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Book V: Chasing Shadows
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Veleth Ancestral Tomb
Location Sadrith Mora
Veleth Ancestral Tomb
Prerequisite Spellwrights and Magisters
Next Chapter Dark Waters' Game
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Chasing Shadows is a fifth chapter in the Songs of Cinder series.


Shadows are not merely an absence of light, they are reflections from a different realm, an alternate world. To understand that connection means to understand Shadow Magic.

Urjorahn discovers a note that hints at the identity of a mysterious buyer. The Khajiit bribed Athys, now sitting in jail, to tell him the buyer's whereabouts. Athys reveals that he does not know who the client is, but he knows where he lives.

Urjorahn and Yen are pointed to Veleth Ancestral Tomb, west of Ghostfence, and fight their way through the crypt to discover that the buyer is Velar Veleth, a long-dead wizard of House Telvanni. Velar is banished from the tomb, heading in an unknown direction. The two make the main chamber their hideout before finding several letters from Llether Veleth, a shadowmage, who happened to be Velar's nephew. Yen suggests they summon Llether, and they compose a letter to the mage.

They travel to nearby Ald'ruhn in search for a courier who may deliver the letter, as Llether was said to reside on the border of Skyrim and Hammerfell. Luckily, they find one, and Llether answers the summons in a year's time. Upon arrival, Llether tells the two that Velar is alive, but undead, and that he is the ancestor of Urjorahn's. Old Veleth is glad to lend a hand, and teaches Urjorahn some basic spells of obscure Shadow Magic.


  • The chapter can be found here.
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