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I was chosen by the Silvenar, along with these elves, to complete an important task for the safety of the land.
— Bura explaining the situation to her sister

Bura gra-Dragag is an Orc warrior, a member of the Wood Orc Drunujit Tribe located in southern Malabal Tor. Despite her young age, she is a respected warrior among her clan, though she is not of a very high status in said clan. She was one of the Chosen of Y'ffre selected that the Silvenar to complete his holy mission. She came into the possession of the Elderbark Shield after they defeated the Changeling Selene.



Bura was born to a respected member of the Drujunit tribe that earned the honor of having his own children by earning the Chieftain's favor. Several years later, her mother gave birth to another daughter named Rulga. When she came of age she became one of the tribe's warriors focused on protecting her home from any threat.

Sometime in her adolescence her tribe made a truce with the nearby Bosmer settlement of Silvenar, named after its leader the Silvenar. Because of this deal some of her tribesmen learned Bosmeris, Bura being one of them.

The Green Pact

Call to Action

The Drujunit tribe received news that the Silvenar was dying. As allies of his community, the Wood Orcs sent a representative over to the village. Bura volunteered and headed off to pay respects to the ancient elder. When she arrived at the elven village, the Silvenar was bed-ridden in his hut. She kept her distance from the crowd of elves that gathered around it in his grove.

For a moment it seemed like the Silvenar was able to pull himself out of bed and relay a message to his flock. He told them of a vision he received from Y'ffre, the God of the Forest. The Silvenar gathered together a group of people, surprisingly including Bura, to travel to the Heart of the Valenwood to commune with the god. He gave his relic, the Eldest Leaf, to Oronin - the healer that had been tending to him and was another of the Chosen of Y'ffre. After giving away the Leaf, the Silvenar returned to his weakened state and was brought back to bed. The Green Lady, the Silvenar's wife, asked the Chosen to work together to complete the mission given to them by her husband. Bura was a bit overwhelmed at being chosen for this task, as she was just a visitor, but wanted to complete the man's last wish.

Before the chosen set off from the village, they were stopped by Malgoth Blackroot, the Chief of the Jaqspurs - the Silvenar's elite bodyguards. As they were taking the Eldest Leaf with them, the village would be without divine protection from Y'ffre. They would be at the mercy of the forest and the spirits that inhabited it. Recently the nearby grove of Redbush had been destroyed and he feared that it meant the Destroyer was near. There was also the matter of the Wood Orcs. With the Silvenar dying the Bosmer couldn't be sure that Chief Kurzel would keep his truce and Bura could not speak for her tribe. Malgoth asked the chosen to head to the Drujunit Stronghold while he had his men scout out the area for further signs of the Destroyer.

Drujunit Splinter

The group of six traveled south to the stronghold. Along the way they encountered hoarvors, which had migrated outside their usual hunting grounds. They discovered a camp filled with dead bodies drained of their blood by those same hoarvors, but the wounds that had killed the campers weren't caused by the bugs. When stopping for the night, someone tried to sneak up on their camp. Luckily Oronin and Gwendaridh Orcsbane, another of the chosen, spotted the assailants before they got the drop on the group. Eplear Camoran - the oldest Bosmer among them - was able to track the assailant through the dark forest to a hideout under a small graht-oak. They found Orcs guarding it. Bura didn't recognize them from a distance and her tribe didn't have an outpost this far out.

Gwendaridh killed the Orc without a second thought, alerting the ones inside of their presence. But when another Orc came out to investigate they got the drop on him and were able to get him to call off the others. Bura did recognize this orc, Brazub, as one of her tribesmen. The one that Gwen had killed was also a tribesmen of hers, Murkz. They questioned Brazub as to why they were out here. Brazub told Bura that Chief Kurzel gro-Ghora had gone crazy and killed his own son, forcing Brazub and others to abandon the stronghold to try to escape his insanity. When pressed by Gwen, Brazub revealed that he had attacked their camp and the other one they found, but claimed that he wasn't the one that killed those people. Gwen wanted to take revenge, but the others stopped her and let him go after subduing the bloodthirsty Bosmer.

The group arrived at the Drujunit stronghold to find it depopulated, learning that a large portion of the tribe's warriors had deserted with its former champion, Barrz. They spoke to the Huntswife to try to get an audience with Chief Kurzel, but he was down in the caves busy with some ritual and could not be disturbed. Huntswife Ghorsha didn't answer all of their questions so they went to Bura's house to investigate further. They spoke to her sister Rulga and learned that the tribe discovered something in the caves that had caused the rift between Kurzel and his brother Barrz, leading to the tribe splitting apart. Rulga didn't know anything else, but suggested that they speak to the Heartswife Murtha or her son Shubak gro-Kurzel - who was still alive.

Eplear and Bura headed to the speak to them at the tribe's river basin outpost. There they found Murtha enthralled in her potion-making, but the Heartswife revealed to them the truth. What the tribe had found was a spring of blood inside the caves which granted power to their chieftain when he consumed it. Barrz wanted to spread its use to the other males of the tribe so their warriors would be unmatched, while Kurzel wanted to keep the power for himself. Shubak had broken up their fight and saved Barrz's life, but angered his father in the process. Kurzel made his son pay the Blood Price, severing his left arm as payment for his crimes of letting Barrz and others desert the tribe. They spoke to Shubak, who was training nearby, and learned that he was planning to challenge his father for the role of chieftain - so that he could attempt to heal the rift that split the tribe before Barrz or Kurzel went on the offensive and cost the lives of their kinsmen. While the young Orc was insecure of his chances, Bura believed in him and decided to help his efforts.

They returned to the stronghold, regrouping with the rest of the Chosen and informing them of what was really happening. They needed to the make mines to stop Kurzel's ritual, but the mines were guarded. Bura suggested that there might be another way into the mines through the cave system from outside the stronghold. Eplear, Areanae Rosemire and Gwendaridh went off to search for it while Bura and the others scouted out the entrance to the mines. They found the entrance being guarded all day and night to stop anyone from interrupting the chieftain. There was no way inside without fighting the guards, which Bura didn't want to do. She led the group back to her house, but was intercepted by Ghorsha who questioned her about her meeting with Murtha and Shubak. Bura deflected her questions, making sure not to rise suspicion of herself and the elves. Satisfied, Ghorsha let them go.

Eplear and the other Bosmer returned late afternoon. They had managed to find an entrance to the mines, but Eplear had been injured in a fight with a Giant Bat. However, Oronin was able to heal his arm up. After a short rest, the trio led the rest of the group to the cave system, where they had found a boarded up entrance into the orcish mines. Valmerion busted the entrance open with his magic, allowing Bura to lead them to the newer section of the mines where she assumed the blood spring was. Her assumption was proved correct when they began to hear chanting from the various shamans of the tribe that were conducting the ritual. Eplear froze the blood pool with a magic arrow, stopping the ritual.

Bura tried to reason with Kurzel, but the enraged chieftain instead demanded that she submit to him or die. She could not allow him to continue with the ritual so she attacked. The shamans provided backup for Kurzel, buffing him up with their magic. Eplear and the elves tried to take them out, while Bura, Gwendaridh and Oronin focused on the chieftain. Kurzel was stronger and faster than she anticipated, being boosted by the shamans and the Blood of Mauloch that he had consumed. She was able to land a hit on him, but left herself exposed. He grabbed her by the neck and nearly choked her to death, if not for Oronin and Eplear's intervention she would've died. Kurzel attacked Oronin, who tried to bind him in place unsuccessfully. Bura recovered, but she had lost her sword. She took one of Gwen's bone dagger and attacked the chieftain after he dispatched the healer. Kurzel focused on her once more, attacking her with all his might. He nearly cleaved Bura in two, but she was able to avoid his attack and stab him in the eye with the dagger, killing the chieftain.

By then the elves had taken care of the shamans, killing all but one of them. Eplear rushed to aid the dying shaman and asked Oronin to heal her, saving Ulush - the sister of Brazub - from death. They brought her with them as they went to the outpost to report to Murtha and Shubak. When they arrived, both of them reprimanded Bura and the elves for getting involved and killing Kurzel. As his death meant that Shubak couldn't easily claim the chiefdom for himself. Murtha quickly came up with a plan to summon an Ogrim in the mines and pretend that it was the cause of Kurzel's death, so that Shubak slaying the beast would grant him the position of chieftain. Shubak wasn't too happy about the ploy, but they had no other choice. If Kurzel's death at the elves hands were found out it would cause more in-fighting among the tribe to decide a new chieftain and potentially start a war with the Silvenar Bosmer. Because Ulush was still alive, Murtha had to drug her to try to wipe her memory of the events, as they could not allow the truth come out. Eplear led Murtha to the mines to summon the Daedra while Shubak led the others back to the stronghold.

By the time they arrived the next day the Ogrim had been summoned and caused a huge commotion in the tribe. Ghorsha was getting ready to attack the Daedra when Shubak convinced her to let him kill the beast himself. She didn't believe that he could, but let him go first to tire the Ogrim. Bura and Areanae accompanied Shubak into the mines to help him fight the creature. When they arrived at the blood spring they found the Ogrim chewing on Kurzel's corpse. The three of them engaged the Daedra, with Shubak draw the beast's attention and the two women providing support. Bura was surprised to see Shubak fighting so well against the Daedra, enough so that she believed he might have been able to take out Kurzel on his own. Making her regret having gotten involved. The battle was tough, the fiend's skin was difficult to penetrate, but Shubak was able to deal the final blow. Before the body disappeared back to Oblivion, Shubak claimed a horn as a trophy.

Afterwards, the Huntswife arrived with her warriors, seeing the aftermath of the fight. She was surprised that Shubak had managed to defeat the Ogrim. She saw Kurzel's corpse and examined it. Bura was afraid that she might realize that it wasn't the Ogrim that killed Kurzel, but that seemed not to be the case. The warriors brought all the bodies to the surface. As they emerged a crowd had formed near the entrance to the mines. Murtha noticed Shubak with the horn and took the opportunity to address the tribe. She declared that Chief Kurzel was punished by Malacath for his miss-use of the blood spring and that Shubak, as the slayer of the Ogrim was the new chief. The Huntswife and warriors were reluctant to accept it and one of the warriors challenged Shubak. Shubak accepted the duel and after a short fight, slew the challenger and was acclaimed as the tribe's new chieftain.

Shubak appointed his mother as the tribe's new Elder Shaman and Ghorsha as the tribe's Champion. While the two of them dealt with the aftermath of the day's events, the Chosen followed Shubak to his new longhouse had an audience with him. Shubak agreed to uphold the truce with the Bosmer of Silvenar and even to aid them should their fears of the Destroyer's appearance be true. Unfortunately for Bura, Shubak had not forgotten about her killing of the chieftain. As her punishment, he exiled her from the stronghold. However, he could not do it publicly due to the secret that needed to be kept about Kurzel's death. So formally she was appointed as the tribe's ambassador in Silvenar. Before they departed from the stronghold, Shubak asked for their help in dealing with Barrz's deserters. They agreed to help.

They left the stronghold around noon, giving Bura the time to attend some of the funerals rites for the various Orcs that had died in the mines. She still felt quite guilty about all that had happened there. They headed first to Brazub's outpost and from there followed a trail - with the help of Areanae's animal speaking abilities - all the way to the deserters' camp. At the deserter camp, they decided to split up and send Bura, Areanae and Oronin to talk to them while the others stayed behind in case the deserters attacked. Bura tried to reason with them, but the deserters didn't believe them when they said Shubak was alive and the new chief. Barrz came out and demanded to know where the rest of the Chosen were, Brazub - who was with him - had told him all about their group. The hidden ones came out and the leader told them to surrender their weapons if they wanted him to consider their story. Seeing no other choice to end this peacefully, they gave up their weapons. Barrz had Bura lead Brazub and another Orc back to the stronghold to confirm their story.

Bura made sure to get back without any detours, making it before the gates had closed. The guards recognized Brazub and were close to attacking him when Ghorsha showed up. She quickly disarmed Brazub and broke his nose, making him fall on his ass. She demanded that he returned to Barrz and order all the deserters back to the stronghold, confirming that Shubak was chieftain and that he was offering the deserters clemency if they returned immediately. Brazub agreed and the trio headed back to the camp by next morning.

With the Chosens' story confirmed by Brazub, Barrz let them all go and returned their weapons. The deserters promised to returned to the stronghold as soon as possible. The Chosen parted ways with them, heading back towards Silvenar to report to Malgoth.

Journey to the Heart

On their way to Silvenar, the Chosen were intercepted by a group of Bosmer along the road. Eplear Camoran recognized them as the Blackroots, a clan of warriors belonging to his community. The Blackroots had been sent to make sure the Chosen survived their encounter with the Orcs, as they had taken a while to return, as well as to provide them with a guide, Peragoth. Peragoth brought with him a Bosmer scout and a Maormer hunter to help them get to the Heart of Valenwood. The Blackroots agreed to stay behind to keep an eye on the Orcs, making sure that they would keep their end of the bargain, before reporting back to Malgoth at Silvenar.

They headed east then followed the Xylo River south. Eplear found them a place to camp while the Maormer Earendil and a few others went to hunt crocodiles. Bura went with the Jaqspur and the other main group of Chosen to help set up the camp. A while later, they heard yelling from where the hunting party had been. Areanae Rosemire, Bura, and Oronin went to check on them. They found the hunters in trouble trying to fight off a group of crocodiles. Areanae summoned a Storm Atronach while Bura rushed in with her sword to help Earendil. While the Maormer held up the crocodile with his brutish strength, she stabbed its guts and killed it. As they were killing the last crocodile, an Orc fired an arrow at the crocodiles. When it was over, the orc introduced himself as an Orc from the Drujunit tribe and explained his intention to help them for saving his sister, Ulush. Bura recognized him as Lubruk, the runt of Brazub and Ulush' family. Gwendaridh was quick to make her distaste for orcs known and began to instigate a fight with him. Bura defended Lubruk, only drawing Gwen's ire to her, she bit off a part of Bura's ear. Peragoth helped defend the Orc, getting himself stabbed by Gwen. Oronin was able to restrain her, putting an end to the fight. Earendil knocked her out and carried her back to camp. Lubruk patched up Bura's wounded ear as best he could, while Oronin was busy healing Peragoth. Once everyone was healed, they returned to the camp. Lubruk did join them for the rest of the trip, but he and Bura kept their distance from Gwendaridh to avoid another fight.

They eventually reached the Eldengrove, the deep forest of the Valenwood. It was a dense maze of a jungle with massive ancient trees untouched by any civilization during the whole of the Merethic Era. It was a dangerous place, not only because of its fauna, but because it was easy to get lost. Luckily they had Peragoth to guide them, he warned them to keep close as the trees played tricks on them. That they did, with trees seemingly moving about, shadows dashing through the foliage and bio luminescent lights all taxing on their sanity as they endlessly wandered. When they were all exhausted from the trip, Peragoth called them to rest. He told them that that forest was alive, sentient from the spirits that inhabited it. They had reached the center of the Eldengrove, but now needed to wait for the forest to wish them to continue. They didn't need to wait for long before a group of Spriggans appeared between the trees. One among them, a Spriggan Matriarch, approached Oronin. His Eldest Leaf had begun glowing. She asked him to lend it to him and used the leaf to open a passage between the roots of a massive ancient tree.

The passage led them to the Heart of the Valenwood where the group came face-to-face with a divine tree, the First Tree. The Matriach placed the Eldest Leaf on the spring that surrounded the tree, it glowed and led to the awakening of Y'ffre. The God of the Forest spoke, beckoning an old friend to pass on into the afterlife. Bura and the others didn't understand who he was talking about. Their whole conversation with Y'ffre was confusing, he spoke cryptically and every question he answered just brought up more questions. What did become clear is that their mission was far from over. He had brought them to the Heart to give them the task of gathering together his various Earth Bones, which the Eldest Leaf was one of. He wanted to gather them together to restore his divine powers so that he could undo the betrayal of his first children, the Changelings, and bring prosperity to his followers in the Valenwood.

When their meeting with Y'ffre was concluded, they discovered that the Spriggan Matriach was really a Changeling as were all the animals that had been in the Heart's grove were also Changelings. Unlike the rebellious children that Y'ffre mentioned, the Matriach Olphras and her siblings were repentant. They sought to make up for their betrayal of Y'ffre at the end of the Dawn Era. Olphras told them that her kind could sense the pieces of Y'ffre when they were touching his fragments. Thus she had one of her brothers, Rontadras, to follow them and offer them guidance in their hunt for the relics. He was also to help defend them against their brother, Dringoth the Destroyer, who still refused to repent and was hunting the relics himself in an attempt to find his way to the Heart of the Valenwood. Bura and the others were surprised to learn that the Destroyer was real and gladly accepted Rontadras' help. The Changelings used the Eldest Leaf to sense the other fragments and warned them that one of the relics in the Reaper's March was being corrupted, which made it harder to sense the others. Not wanting to let a piece of Y'ffre be corrupted they agreed to head after it first. Peragoth and Virnir split from the group, deciding to head back to Silvenar. The rest continued to the March.

War in the March

The Chosen reached the March after a few days of traveling out of the Eldengrove, which was much easier than before with Rontadras guiding them. When they crossed into the Reaper's March they saw the walking city Falinesti on its pilgrimage across the region in the distance. A good omen according to the Bosmer. They headed towards a nearby settlement to try to learn more about the region and find the trail of the tainted relic. However, as they got close to a riverside village they found it being attacked by a band of Khajiit. Bura and others headed to defend the village, saving the Bosmer civilians from the Khajiiti mages that were burning their homes. Bura killed several mages, even saving Lubruk gro-Rugan against one when he was busy with another enemy.

The villagers thanked them for saving their homes and gladly offered them information. He told that the Khajiit that had attacked them were mercenaries from the Ayleid war between the cities of Aettus and Thormar. The King of Thormar was hiring lots of mercenaries to use against the Daedraphiles. Recently the war had been spreading south towards the Jodewood where the village was located, as mercenaries deserted the front lines. Eplear Camoran asked if he knew about a holy relic in the area. The Elder of the village didn't know anything, but suggested that they seek out the Greenspeakers, a cult of Y'ffre in the Northern Woods. In the night after the battle, the Priest left them. While Oronin and Eplear wanted to go after him, Rontadras and Areanae Rosemire convinced them that they had little time to waste with the relic being more corrupted by the day so they traveled north without the Priest.

Leaving behind the village that they had saved, the group followed the river north. A day's journey away they saw the first signs of the war that had gripped the region. They came across a recent battlefield. Vultures were pecking at the corpses, which were mangled and torn. The corpses were a mixture of different races. There were Ayleids, some Bosmer, Orsimer, and some Khajiiti. One appeared to be a Maormer. They couldn't exactly tell what happened just from the bodies, but Rontadras felt the taint of Daedra in the area. Earendil Vokhiun smelled smoke. Rontadras investigated and discovered a camp in a fort nearby that guarded a river crossing. He couldn't tell much about it from a distance, so the group decided to investigate in case it was a bandit camp that could be a danger to the village.

They split up into two groups at Eplear's suggestion, not wanting to appear threatening to the fort guards. He chose Areanae and Bura to accompany him and they pretended to be travelers. The guards seemingly believed their lie and allowed them entry. Inside Eplear searched around the various groups of elves and Khajiit, seeking to find a friendly looking Bosmer whom they could question. He found a healer's tent where an Aldmer woman was healing a Bosmeri nomad. The trio approached them, still under the guise of travelers and questioned them. The nomad wasn't very receptive to their questioning, but the Aldmer healer explained the situation to them. The fort was owned by the Ayleid King of Thormar, a nearby city. They were mercenaries guarding the border against incursions from the warring city of Aettus. They learned from her that the Khajiit mages that attacked the village were previously hired by the Ayleid King, a part of the Firedrakes Pride. Those that had attacked the village deserted, after the main group of Firedrake mages headed north to defend that border. Eplear thanked them for the information. Now convinced that the fort was not a danger to the village, they regrouped with the other Chosen. When they were trying to leave the fort, however, they were intercepted by a group of Maormer mercenaries who demanded to have Earendil, saying that he was a deserter of one of their crews. Earendil tried to lie his way out of the situation, but could not convince them. Instead of picking a fight, he agreed to go with them, telling the Chosen to continue on their mission. They reluctantly agreed and left the Maormer behind.

The group trekked through the Ayleid controlled lands, passing near the city of Thormar but not heading there as they needed to head straight north. The group stopped at a pond to rest up. Eplear apologized for getting them in the situation that led to Earendil was taken, but none of them thought that it was his fault. They continued ahead and found another crossing for the Crescent River that led into the Northern Woods. It was guarded by an Ayleid fort. This one was more protected than Ayleid soldiers and they figured that it would be too difficult to attempt the traveler disguise with them, especially since none of them spoke Ayleidoon well. To get past this one, they figured that a distraction would be necessary for them to sneak across the bridge. Rontadras sneaked in with his bird form to bring down the bridge, while the others sneaked into position. The plan was going well until a group of Ayleid knights headed out of the fort and would've spotted them had Areanae not summoned her Atronach to distract them. The Changeling managed to bring the bridge down and the group rushed across it. The knights defeated the Atronach and chased after the group. Rontadras transformed into an elephant and smashed the bridge so that the Ayleids could not follow them. They ran into the woods, with spells and arrows trailing them before they were safe.

Crossing the Northern Woods was unsettling, as the forest had been abandoned by the fauna. They found signs of Daedric influence tainting the land. Nonetheless, they proceeded but it was difficult to travel without being able to hunt for food. They became desperate and had to search out for food elsewhere. A trail of animal carcasses led to them finding an abandoned village. Inside the village to look for supplies, finding the place to be have been long since left behind due to the war. There was no fresh food to be found. More carcasses led them to footprints and to the fiend inhabiting the abandoned village. A Daedroth appeared from its den among the ruined houses and attacked them. Bura met the daedra head on, with the aid of Areanae and Eplear, who fired arrows at the fiend from afar as the Orc fought in close. Eplear shot one arrow through the beast's left eye. Lubruk cowered from the daedra. Bura landed a few hits, but the Daedroth's hide was thick. Rontadras saved her from being burned alive, paralyzing the daedra just as it was about to breath fire. Oronin's vines wrapped around the immobile fiend. Bura scaled the Daedroth, as she could not get a fatal wound in from the ground. The spell did not last forever, though and the Daedroth broke free, struggling against the vines. The beast raged, burning the vines and freeing itself. Bura held on and managed to stab it through the skull, killing it.

The Daedroth was not the only Daedra they faced on their way to the Greenspeaker's Grove, but the weaker Daedra were no match for them. They reached the grove, finding it to be overrun with webs. Rontadras could feel that the place was very tainted by the Daedra. He heard a plea for help, signifying that there might be survivors inside. The Chosen entered, cautiously, and found numerous cocoons hanging from the central graht-oak. Bura cut one of them open, to see if there were survivors, only finding a dissolved mush inside. Before they could check the other cocoons, they were met by a Spider Daedra who confronted them. She tried to bargain with them, trying to give them information on the relic they were searching for in exchange for Rontadras. The group refused to hand the Changeling over, prompting the Daedra to attack with her Spiderlings. They were swarmed by the Spiderlings, who paralyzed Rontadras and Gwendaridh. The others fought them off, but the Spider Daedra was able to get her hands on Rontadras. Lubruk was eventually overwhelmed and paralyzed as well. Eplear and Areanae pelted her with arrows from afar, while Bura went to aid Oronin. She saved the healer from the last of the Spiderlings. A well placed arrow by Eplear made the Spider Daedra let go of Rontadras. Now freed, the Changeling managed to transform into a deer and pinned the Daedra to the oak. While he held it in place, Bura swooped in and stab the Daedra through the chest. The Daedra vanished, the battle was won.

As they recovered, they discovered which of the cocoons housed the survivor. Bura cut it open, freeing the Nymph that was trapped inside. Oronin healed her injuries Rontadras gave her his robe, letting the wounded Nymph rest as the group recovered. Lubruk confessed his insecurities to the group, while the others seemed empathetic to the Orc Gwendaridh had none. She mocked him and his people, much to Oronin's disappointment and Bura's anger. As they were waiting, Eplear noticed someone approaching the grove. He ambushed the person while the others prepared for a fight, however, it turned out that it was Earendil. He had escaped from the pirates and made his way back to the group. Not longer after, the Nymph awoke. She was scared of Rontadras, calling him an Oathbreaker, but he was able to calm her down. She told them that she was one of the Nymphs that had lived in the grove with the Greenspeakers, protecting the Eldenbark Shield. The grove was recently attacked by a group of Daedra and Ayleids led by a Changeling called Selene. Rontadras revealed that Selene was indeed one of his siblings, but had not joined Olphras in trying to redeem their betrayal of Y'ffre. The nymph, Evegarte, explained that Selene had the Greenspeakers killed and took the Shield for herself. Evegarte had managed to remain hidden. She sought out help, finding a masked mage to aid her, but was betrayed to the Spider Daedra by the mage in exchange for information. The Chosen realized that the mage must have been Valmerion. She told them that Selene returned to Aettus and that the relic was there with her. Unfortunately for the Chosen, they would not just be able to enter the city and retrieve the relic. They needed allies. After some deliberation, they decided to head to Arenthia to seek aid from its Queen.

The group headed east to the Crescent River. They took Evegarte with them, rather than leave her alone in the Daedra infested woods. They did not have a way to cross the river so Earendil volunteered to find them a boat. Before long he returned with one, probably having stolen it. They climbed into it while the Maormer swam them across. The boat landed near a trading post belonging to Arenthia. As they were crossing the trading post, the overseer intercepted them. She warned them that a duo of Maormer pirates were looking for a group that matched their description and said that they might be waiting for them in Arenthia. Earendil apologized for causing the group trouble, but it seemed like the pirates were still after him. Eplear thanked her for the warning and continued on their way.

Arenthia was not far from the trading post. They arrived late in the afternoon. It was a large city, something Bura had never seen before. Silvenar had seemed large for her and this city of stone eclipsed it. She had never seen so many people in one place. Eplear was familiar with the city and helped them navigate to the queen's residence, a large spire in the southern part of the city. The gates that led to it were closed and guarded. The guards questioned them. Eplear explained the situation and used his connection to the Silvenar to obtain an audience. The city's Vicereeve met with them and agreed to bring them to the queen. He led them inside the Spire to a large living room overlooking the gardens. Queen Sylnia Arenthil came to speak to them and they explained to her what had happened at the Greenspeaker's Grove, Evegarte giving her a detailed account of the attack. Bura kept quiet the whole time, not being comfortable speaking with royalty and leaving it to Eplear and the other Bosmer. The Chosen convinced Queen Sylnia that leaving the Eldenbark Shield in the hands of Selene and the Ayleids was a terrible idea. Sylnia was also angry at the attack on the Greenspeakers, which were an order of Y'ffre's monks that her ancestor Arenthil, the first King of the Bosmer, started. She could not allow their deaths to go unpunished. Though the political situation was difficult, since attacking Aettus might lead to retaliation from the Cyrodillic Ayleids. The risk of allowing Y'ffre's relic to be corrupted outweight the possibility of attack. She agreed to aid them in infiltrating the city, but first needed to coordinate with King Gondian of Thormar, who was already planning on attacking Aettus. She gave the Chosen leave to remain in her Spire and rest up while she ironed out the details of the attack. They thanked her for all her help. Bura opened up as well, following Eplear lead and showing the queen proper etiquette.

A couple nights later, a young Bosmer girl named Kaaail infiltrated the Spire and was found by Rontadras. She told him that she had followed the Chosen from Silvenar and wanted to aid them in their holy mission. They agreed to allow her to follow them. As thanks, she warned them of the two Maormer that were searching for them. She revealed that the Maormer were currently at an inn and waiting for an opportunity to strike at Earendil. The former pirate decided it was best to strike first and the group agreed. The next day they exited the Spire and went to the inn to confront the Maormer. The Maormer woman revealed during their confrontation that Earendil was a wereshark, which shocked the Chosen. Nevertheless, they trusted him enough not to betray him to the pirates and instead were able to force the pirates to retreat from the city. Afterwards, they confronted Earendil about him keeping secrets from them. He told them that he could control his curse quite well and for them not to be concerned over it. They reluctantly accepted his claim, but said that if he put the group in danger with his curse they would need to put him down. He accepted that.

When the Queen was ready, she ordered the army to march from Arenthia. The Chosen followed her, heading west across the Crescent River and deeper into the Northern Woods. They found the woods to be more heavily filled with Daedra, making progress slow. To aid in making it across the land, the Chosen acted as scouts and sought out safe passages where they were fewer Daedra. While they were searching for a path to the city itself, they were intercepted by a group of Ayleids. The Ayleid leader demanded that they surrender and come with him to meet with Selene. The Chosen did not trust him and refused to surrender. Rather than try to convince them, the Ayleids turned to violence. The leader summoned forth the Daedroth that the group had fought previously, while his cultists charged ahead. Earendil transformed into his wereshark form and charged at the Daedroth. Bura was targeted by one of the mages, who nearly trapped her in an Ice Cage. She narrowly escaped and was given some time to recover when Areanae's Atronach intervened and attacked the mage. With the elf distracted and stunned by the Atronach, Bura was able to finish him off. She went after another mage, the two clashed, sword against staff, but Bura was able to overpower the Ayleid and slay him. Areanae had been caught by an Ice Cage from a third mage. Bura came to her aid. She hacked at the magic ice and was able to help Areanae drag herself out of the prison. With her freed, Bura sought to help out Eplear and Rontadras who were fighting against the Ayleid leader, an Umbral Mage. She caught the mage off-guard, but he survived her wound. The Daedroth came to its master's aid, forcing Bura to retreat. Areanae and Gwendaridh finished off the Umbral Mage, causing the Daedroth to disappear and winning the battle. After recovering from the fight they regrouped with Kaaail and then informed the queen that the way to Aettus was clear.

The Queen's army attacked Aettus at the same time as the Thormar army was attacking from the south. As their coordinated assault on the city began, the Chosen split off and sought to infiltrate while the Ayleid Daedraphiles were busy defending themselves. They headed to the northern section of the city where Rontadras set up a rope for the group to climb up the wall. The Ayleids noticed their approach and defend the battlements. Eplear, Lubruk and Areanae stayed back to provide covering fire while Bura, Earendil and the others headed in to climb up. Bura was one of the first up the wall and fought past the wall guards, heading into a nearby tower to clear a path to the streets. Kaaail came to her aid and they cleared the top of the tower of guards, but reinforcements came and pushed them back. With Areanae's arrival, the trio defeated the guards and allowed the group to head into the city. With Rontadras' help they avoided patrols of soldiers and guards as the battle around them progressed. They made it to the palace, where Selene confronted them in the courtyard. She revealed that she had become High Priestess of the Daedric Prince Mephala. Rontadras and Oronin tried to convince her of the error of her ways, but were unable to. She demanded that they surrender the Eldest Leaf to her in exchange for their lives, but they of course refused. In response she ordered the Ayleids to attack them.

Rontadras protected the elves as they ran inside the palace, the Ayleids closing in around them. They could not linger so the Changeling used the Eldest Leaf to guide the group towards the corrupted relic. They fought back the Ayleids until reaching an underground passage. There Oronin sealed up the entrance with his vines to stall the Ayleids while they continued underground. The underground was filled with webs and covered in Daedra. Eplear's fire arrows let them pass several webs that blocked their path, venturing deeper through the complex of secret tunnels, torture chambers, ritual rooms and ancient halls. Eventually they were met with another aparition of Selene, who taunted them saying that they were merely walking right into her web. Rontadras returned the taunt, but it backfired as Selene opened a portal that summoned forth Spiderkith from Mephala's realm. The Spiderkith attacked them. Bura engaged the Broodhunters, warriors of Mephala. She clashed against one of them, narrowing avoiding his poison spit. She landed a few strikes, but the Daedra were resistant. Oronin conjured vines to trap the Broodhunters, allowing Bura to finish her opponent off. The Spiderkith leader, a Weaver, charged at Bura after vanquishing Areanae's atronach. Bura held it off, but was pushed back by the strength of the fiend. Rontadras tried to help her, but the Weaver could negate his magic. She tried to coordinate her attacks with Rontadras, but the Weaver did not let up. Dismissing the Changeling mage, the Weaver focused on Bura and was beating her. However, she underestimated Rontadras. The Changeling shapeshifted into an elk and slammed into the Daedra with his antlers, pinning her down and allowed Bura to land a fatal wound. The others managed to kill off the rest of the Daedra. Now only Selene remained.

They tracked Selene down to a ritual chamber deep within the palace. She was performing a vile act, gutting a nymph into a basin of blood where the Eldenbark Shield was submerged. Nearby there were the corpses of dozens of Faerie. Rontadras yelled out at her. Selene dismissed his dismay, taunting them with the near completion of the ritual. Hearing that the ritual was not completed gave the Chosen some hope. Selene transformed into a massive spider to squash them. Earendil transformed as well and tried to hold her off, saving Bura from a hit. While he gripped the leg, Bura cut into it, but another leg slammed down onto Earendil. Bura was knocked off her feet. Kaaail helped her up and the two of them ran down the chamber to attack the spider's body. The spider lashed out at her wit her jaws, but once more Earendil jumped in the way and took the hit. With the Maormer keeping her attention, the Orc was able to slip in and stab the underside of the spider. Rontadras retrieved the Eldenbark Shield and used the Eldest Leaf to purify it. The others joined in, dealing several deep wounds into the spider. Selene pulled herself into the ceiling, escaping their range. She then spat a webs at them. Bura was near the center of the web and was trapped against the ground. Before she was paralized, Bura was able to cut herself free, as Eplear shot down a Flame Arrow to weaken the web. Valmerion appeared in the ritual chamber, and launched a powerful fire spell into the spider, causing her web to burn away and sending Selene back to the ground. While she was recovering, Bura and the other women charged in and hacked at the spider. Bura climbed onto one leg, stabbing into it with her sword. Selene, however, was not killed as she shapeshifted into the form of a Spider Daedra. Bura hacked away the leg she stabbed. Selene fought off Bura, ripping into her shield with her daedric claws. Bura moved in close, as did the others, but Selene protected herself with Ironflesh. Valmerion's lightning weakened Selene, letting Bura nearly gut the Oathbreaker. In a last ditch attack, Selene tried to summon forth her own lightning, but Bura hacked into her hand and interrupted the spell. Gwendaridh took the oportunity to climb onto Selene's back and stabbed her through the back. Selene reverted back to her original form before her body began to desolve into a grey goo. She taunted them, telling them that she could not be killed and that she would return. Nevertheless, the battle was won.

As they were recovering, Valmerion tried to have Rontadras give him the relic, but the Changeling refused. Instead he entrusted the Eldenbark Shield to Bura's care. She was honored by the gesture and promised to keep it safe. After Oronin healed their wounds, they headed back to the surface, finding the battle for the city to be nearly over. King Gondian and Queen Sylnia were in the palace courtyard, with the defeated King Qarhor at their feet. Gondian killed Qarhor, then met with the Chosen. He thanked them for their aid and forgave them for the trouble they caused at his forts. Sylnia thanked them as well and offered them some information. She told them that another relic of Y'ffre had been in the possession of her ancestor before it was given to the Kinlords of Haven, whom had it now, the Heart-Root Blade. Offering them some parting words, she wished them luck in their mission.

Demon and Destroyer


Gruff, Aggressive, Not much of a talker, Driven to succeed, Thoughtful.


  • Attributes: Strength and Speed
  • Major Skills: Master One-Handed, Expert Light Armor, Expert Block, Adept Survival, Adept Acrobatics, Adept Unarmored, Adept Athletics.
  • Minor Skills: Smithing, Hand-to-Hand, Sneak
  • Powers: Berserker Rage (Skyrim Racial), Puncture (ESO Skill), Power Bash (ESO Skill)
  • Equipment: Hide Armor, Orcish Sword, Orcish Shield