Book VI: Dark Waters' Game
Dark Waters' Game
The Oblivion Gate
Location Veleth Ancestral Tomb
Sadrith Mora
Prerequisite Chasing Shadows
Next Chapter Embrace of Ashmires

Dark Waters' Game is a sixth chapter in the Songs of Cinder series.


The Slavemasters arrive to claim this cursed land, tired of watching. The song of destruction has its first verse sung this night, the two moons dance no more, a shroud of darkness closes the mortal realm. The border between worlds is weakened, and the dark waters are seeping through a crack in the invisible wall.

Tedryn Brenur and his private squad, along with Dalamus and Fadril, head to Sadrith Mora in order to find Urjorahn. As they approach the town, the skies turn red, and people become scared of the anomaly. One of the first Oblivion Gates opens right before Tel Naga, covered in shadows, and Tedryn, his party, and Telvanni mages defend Sadrith Mora from the Daedric forces of Mehrunes Dagon, but to no avail. The town is destroyed, Tel Naga collapses after Tedryn jumps into the portal, leaving his men to be slaughtered by Daedra.

Urjorahn wakes up in the middle of the night with a headache. The sky turns red above Veleth Ancestral Tomb, and he begins to scream, waking up Yen and Llether. Together, they console Urjorahn and go outside. They climb up the hill that overlooks Ald'ruhn, and witness another Oblivion Gate open in the middle of the town. House Redoran mages attempt to wake a mighty Emperor Crab, and they succeed, before the beast knocks the gate down, shrouding Ald'ruhn in the dust. Two more gates open around Ald'ruhn, followed by a Great Gate.

As the thunder rages, the trio acknowledges that Third Era is coming to an end, and Oblivion Crisis has begun.


  • The chapter can be found here.
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