Buronak gro-Motok is a former tribune of the Imperial Legion and a member of the companions of Jorrvaskr in Whiterun


Buronak is muscular and stands at 1.9 meters in height making him an exceptionally large orc, he has long white hair, tied in a ponytail, is clean-shaven, and carries numerous battles scars.

Powers and Abilities

Like all orcs, Buronak has the ability to activate berserker rage, causing him to deal double damage and take half damage for a short time, he can also cheat death coming back from the brink and drain the health of his opponents in a pinch, he may also force any opponent to face him instead of his allies.

Buronak is a powerful combatant especially with his mace, he was able to defeat a better-equipped orc with relative ease and originally took on a Revered Dragon and the Dragon Priest Krosis at the same time until the other companions joined the battle.


Buronak carries his personalized Legion armour as well as a large mace known as Skull-Crusher, he also carried with him a number of Throwing Axes and an Orcish Dagger


Buronak is a veteran of the Imperial Legion, having served during the Great War against the Aldmeri Dominion. He served with Skjor, befriending the man during their time in the fires of war. After the signing of the White-Gold Concordat, Buronak returned home to Orsinium. However, city life was not for him and he yearned for battle once more. He wandered Hammerfell, High Rock and Skyrim serving as a mercenary. Eventually, he heard that his good friend Skjor was serving in the Companions and decided to head to Whiterun to reunite with his battle-brother. Despite having retired from the Legion, Buronak still wears his uniform proudly - though he has made some modifications to it over the years.


Buronak is both Disciplined and Honourable, he does not condone mindless chatter. He is a just soul yet is also wrathful.


  • Thrungvor, Malik, Buronak, Nathyn, Skjor, Farkas and Vilkas vs. Revered Dragon and Krosis


  • Attributes: Strength and Personality
  • Major Skills: Master One-Handed, Expert Throwing, Expert Heavy Armor, Adept Block, Adept Survival, Adept Smithing
  • Spells:
  • Powers: Berserker Rage (Racial), Unflinching Rage, Inner Rage
  • Equipment: Full set of Modified Legion Armor, Large One-Handed Mace called Skull-Crusher, Throwing Axes, Orcish Dagger


  • Buronak was the first ever orc to be created in the Age of Reclamation canon.
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