard: Brother (Deceased)

Besrath Blackbeard: Brother

Sister-in-laws: Names and statuses are unknown.

Jorane Lorwel: Served as his champion (banished)

Arlas: Companion and physician.

Nair Quicksilver: Companion (Deceased)

Lorius: Physician.

Eilonwyn Hallison I: Friend. (Deceased)

Nish: Friend. (Deceased)

Tobias: Friend

Lilly Tira: Friend.

Manja: Friend

Nepht Delressi: Friend/Niece figure.

Veneficus: Friend.

Kaizen: Employer (Killed him)

Larius: Colleague (Formerly)

Wait... Hold on, I thought we were going to get this axe today. You tellin' me we've got to piss the rest of today away, because the scrote-licker woke up early?
— Bologra to Arlas about waiting on Nair Quicksilver
Bologra Blackbeard is an Orsimer warrior, who debuted in Myths of Mundus as it's protagonist and eventually appeared as a side character in The Legend of Nirn, he also returns in the sequel, World of Ruin.


In his early life, Bologra lived in an Orc fort with his two brothers and Father, until his father eventually passed away. He and his brother, Besrath, parted ways as Bologra and Bugdul left the fort behind, to become mercenaries.

Bologra is introduced as a young warrior, who lacks any kind of purpose in life. He is very antagonistic, towards potential challenges and enjoys a good fight, to prove his dominance and strength. He was always overshadowed by his brother, Bugdul Blackbeard and his death came as as somewhat of a release to him as he was now free to be his own man.

Myths of Mundus

Bologra is invited to meet a powerful daedra, who wishes to meet him in the White Gold Tower. The Orc is excited at the prostpect of beating a daedra to a bloody pulp and eagerly goes along with it. However, he underestimates the daedra and loses his hand in the fight before being beaten to a pulp himself.

In World of Ruin, Bologra tells Nepht Delressi that he is given the chance to redeem himself and have his hand restored, if he grants the daedra a favor. He claims that he retrieved the required artefact and returned with it but hated being under this Daedra's thumb and retaliated by smashing the daedra's shrine with his own axe.

It is unknown if his version of the story is the truth or if some parts are fabricated.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilrimage - Chapter 1: Orsimer Charge

Bologra is unconscious through the entirety of this chapter, according to Father Lorius, he staggered through the city, losing a massive amount of blood before collapsing in the infirmary. Lorius cauterized and healed his wound and left him to his initiate, Arlas, whilst he rested.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilrimage - Chapter 2: Orsimer Descending

Bologra awakes inside the Temple of the One's Hospice and finds himself to be under the care of a Bosmeri Apprentice, by the name of Arlas. He originally bursts into an uncontrollable fit of rage, vowing to destroy the Daedra who severed his hand, until Arlas hits him with a paralysis bolt. The Orsimer is forced to relax and calm down and the two of them begin to talk. They realize that they have quite a bit in common, being unorthodox and having a similar sense of humor.

They discuss Bologra's brother, Bugdul, who was hunted and killed a year before by bounty hunters, Arlas shows a great deal of sympathy for the Orc and apologizes for his loss. After a while of getting to know each other, Bologra eventually tells her what happened to his arm, telling her that he fought Joran Lorwel in the Elder Council chamber, in the White Gold Tower.

Lorwel uses his Daedric powers to easily overface Bologra, throwing him around, like a ragdoll. This only antagonizes the Orsimer, who attempts to chop him in half, with a mighty swing of his axe. Joran, having no sense of honor, dodges the attack by teleporting and then paralysis Bologra and pinning him in the air before he maims him, with his Katana, by slicing his arm off.

Arlas is somewhat concerned about this as there is no telling what such a Daedra could do inside the White Gold Tower, after being shown the letter, that he sent to Bologra. Bologra then vows to go back to the White Gold Tower, tear Joran's head from his shoulders and force it into his rectum before casting him off of the spire. His rants are interrupted as his Bosmeri carer zaps him, with another paralysis spell and decides that they need to investigate it in a civilized manner.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 3: Clueless

Bologra slowly begins to grow annoyed at the fact that he is being held back from taking the fight back to Jorane Lorwel but is relieved to know that Arlas plans to do something about it. She returns to him as Father Lorius returns and the two of them ambush him, with Bologra's experience with the Daedra.

Lorius seems partially unconvinced at first but he is eventually swayed into letting Arlas investigate, provided that Bologra watches out for her and brings her back safely. Bologra also gives him the letter that Jorane Lorwel sent him, so that he may do some digging in the library.

Bologra and Arlas then proceed to leave the hospital before heading straight to the White Gold Tower, to find answers.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 4: The scene of the crime

Arlas leads Bologra over to the White Gold Tower, so that he can examine the scene of the crime. The young Bosmeri Priest decides to interview one of the Palace guards, asking him about Bologra's encounter with Jorane Lorwel but the Imperial Guard is truly unaware of what she is talking about.

Bologra expresses a great deal of anger at the guard, for his ignorance and his immediate knee jerk reaction to mock the credibility of Bologra's story. He gets aggressive and confrontational but is quickly calmed down by his companion.

Arlas' faith in his story is shaken by the guard's lack of awareness, when it comes to the recent damage done to the Tower. Bologra is even more angered by this, believing that Arlas is calling him a liar. The Orc causes a great deal of commotion in the hallway as he rants and raves before he boots open the Elder Council Chamber, revealing it to be completely unscathed.

As he turns around, he and Arlas come face to face with three Palace Guards, who have come to detain them.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 5: Jorane Lorwel

Bologra is attacked by multiple Palace Guards, much to Arlas' dismay. He is able to dispatch them, rather easily but quickly finds himself surrounded by another group of guards, lead by a Councillor, by the name of 'Soir Aube.'

Sir Aube, to their surprise, doesn't immediately arrests them and asks them what they are doing here. When they inform him of what is going on, Aube quickly becomes certain that there is a degree of truth to Bologra's story and agrees to assist them in finding the Daedric threat. The guards protest, saying that they are simply hooligans but Aube denounces their claims, by saying that there is no proof that there is or isn't a Daedra occupying the palace.

The group search the Elder Council Chambers but find nothing, much to Bologra's annoyance. There is no evidence to say that Bologra fought anyone here or even entered the tower. Though Aube's confidence is shaken, he is still convinced that Bologra believes that he is telling the truth and if that is the case, then it is more than likely that a Daedra exists, in some shape or form, within the tower.

Aube's guards continue to heckle Aube, requesting that they're given permission to arrest the Orsimer and possibly his Priest Companion as well, however, Aube continues to insist that the matter needs to be investigated further.

They split up and search the tower, Bologra and Arlas are assigned the basement level, where they are to rummage around the artifacts, in case a Daedra hides among them or a Daedric artifact is causing this. They head down, into the cellar, where they interact with several artifacts.

Bologra finds a sword, which is jammed in a stone, he tries to pull it out but quickly finds that the sword is electrified by some means and is thrown across the room, much to the frustration of everybody. Eventually, they meet back up, in the center of the room, where they all announce that they have found nothing.

However, Arlas' quickly loses her trail of thought as it is hijacked by an outside source. Her whole world is quickly transformed around her, as she enters the domain of the Daedra that has nested in the White Gold Tower and comes face to face with him.

Jorane Lorwel.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 6: Crossing the Threshold

Arlas meets Joran Lorwel in his realm and he informs her that he sought Bologra out, because he believed that the Orc was strong enough to be his Champion. Though Bologra is strong, he wasn't as tamable as he would like and therefore he cut off his hand and kept it from him, hoping to use it as a bargaining chip.

Bologra is seen at the end of the end of the Chapter as Arlas comes to, he shows some concern for the Bosmer's sudden switch from vertical to horizontal and supports her to prevent her from hurting herself in her groggy state.

He shows a great deal of shock and awe as Arlas reveals to him that she is holding a staff, one that she didn't have when she fell unconscious. This staff could only be a gift of Jorane Lorwel.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 7: Assembling the pieces

Bologra is present when Arlas explains to them what she has seen and how she acquired the staff of Jorane Lorwel. However, in spite of hearing these answers, he remains confused...

According to Soir Aube, Bologra passed out as soon as he arrived at the White Gold Palace and fell to the floor and never actually entered it. He was then teleported to the front door of the hospital, so that Father Lorius could keep him alive.

In spite of the confusion, Bologra is still just as enraged as ever and expresses his enthusiasm in going after this axe, so that he may have another chance at dealing with Jorane Lorwel. He, unfortunately, gets a little over excited and ends up hurting his stump in the process.

Soir Aube shows some concern towards the Orsimer as the wounds sustained from his recent amputation are still fresh. However, Bologra puts him at ease (or tries to) but telling him that 'Blackbeard's laugh shit like this off!' Arlas, despite being amused by his bravado, still recommends getting him an arm brace, to keep it protected as it is most likely going to be even more vulnerable outside.

Aube then suggests that the group are accompanied by a compliment of armed guards but Bologra quickly dismisses the suggestion, saying that the Guards would be a liability and would slow them down. He also remained unimpressed by their fighting skills (or lack thereof) and therefore insists on traveling as a two. Arlas backs him up, saying that his points are true, even if his delivery was a little uncouth.

Soir Aube respects their decision and wishes them both luck on their adventure, he parts with them by saying 'good hunting.'

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 8: The Silver Road

Bologra and Arlas leave the Imperial City behind them and travel the Silver Road together, they exchange quite a bit of playful banter as Bologra mocks Arlas for mothering him. However, their peaceful walk is interrupted, when a Khajiit bandit jumps out from behind cover and demands that they pay him 100 Gold or suffer the consequences.

Arlas points out that Bologra could easily overpower him and at first, the Khajiit is also convinced, however, he quickly noticed that Bologra only has one hand and that he may be weaker as a result. He proceeds to demand the money from Bologra but also offers an alternative deal, where he could take Arlas off of his hands, to be his 'queen' if he doesn't wish to pay Gold. Bologra chooses 'neither' and grabs the cat's throat, tossing him into a nearby treet and rendering him unconscious.

The Orsimer and his Bosmer companion continue to travel onwards together, until he and Arlas hear the sound of wolves congregating, somewhere in the nearby area. Arlas quickly makes the connection that the wolves plan on killing and eating the Khajiit bandit and that the two of them need to go back for him. Bologra, on the other hand, doesn't care about the Khajiit and says that it's his own fault for attacking them in the first place. The Bosmer eventually shames and guilt trips the Orsimer into coming along as well.

Bologra assists Arlas in killing the attacking wolves, however, killing the lesser wolves brought out an even bigger foe, a ten foot tall werewolf, who is not happy to see that Bologra has killed its friends.

The Orsimer is last seen in this chapter getting ready for a fight...

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 9: A Clash of Titans

The Chapter begins where the last one left off, Bologra is getting ready to take on a werewolf, that has seemingly ambushed the Orc. Arlas and her Khajiit bandit friend seem to get a head start but quickly find themselves growing more and more concerned for the Orc as the brawl breaks out and grows pretty intense.

Arlas summons a Fire Atronauch, which assists Bologra for a brief period as she makes her escape but the werewolf quickly kills it. The fight is then taken off road as the two of them fall into a forest clearing.

Bologra and the werewolf struggle for a bit, until things begin to look grim for the Orc as he is pinned down by the creature. He quickly manages to turn the tables around on the wolf and eventually butchers it in the middle of the clearing.

Later on the Bosmeri Priest and her companion arrive at a nearby inn, however, Arlas' concern grows as she sees no sign of Bologra. She begins to go back for him, only to see him approaching from over the hill, with a dead werewolf slung over his shoulder.

The locals are all amazed by his kill and make a huge fuss over it, Bologra basks in praise as Arlas begins to feel some pride in his accomplishment and a great deal of relief.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 10: Crovenhoft

In this chapter Bologra, Arlas and their new Bandit friend order drinks and discuss their pasts and get to learn more about each other. At the start of the chapter, Bologra acts rather aggressively to a Bard, who he bitterly tells them to 'piss off,' when they ask for a tip.

Arlas eventually gets talking to the Khajiit, pointing out that he hasn't introduced himself yet. The Khajiit introduces himself Nair Quicksilver a name that both Bologra and Arlas find humorous and quickly mock him over.

Though Bologra continues to mock Nair, he does defend him, when he says that he's killed in the past. Explaining that he needed to protect his reputation as a Bandit. He then goes on to tell them that he once travelled with a nobleman, who insulted and spoke down to him on a daily basis and as a result, he grew tired of his mistreatment and punched the old man in the face. This action presumably lost him his job and possibly even got him arrested or fined.

After a few moments, Bologra begin to scratch his stump and Arlas asks if she can take a look at it. As the Orc shows it her, he explains that he's suffering from phantom limb and that he is currently using his ghostly hand to make rude gestures at Nair. The Bosmer assures him that this is a temporary thing and that it will go, once his body gets used to not having the hand there anymore.

Nair then asks them about the stump, making a crack about the joke being Bologra's 'one true love.' After ordering another round of drinks, the Orsimer and his Bosmeri companion begin to bring him up to speed with everything else that's been happening.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 11: A fiend in need

Bologra is first seen during the following morning, trashing Crovenhoft inn on a rampage as he single handedly massacres the Breton Inn Keeper's furniture and beats up several of his patrons.

Arlas eventually steps in and stops him, demanding to know what's going on, Bologra explains that Nair is missing and that he believes that the Inn Keeper was responsible for his disappearance.

Eventually, Arlas manages to get him to lay off the furniture as she tries to get the Inn Keeper to talk to them, using a good cop/ bad cop routine. The Inn Keeper voices his disgust for Bologra's brutish behavior, saying that he wishes that he'd broken his legs as they could be fixed. Bologra then asks if the Breton's neck could be fixed as easily, prompting him to back down from this stance.

Arlas then gets the Breton explain that he did in fact accept a bribe and allowed bounty hunters to take Nair in the night, though it was unknown as to who they were or where they had taken him as the Breton didn't inquire.

The Bosmer is too ashamed to stick around and left, prompting Bologra to follow her. The inn keeper sarcastically wishes them luck, to which Bologra informs him that he plans to return, if they didn't get any.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 12: Vengeance

Bologra isn't seen throughout the majority of this chapter as it mostly takes place from Nair's perspective.

During Nair's confrontation with Ymir, Ymir accuses Bologra, along with Nair and Arlas of murdering one of his people. He refers to him as 'the gimped Orc' due to his amputation.

The Orsimer is seen at the end, impatiently standing around as Arlas tracks Nair down to a part of the wilderness, just before the fork in the Silver road, that branches off towards Chorrol.

After confirming that this is the way forward, Arlas picks up her staff and chases after Nair's trail and Bologra follows.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 13: The Hunter's gambit

Bologra and Arlas are first seen in this chapter observing Ymir's camp from afar, assessing its defenses. To the Orsimer's surprise, Arlas defers to him for a tactical assessment of the place, which Bologra manages to give. He forms a loose plan, where he will go down to the camp and start a fight, drawing their attention, until enough of them are out there for Arlas to flank them.

Bologra then charges in, without Arlas' consent and quickly draws attention to himself, starting a fight with two tribal Watchmen as he arrives. Hareld, the most senior of the three, quickly orders them to attack him and the three break out into a large brawl.

The Orsimer manages to kill one of the watchmen and wound the other, though he leaves himself open to Hareld's attack by doing so, Arlas blasts him with a lightning bolt before he is able to attack the Orc, quickly drawing more attention to themselves.

More Nords appear, ready to take on the Orsimer and hidden Bosmeri companion but they are quickly told to stand down as Ymir's son steps in, demanding satisfaction for the murder of his wife.

The two of them duel for some time, the favor of the duel goes from one side to another over the course of the fight, though Bologra eventually comes close to winning until Ymir himself steps in, donning his traditional Nordic Armour.

The two warriors clash blades, though due to the exhaustion of having to fight three other capable warriors and the fact that Ymir is incredibly powerful, Bologra manages to lose the fight. He falls to the floor and is forced to endure Ymir's insults, insults that he light heartedly counters.

Sick of the Orsimer's smart Alec remarks, Ymir proceeds to beat on the fallen Orc, repeatedly bringing his fist down on his face, showing his intentions of beating Bologra to death.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 14: Sprung

This chapter begins where Chapter 13 left off, with Ymir mercilessly beating Bologra at the center of the camp. Ymir shows no intentions of holding up until he has succeeded in beating the Orc to death, however, he is pried off the defeated Orsimer by Hareld, who points out that Arlas is springing Nair from Ymir's tent.

Ymir leaves Bologra behind as he goes to investigate him, leaving him either for dead or to come back and finish off later.

Bologra remains unconscious for some time, until Ymir manages to defeat Nair and Arlas in his tent and proceeds to finish off the young Bosmeri Acolyte, with Hareld's sword.

The Orc intervenes, charging into the room and stopping Ymir from dealing the final blow as he pins him down and proceeds to pummel his face. Hareld attempts to intervene and stab Bologra in the back, whilst he's preoccupied, using his dagger but Arlas blasts him with a lightning bolt.

Bologra then proceeds to fight the Watchman as well, slaying him with Hareld's sword before turning back and helping Arlas to her feet and carrying Nair over his shoulder as the two of them flee the tent. Hareld attempts to stab them in the back as they flee but Arlas turns around and blasts the young Nord in the chest, for a third time that evening, sending him flying back into the support beam, causing the tent to collapse as the companionship flee.

The Companionship are last seen in a clearing, not too far away from the camp, where they catch their breath. Bologra informs Arlas that she should mark up the trail, something that she agrees is necessary, to keep the tribals from pursuing them. She then proceeds to conjure up some daedric creatures to mark up the trail, acting on his advice.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 15: Refuge

The Chapter begins with Bologra being awakened by Arlas as she accidentally kicks a stone, upon rising to her feet. The Orc is eager to get going, so that he, Arlas and Nair can retrieve the axe by midday, though he stops as he experiences phantom pains.

He and Arlas then discuss the injury and the drawbacks before eventually getting onto the subject of Jorane Lorwel's deal. Bologra reveals that he truly doubts the Daedra's word and believes that he will refuse to keep up his end of the bargain, a suspicion that Arlas shares.

The Orsimer confides that he wishes that he could use the hand in combat again and that he is somewhat fearful of reaching for his weapon, with a hand that no longer exists. Nair Quicksilver, who has woken up during the conversation, steps in and informs them that he knows of a way that Bologra can get an attachment for his arm brace, that will make it more lethal.

Bologra, after overcoming the urge to punch the Khajiit for telling an incredibly rambly story as he built up to that suggestion, points out that none of them are blacksmiths and that there aren't any forges outside of Bruma. Nair then finds himself surprised as he believed that they would be using small, wintery town as a pit-stop of sorts, where they could rest up their wounds.

Arlas eventually steps up and agrees with Nair, saying that they are all too injured and exhausted to make the trip, even if they did make it, they could still run into a greater threat, once they reached the cave and find themselves overwhelmed. Nair was in no condition to travel, due to his injuries, he wouldn't make a very good combatant and the cold weather could kill him.

Bologra protests for a bit but reluctantly agrees, informing them that they have one night to prepare before they move onto the cave and that he is moving on the following morning, whether they want him to or not.

He then leaves, marching ahead of the others as he leads the way to Bruma.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 16: The Borderlands

Bologra begins this chapter with Arlas, inside Olav's Tap and Tac in Bruma, the two of them sit at a table, after exploring Bruma and visiting the statue of the Hero of Kvatch and discuss things over drinks.

Arlas complains about the cold, being used to the moderate climate of the Imperial City, resulting in Bologra mentioning Skyrim. The Bosmer asks him about his opinion of his former homeland, which is obviously negative, Bologra says that it is a 'freezing shithole, full of racists and crazy wildlife.'

The Orc mentions Dragons in his cultural analysis of the land of the Nords, peaking Arlas' interests as she asks about them. Bologra explains that he has only seen one, that flew over his head, casting a shadow along the ground. As he explains this, he refers to himself as 'us,' referring to his family, who Arlas picks up on and asks more about.

Bologra explains that he lived in an Orsimer fort, until his father passed away, he then moved out with Bugdul, whilst his other brother, Besrath, went east. Arlas mistakes Besrath as Bugdul, the one who perished at the hands of Nish but Bologra is quick to correct her.

He explains that they were initially bandits of sorts but Bologra wanted to be a mercenary, the two of them clashed heads over the issue and ended up parting ways, each one following their own dreams. This resulted in Bugdul getting killed, whilst Bologra continued to live as an unsuccessful mercenary.

Arlas went on to explain that she somewhat envied Bologra as she has no tales to tel in comparison, she then goes on to explain that she was found in the Imperial City and raised by the chapel, knowing nothing of her true parents or her true identity.

She then goes on to say that she sometimes wishes to leave the chapel, finding life there to be restricting, she isn't ungrateful for the advantages that chapel life has but feels like she could accomplish so much more on her own. She lets slip that she is afraid of disappointing Father Lorius and to her surprise Bologra tells her that she probably has, explaining that family members are never happy with your life decisions, no matter what they are.

Arlas expresses her tiredness as they finish talking, prompting Bologra to insist that she goes to sleep, the two bond a little as he leads her to his room before they part ways and go to sleep.

The next morning Arlas, Bologra and Nair emerge from the gates of Bruma as they begin their journey to the borderlands. Arlas isn't exactly confident, when it comes to Nair's well-being, secretly fretting over his condition as she believes that he's putting on a brave face.

Nair then takes a funny turn and collapses to the ground , Arlas quickly rushes over to him and begins to fuss over his condition, whilst Bologra questions as to why he was even brought along in his appalling condition. Nair insists that its simply fatigue, rather than his injuries. After a moment's rest, the Khajiit insists on moving onwards, a sentiment that Bologra agrees with wholeheartedly.

Upon reaching the top of the hill, they find themselves at the cave's entrance, where they immediately encounter three cave dwelling zombies. Each of them take on a zombie, Arlas manages to dispatch hers easily, with ice spikes before turning to Bologra and seeing that has a little too much fun testing his as he tests his new bayonet on it.

He and Arlas then notice that Nair is being overwhelmed by his charge, Arlas, thinking quickly, fires some ice spikes at the creature's head, killing it instantly and allowing the Khajiit to break free before getting up.

At this point, Bologra insists that the Khajiit turns back, without the layer of tact that Arlas used before. The Khajiit dismisses the Orc's 'concern,' saying that he's fine, however, Arlas steps in an expresses her own concerns.

Eventually, the Bosmer herself manages to get through to him and convinces the Khajiit to turn back. The former bandit stays for a moment, to wish them farewell, exchanging in some playful banter with them before following their advice and turning his attention back to the road, beginning his descent as he returns to Bruma.

As the Khajiit vanishes from their line sight, Arlas turns her attention back to the cave before leading Bologra inside.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 17: The long way around

This chapter begins with Arlas and Bologra searching the depths of the cave, where the Axe that serves as the key to Jorane Lorwel's prison lies.

They almost instantly encounter some form of resistance, finding zombies deeper in the cave. This adds to their problems as the cave is incredibly dark, due to the fact that there is no natural light inside and thus Arlas and Bologra struggle to fight the zombies on account of them not being able to see them.

Bologra instructs Arlas to blast a fireballs into the darkness, a fireball that hits one of the zombies and causes them to stumble back. Whenever she fires any fire spells, it momentarily illuminates the room, giving Bologra a brief window of opportunity to attack the undead creatures with his short ranged weapon.

The two of them cut the undead down but still find that they face the problem of having to navigate the cave in the dark, as they come to this conclusion several torches are magically lit, illuminating the cave for them.

They soon find that an Altmer is responsible for the light source and the zombies as she appears before them, warning them away. They assure her that they are here on Empire Business, a statement that she finds to be somewhat laughable, considering that they look nothing like the Empire's officials, however, her tone changes upon hearing the name Jorane Lorwel.

She introduces herself as Vallina Jorire, a member of the Order of the Alluvion and that she and her people seek to find Jorane Lorwel and learn of the ancient magics that he commands. Both Arlas and Bologra find themselves to be suspicious of her, to the point that Bologra is openly hostile.

Eventually Bologra, out of fear that Lorwel will be released upon the world, steps in and tells Arlas that the Order cannot be negotiated with and that it would be better to fight the Alluvion to the death, a sentiment that Vallina shares.

Arlas tries to step in-between them but is hit by one of Vallina's paralysis spells and is rendered unconscious as she falls back into the Altmer's arms. Vallina then drags the Bosmer away, seemingly unfazed by Bologra's angry battle roar as he charges towards her as he is quickly cut off by around sixty of the Order's zombies, that immediately attack the Orc.

The young Accolyte is dragged away, whilst Bologra is left to fight the Necromancer's hordes on his own.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 18: The Ravagers

Bologra doesn't appear in this chapter but is seen in a flashback, where Angela Ardwolf sees an Injured Nair Quicksilver from afar, during the events of Chapter 8. She believes him to be an easy target as she is desperate to find food for herself and her baby, however, Bologra and Arlas appear and intervene, killing the wolves that were attacking him and saving the Khajiit's life.

Angela then makes the snap decision to jump out from behind the bushes and attack Bologra, hoping to kill him, Arlas and Nair and devour them to nourish herself and her child resulting in her death.

Bologra is mentioned at the end, in Nair's dying breath as he warns the Captain about the mortal danger that they face before the Khajiit passes away.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 19: Crusader's rest

This chapter picks up where seventeen left off, with Bologra backing away from the oncoming onslaught of the undead. He is pushed back until he is forced to leave the cave, prompting him to change his tactics as he tries to think up a trap to stop the undead or at least slow them down.

He is then beset upon by Lars in Werewolf form, who tackles Bologra to the ground and proceeds to attack him. Bologra narrowly manages to escape the beast's clutches by shanking him with his bayonet, stabbing Lars beneath his ribs before throwing him off.

The Zombies then emerge from the mouth of the cave, an eventuality that Bologra uses to his advantage, he steps back and allows the majority of them to pass, forcing Lars to take on the horde by himself before making his descent into the cave.

In the cave he encounters another member of The Alluvion, a middle aged Imperial man, by the name of Quentin Nuncious. Quentin is outraged when Bologra dismisses him, claiming that he doesn't care, this results in Quentin initiating a rant, where he reveals that he is more than a little unstable as he creates copies of himself and yells at Bologra before going on a tangent about his own life.

The Orsimer loses his patience and strikes out at one of the copies, killing it instantly and initiating a fight between himself and the insane, Imperial Wizard. Bologra is able to defeat the copies, one after another and eventually manages to kill, what he believes to be, the real Quentin. However, it was actually another copy and the real Quentin shoots him in the back with a lightning bolt.

Bologra falls to the floor, with multiple burns on his body, from the lightning bolts, he rolls onto his back and looks up a the Imperial as he makes his descent, mocking Bologra and saying that he could not be slain by a 'pig elf.' Bologra then throws a large rock at the Imperial, hitting him between the eyes, fracturing his skull, damaging his brain and killing him instantly. The Orc mocks him upon death, saying that 'Death by Pig Elf' would have probably been less embarrassing.

He then steps through, into the next room, where he encounters a Breton Boy, who he immediately attacks. The Breton asks for mercy, saying that he was aiding Arlas in her escape but the two of them were caught by Vallina. The Altmer took Arlas away and has plans for the young Bosmer, though even the boy is unsure as to what they are, saying that death would be the best thing that could happen to her in this situation.

The Orc, unfortunately, finds that he has no choice but to trust this Breton, he agrees to follow him but assures him that he'll regret it if he tries to betray him.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 20: Alluvion

Bologra doesn't appear in this chapter but he is mentioned numerous times by Arlas, Vallina and Za-Kir.

Arlas initially asks about the Orsimer's whereabouts as she awakens, Za-Kir informs her that he is searching for her in the cave.

She then brings him up later, as Vallina explains that she plans to use the Acolyte as a bargaining chip against Jorane Lorwel, though she assumes that Vallina plans to use her as a bargaining chip against Bologra and explains that that wouldn't stop him from destroying the place and would only anger him further.

At the end of the chapter Za-Kir sends Wyatt after the Orc, connecting it to the former chapter, Vallina then enters and threatens Arlas with her own staff before explaining her plans to kill Arlas before Bologra before finishing him off, to avenge Quentin.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 21: Impass

Bologra is first seen at the start of this chapter, when he bursts into the room and saves Arlas from Vallina, who tries to shoot the Bosmer with her own staff. He knocks her to the ground and pins her down with his boot, keeping her restrained, while Arlas and Wyatt work on fixing Master Za-Kir up.

Bologra is shot in the back by Vallina's Argonian Apprentice, Olan-De, who returns to aid her Master. Vallina breaks free and goes for Arlas' staff but the Bosmer beats her to it and holds them both at staff point, forcing them to face the wall, with their hands pressed against it.

Wyatt agrees to go back to Bruma to retrieve some help, as he leaves the room, he hears the growls of Werewolves up ahead. Bologra agrees to escort him to ensure his safety through the tunnels, though he finds it somewhat frustrating that the zombies didn't finish them off.

The two of them venture deep into the cave, where they encounter the Werewolves but find the environment to be too restrictive. Bologra manages to stab one of the Werewolves with his bayonet and slashes another one with his axe but is eventually forced to retreat. They return to Arlas, who shoots the first Werewolf she sees as Wyatt fires at the second, however, the third falls through and ends up pulling Bologra to the floor. The situation gets desperate as Bologra comes very close to having his face bitten by the creature, however, Arlas assists him in killing it.

The Bosmer is then shot in the back and falls on top of the Orc, pinning him to the floor, Bologra sits up and realises that they they are caught between the pack of Werewolves and the Cultists as Tensions slowly rise. Eventually, Ymir makes the first move, throwing himself at the Alluvion.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 22: The Last Dance

This chapter begins where the last one left off, with Valina, Ymir, Tait, a Watchman and Olan-De throwing themselves at one another. Eventually the Watchman leaves his comrades to fight the mages, focusing on Bologra and Arlas.

He tries to cripple them, by piercing their legs with his claws but Bologra swiftly kicks the Werewolf's knee before swinging his axe, straight into the Werewolf's stomach. However, the Werewolf jumps back, much to the Orc's annoyance. To punish him for his insolence, Bologra gets up and slashes at his stomach a second time before driving his bayonet through his head.

Ymir, driven by a grief stricken rage, lunges forward and attempts to bash Bologra and Valina together, however, Olan-De sees his intent and steps inbetween the Altmer and the Werewolf, putting herself in her place. Bologra is then picked up and slammed against the young Argonian, multiple times, resulting in the Orsimer receiving minor injuries and the Argonian perishing.

Bologra is then helped to his feet by Arlas and rejoins her at the center of the room, where he prolongs to battle with Ymir. He receives multiple scratches, badly damaging his chest and shoulders before attempting to drive his claws down to finish him. However, Bologra thinks quickly enough to drive his bayonet into the creature's chest, piercing his lung and leaving him on the ropes, possibly mortally wounding him.

As Bologra rises to his feet to check on Arlas, he sees her on her back, where she struggles to defend herself from Valina's knife, she is stabbed first in the shoulder and in the second time, the heart.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 23: The Last

Bologra is first seen in this chapter, when he intervenes in the fight between Arlas and Vallina, by striking Vallina and knocking her to the ground. Bologra then proceeds to fight Vallina, however, he quickly finds himself being overpowered by her magicka and realises that she isn't going to run out any time soon. Terrified of the idea that he'll be beaten by a 'knife eared ponce elf,' he charges into her and knocks her back, straight into Ymir's claw. Ymir then finishes the the Altmer off, almost instantly before turning his attention to Bologra.

Bologra and Ymir clash at the center of the room and inflict two major injuries on one another, both Ymir and Bologra fall to the floor and proceed to bleed to death.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 24: The Pilgrim's Return

Bologra doesn't immediately appear at the start of the chapter and is mentioned by Father Hermes as missing, according to Hermes Bologra was quick to rise out of bed, after recovering and pushed his way out of the chapel, to get back to Crusader's Rest. Upon arriving there, he took Geoth's axe and returned to the Imperial City to finish his business with Jorane Lorwel.

He arrives a few days later, still covered in werewolf blood as well as his own, dragging an old ebony axe behind him. This clearly turns a few heads as some people go as far as to panic, resulting in the Imperial Guard intervening. Bologra is surrounded by the guardsmen and the Guard Captain begins to interrogate him, Bologra explains that he is working for Councillor Aube, who he mistakenly calls 'Orb' and demands to be taken to him, throwing the axe down onto the ground.

Confused by this, Captain Pautius agrees to escort Bologra over to the White Gold Tower, on the condition that he doesn't try anything along the way. The Orsimer is amused by his threat, knowing fully well that he could easily overpower the man but he respects his wishes anyway.

Bologra arrives at the White Gold Tower, where he immediately demands to see Soir Aube and gets quite ornery when he is told that the Councillor is probably not ready to see him yet. Tensions rise between Bologra and Pautius as their threats towards eachother grows more and more heated before they are told to cease their argument by the Emperor, who appears behind them.

Blackbeard is disinterested in the Emperor and immediately addresses Soir Aube, informing him that he had found the axe. The Councillor is quite impressed by his accomplishment and asks about Arlas' condition, Bologra doesn't truly know but says that she'll recover in a few days and that he has some business to finish with Lorwel, that they need to attend to. Aube agrees fully and sends the Orsimer down to the basement, along with a compliment of guards and himself, keeping the Emperor out of harm's way.

Bologra approaches the shrine of Jorane Lorwel, who congratulates him for his success in bringing him the axe, though Bologra detects that his promise of rewarding him doesn't sound very sincere. Bologra holds off for a bit, resulting in the Daedra losing his temper and demanding that Bologra 'surrenders the axe.'

Enraged by the Statue's demands, Bologra uses the axe to smash the shrine to pieces, destroying Lorwel's avatar on Nirn and banishing him. Soir Aube, relieved that this didn't unleash the Daedra or worse, returns to Bologra's side and examines the statue's pieces, admiring their magical properties, he also says that he plans to have them sent down to the Mage's Guild for tests.

He then informs Bologra that as soon as Arlas gets here, he'll reward them both, in the mean time, he offers the Orc a drink, declaring that they could use one.

Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 25: Aftermath (and Epilogue)

Bologra doesn't make a direct appearance in this chapter but is mentioned numerous times by Soir Aube and Arlas, he informs her that Bologra has been waiting for the Bosmer's return, ever since he destroyed Lorwel's avatar and that he is eager to buy her a drink to celebrate. He then goes on to tell Arlas of the Orc's plans to take as many arms as possible to Morrowind and face everything that it had to throw at him.

In his epilogue it states that he does exactly this...

Bologra collected his weapons a week after asking for them and awaited patiently for Arlas’ return. As soon as she left his life, seemingly for good, he armoured himself up and took up arms and marched straight up to Morrowind to pick a fight with the first poncy knife eared house soldier that looked at him funny.

He eventually found what he was looking for in Solstheim, where he challenged some soldiers of a Great House and ended up taking down scores of them before eventually becoming overfaced by their numbers. He was taken to the dungeons, where he was approached by one of senior members of the house, who informed him that they were quite impressed with his brute strength, skill and resistance to physical damage. He gives Bologra a mercenary job, which lasted around a week before he got bored of it and left.

He continued to travel from there, until he one day encountered a group of strange creatures patrolling the roads. Intrigued by their magma-like structure, Bologra got himself ready for a fight. Without any warning he let out an enraged cry and charged at the unknown soldiers, spit flying from his mouth and clinging to his beard, fingers wrapped tightly around his hand axe and a murderous lust in his eyes.

What happened from there is a tale for another day…

— Bologra Blackbeard's Epilogue, Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage - Chapter 25: Aftermath (and Epilogue)

Between Myths of Mundus and Legend of Nirn

Bologra traveled for some time before he was eventually ambushed by some of Vidron's men, he saw them as a worthy challenge and brutally slaughtered scores of them. Eventually, he was apprehended and thrown into Tyranil's prison, along with the millions of other cell mates.

The Legend of Nirn

Nish is taken by Tyranil and thrown into a huge, high security prison. He is held there until Eilonwyn agrees to subdue and bring in the rest of the companionship. His cell mate is Bologra who mocks Nish, upon mention of his girlfriend and shows a great deal of interest in her or rather her figure.

Eilonwyn eventually tracks them down and springs them loose, appearing to be grateful to the Orc for not hurting her lover. Bologra shrugs it off and says that Nish doesn't look remotely capable in a fight and that attacking him wouldn't be ethical. He assists the group in escaping, helping them get their weapons but eventually breaks away, so that he may get revenge on Tyranil and Vidron, by killing more of their men.

He eventually fights his way to the lair at Red Mountain, hoping to find Tyranil but sadly finding nothing but a couple of his lackeys, who he is able to dispatch easily. Tyranil later returns and discovers that someone has slain a lot of his warriors but never figures out who...

Eventually, Bologra returns to the group, in Cheydinhal, he reveals that he has done a lot of traveling and even entered the arena as its champion but didn't find himself to be compatible with its rules, he tries to take a fallen combatant's weapon and is banished from the arena, because of it. He comes to Cheydinhal to join the Fighter's guild but finds them to be a waste of time to, seeing them as little more than community busy bodies, with swords.

He then runs into Nish and Eilonwyn and informs them of his adventures, out in the Wilderness and agrees to attend their wedding. At the wedding, he sits by Tobias and informs him that this isn't the first wedding that he has been to and this brothers had weddings to, most of which turned into massive brawls.

Bologra traveled to Red Mountain with the group, seemingly enthusiastic about killing the group's enemies, due to his hatred for Vidron, Tyranil, Dunlammus and those, who serve them. When the group is attacked by a dragon, on the boat, Bologra takes it out, almost single handedly.
LoNBologra zps06169334

Bologra between Legend of Nirn and Legend of Nirn: World of Ruin

He pushes through, until the group camp in the Ashlander's cave, where he sleeps at a table. Nish and Eilonwyn have a little bit of fun, trying to poke him on the nose, without waking him but this backfires on them as Bologra sneezes in his sleep, covering Nish in snot.

He is last seen after the Post Eilonwyn V Tyranil battle, where he stands in silence as he watches the events unfold, like the rest of the companionship. Bologra follows the group home and helps them with the funeral arrangements, it is said that he shed several tears at the funeral, more than he managed for his brother. The Orsimer didn't seem to stick around for long and continued to travel alone...

The Legend of Nirn: World of Ruin

In World of Ruin, he is recruited into Kaizen's branch of the Dark Brotherhood and serves as his lieutenant. He acts as the brawn of the group, serving Kaizen and Larius, though there is a lot of tension between the two of them and the Orc eventually rebels after Larius tries to kill Nepht, by locking her in a coffin and drowning her in Lake Arrius.

The Orsimer defies orders and goes after Nepht, fishing her out of the lake and breaking her out of her coffin. He takes her back to her family and helps them nurse her back to health, there he befriends her and tells her about a few of his adventures.

Bologra LONWOR

He returns to the sanctuary and immediately turns on Larius, attacking him, hoping to kill him by shoving his bayonet into the Altmer's mouth and sending it through his skull and into his brain. Larius is saved, when Kaizen returns and breaks up the fight by driving his hand axe into Bologra's head, killing him instantly.


Bologra is an orsimer stereotype and he's proud of it. The Orc is violent, antagonistic and erratic and he lives to fight, so that he can prove his strength and skill. Bologra has little to no moral code, though he refuses to beat on anybody who is weaker than him, which is why he left Nish alone and later helps him and Eilonwyn escape.

His erratic natures has caused him to do a number of interesting things over the course of Legend of Nirn, such as joining the arena and the fighter's guild. The orc is banished from both orders, mostly over trivial matters or because he simply gets bored.

Bologra does have some form of a sensitive side, though he cares least about Nish and Eilonwyn's deaths, he does attent their funeral and sheds tears for them, which he didn't do for his brother.

The orc shows that Nish and Eilonwyn do sort of linger in the back of his mind as when Nepht Delressi is drowning in lake Arrius, he speaks to the graves as if they are alive and scolding him. 

Bologra always sticks to his principles, no matter what the cost is for doing so. He betrays a powerful daedra and the Dark Brotherhood, when asked to do something that he doesn't agree with.

He is also nurses Nepht back to health, once again proving that he is capable of being caring as well as brutish.


  • Both Bologra and his brother Bugdul lose their hands to a character controlled by HolyWyvern.
  • Bologra and Bugdul's deaths are nearly identical as both were too distracted, berating their opponent to notice the the threat, behind them.
    • Also, notably, Bugdul was shouting racial slurs at the elf that he had pinned down, whereas Bologra was insulting Larius for his lack of Tolerance, calling him a 'hateful piece of shit.'
    • Both were stabbed in the head.
    • It is hinted that Bologra thinks of Eilonwyn and Nish as he dies, Nish stabbed his brother in the head in an almost identical fashion.
  • Both Bologra and Set betray a powerful ally, in order to stick to their principles.
  • Bologra and Arlas tie with the most physical appearances in Myths of Mundus: Dark Pilgrimage both have appeared in every chapter bar one.
  • Bologra Blackbeard is one of many amputees written by Psychomantis108, the others are Nish (who lost his fingers in Legend of Nirn), Caleb (who lost his eye before Age of Tamriel), Kaizen (who loses his leg in Legend of Nirn: World of Ruin) and Set (who lost his eye in Aubeanic Reign).
  • He and Manja are the only two members of the original companionship (controlled by Psychomantis108) who return in World of Ruin as full characters.
    • Corelas Adire doesn't count as he is an SNPC in World of Ruin and he is also controlled by a different author.


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