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Book VIII: Tongue and Dagger
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House Hlaalu capital under siege
Location Balmora
Prerequisite Embrace of Ashmires
Next Chapter Blood Binding
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Tongue and Dagger is an eighth chapter in the Songs of Cinder series.


If Mehrunes steps in town, we'll be ready to kick his Daedric arse.
— Hlormaren Redoran

Urjorahn, Yen, Llether, Fadril, Dalamus, Hlormaren and Callonia arrive to Balmora, where they take up residence in Three Kagouti Cornerclub. While Urjorahn is enjoying the tale of Red Jinx, Hlormaren decides to split up, leaving Redoran soldiers to guard Balmora's western part.

Urjorahn sneaks to Tedryn's manor and discovers his own scribbled paper pieces in the basement underneath the house. The Khajiit turns around to see Dalamus, who followed him. Dalamus warns Urjorahn that Tedryn's manor is Camonna Tong territory. He states that he and Fadril are tired of being in the crime syndicate, and wish to cut ties with it. Urjorahn is requested to assassinate Hlormaren Redoran, as he's been a problem to Camonna Tong, in exchange for Dunmer brothers' freedom.

Urjorahn gets the new armor and starts his contract as the night falls. Once he breaks in Hlormaren's bedchambers, he notices a Mythic Dawn agent making a move towards the Redoran captain. Urjorahn manages to reflect the assassin's stab, and the agent retreats before Hlormaren wakes up. Meanwhile, the Great Gate opens in Balmora.

Urjorahn and Hlormaren head to Three Kagouti Cornerclub to join the rest as they fight the Daedra. Urjorahn enters his room to be ambushed by Velar Veleth, and Callonia appears in the cornerclub's main hall, revealing herself to be a Mythic Dawn Acolyte. She uses her amulet to summon Xefhedle, but is quickly overpowered by Hlormaren and Fadril, the rubble falling on her.

Velar tells Urjorahn the secret that has been kept this whole time; he has a Daedric soul, and thus bound to the Dunmer sorcerer. After his monologue, Velar disappears, leaving a couple of Soul Servants to deal with Urjorahn.

The cornerclub trembles, and the adventurers leave to their wagon. Balmora stands destroyed. Fadril tells Urjorahn tat the outlines he used to draw are the incantation to banish Daedra, and Urjorahn could banish himself to Oblivion, giving problems to Tedryn and an advantage to Velar. The wagon heads in an unknown location.


  • This is the first chapter to feature a Mythic Dawn associate.
  • The chapter can be found here.
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