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Book IX: Blood Binding
Blood Binding.jpg
Dark sky above the Red Mountain
Location Red Mountain
Prerequisite Tongue and Dagger
Next Chapter End Game
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Blood Binding is a penultimate chapter of Tome One in the Songs of Cinder series.


Proceed. The halls stand empty, as they were since the Sixth House was banished.

20th of Evening Star, Urjorahn, Yen and Llether make their way towards a lonely Imperial inn on Foyada Mamaea. As they stop by, a group of survived Camonna Tong thugs locate them and attack. In the midst of the fight, they plan an escape route before discovering that Urjorahn is nowhere to be found. Llether suggests they check the Red Mountain region. They ride towards the Ghostgate, and the thugs chase them along the Foyada. The adventurers' wagon manages to go through the passage before an Oblivion Gate opens, leading the thugs straight into the Deadlands.

Urjorahn heads towards the Dwarven facility at the center of the volcano and into the ruins. After fighting his way through, he reaches the balcony where undead Velar awaits. The battle ensues between the two, with Velar making use of his Soul Servants before finally deciding to fight himself. That is when Urjorahn delivers the deathly blow.

Velar dissolves to burning and bloody ashes, and a portal to Foyada Padhome opens for Urjorahn.


  • The chapter can be found here.
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