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Book I: Trading Daedra
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The Old Kollop Cornerclub
Location Tear
Prerequisite None
Next Chapter A Khajiit Without a Tail
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Trading Daedra is an introductory chapter in the Songs of Cinder series.


A hundred drakes is hardly a price for such rarity.

2nd of Sun's Dusk, 3E 414. Mithorpa Nasyal, a trader, arrives in the town of Tear with his caravan in hopes to sell a cage, inscribed with Daedric letters, housing a Khajiiti slave, and a bunch of other Khajiit. He enters the Old Kollop Cornerclub after dismissing the caravan, and is greeted by Tedryn Brenur, who is eager to purchase the slave. Tedryn expresses his surprise over the slave costing only a hundred drakes, and buys it, paying more than the price is. After the deal is made, Mithorpa gives the instructions on how to keep the slave, as he is "certainly not an ordinary one", and heads upstairs to the room he rented. The thoughts of the deal haunt Mithorpa throughout the night.

Tedryn stares at the scribbles of the slave's cage, which suggest at its Daedric nature, before departing to his slave plantation on the island of Vvardenfell. Unbeknownst to the slavemaster, what he purchased in a small cage is not merely a slave.


  • The chapter may serve as a Prologue for the series.
  • This is the only chapter to take place on mainland Morrowind.
  • There are several signs that hint at the slave's Daedric nature:
  • The name of the chapter;
  • The scribbles on the cage;
  • The scribbles on pieces of paper found in the slave's cell in the next chapter.
  • The chapter can be found here.
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