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Book IV: Spellwrights and Magisters
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Sadrith Mora
Location Twin Lamps' Camp
Sadrith Mora
Prerequisite Twin Lamps' Light
Next Chapter Chasing Shadows
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Spellwrights and Magisters is the fourth chapter in the Songs of Cinder series.


And the Dro-m'Athra, they made us slaves. They sing songs of destruction and deception while the mortals curse their realms. You are a slave, friend. We all are. As long as the void-like eye watches us from afar, hiding among the stars, we are all under control. Possession.

Urjorahn wakes up in Twin Lamps' Camp after a silt strider caravan's interception. A young Dunmer by the name of Yen approaches the wounded Khajiit. He later reveals that the head of Twin Lamps has been slaughtered by a member of Camonna Tong, and their unit at Ascadian Isles is being disbanded. After the conversation, the two decide to team up and seek adventure on Vvardenfell. They check the camp for weapons, and Yen trains Urjorahn in swordplay before the two head to Ebonheart.

There, the two purchase the necessary items and armor, and travel to Sadrith Mora, stumbling upon a group of non-hostile Cliff Racers on the way.

Tedryn is terrified, as the letters and outlines in the Khajiit's cell are the same as the ones found in Mithorpa Nasyal's journal. He gathers his best men and forms a squad to find Urjorahn before it's too late.

Yen and Urjorahn reach Sadrith Mora and blend with the society of House Telvanni, with the latter becoming a House's retainer. Yen tries himself in different jobs at blacksmith's and at Morag Tong. During his time in House Telvanni, Urjorahn learns about the deceitful ways of going up the ranks, and eliminates Athys Falen, a Spellwright, eventually replacing him, while Athys is sent to Sadrith Mora's jail. When doing the "sweep job" in Athys' room, he discovers a note that hints at the caravan's mysterious buyer.


  • This is the first chapter where Urjorahn has some lines of dialogue.
  • The chapter can be found here.
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