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Book III: Twin Lamps' Light
Twin Lamps' Light.jpg
The road to Sadrith Mora
Location Brenur Plantation
Brenur Grotto
Tedryn's Bedchambers
Brenur Guard Tower
Prerequisite A Khajiit Without a Tail
Next Chapter Spellwrights and Magisters
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Twin Lamps' Light is a third chapter in the Songs of Cinder series.


We have witnessed suspicious activity in one of the slaves' cells. Daedric letters. Written all over the walls. I have never seen drawings like these in my whole life, muthsera. Sheogorath's madness took one of the n'wah for sure.
— Dalamus Moloth

A courier visits Tedryn, who is preparing for sleep in his bedchambers, and delivers him a letter. The letter is revealed to be a business arrangement from an unknown retainer of House Telvanni, who offers to purchase the Khajiiti slaves before 23rd of Frostfall for nine thousand drakes. Tedryn is hesitant, but soon he composes a letter of response and meets the retainer's men by Pelagiad front gate to sell the slaves.

Before the deal is stroke, Brenur Grotto's guards Fadril and Dalamus discover the scribbled Daedric letters on the walls of Urjorahn's cell, but the slave is already halfway to Sadrith Mora, the capital of House Telvanni. Tedryn returns to the plantation, and heads to the guard tower to meet Fadril and Dalamus. Together, they enter the grotto.

In the mean time, the caravan that transports the slaves is intercepted by agents of the Twin Lamps, who knock the silt strider off its feet, rendering the slaves unconscious, and fight the caravan's guards before dragging the survivors to the camp.


  • This is the first chapter that features a place on Vvardenfell other than Brenur Plantation.
  • The chapter can be found here.
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