Book X: End Game
Velar Ceysel Awakened
Velar watching over his plane
Location Foyada Padhome
Prerequisite Blood Binding
Next Chapter Beyond Time

End Game is an ultimate chapter of Tome One in the Songs of Cinder series.


Here you stand... Right knee deep in the waters of Padhome...

Urjorahn is transported to Foyada Padhome, a twisted landscape where Velar is the supreme being. Without hesitation, he begins fighting his way through the plane, using scrolls of Shadow Magic given to him earlier by Llether. Unbeknownst to the nightblade, 5 years have passed on Mundus while only a few minutes were spent on the plane.

The Oblivion Crisis ended in 3E 433, and a new era began. In the fifth year of Fourth Era, Yen and Llether, left without their friend and companion, continued their travels. On one calm day they rent a couple of rooms in the cornerclub of Gnisis, and tell the bartender the story of their adventures. The serenity is broken when the ground begins to tremble, heralding the eruption of the Red Mountain. The two quickly mount their silt strider and get the townspeople to safety before reaching Khuul, a coastal village where refugees gather to set sail to Solstheim.

Velar toys with Urjorahn, sending more and more Soul Servants to weaken him. Overwhelmed, the Khajiit retreats, but to no avail; he is captured by Velar, who decides to reveal his true and younger form. After a brief monologue, Velar banishes Urjorahn from Foyada Padhome, and he drowns in the murky waters of the plane.

Yen manages to climb aboard one of the ships, but Llether reveals a terrible wound caused by the debris. He throws his satchel to the hero and waves before closing his eyes for the last time.

The ship reaches the ash-covered part of Solstheim, and Yen finishes his journal on a solemn note.


  • This is the only chapter (not counting the two introductory ones) where Urjorahn has no dialogue.
  • Yen's last journal entry is written on 4th of Second Seed. This day is Urjorahn's birthday.
  • The chapter can be found here.
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