Book II: A Khajiit Without a Tail
A Khajiit Without a Tail
Brenur Plantation
Location Brenur Plantation
Brenur Grotto
Prerequisite Trading Daedra
Next Chapter Twin Lamps' Light

A Khajiit Without a Tail is a second chapter in the Songs of Cinder series.


This one obviously has been having evening meals with Sheggorath the Skooma Cat, eh?
— Dro'masha

Sixteen years passed since the events of Trading Daedra. Urjorahn and the Khajiiti bunch were transported to Vvardenfell's Brenur Plantation, west of Pelagiad. He wakes up in his cell in a poorly lit section of Brenur Grotto, where all the slaves of the plantation spend their nights, among a pile of paper scriblled with Daedric letters. Every morning, the guardsmen hit the bars of every cage door in order to wake up the slaves. After a brief conversation with Dro'masha, a fellow Khajiit, Urjorahn and the rest of the slaves are led outside to the plantation by a brutish Dunmer guard. The tailless Khajiit was treated worse than the other slaves, was given extra work and punishment by the slavemasters.

Tedryn Brenur, the one who purchased the bunch in Tear, enjoys the sight of hundreds of working slaves before turning his head to Urjorahn and sending the guards to teach the Khajiit a lesson. The only thing that terrified Tedryn, a seasoned warrior, was the keeping conditions of Urjorahn and Mithorpa Nasyal's insructions.


  • The chapter mainly describes the Brenur Plantation, Brenur Grotto, and Urjorahn, the protagonist. No significant events occur during the chapter.
  • The chapter can be found here.
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