Bushnag gro-Bushnag
gro-Bushnag in 4E 218
Race Orsimer
Gender Male
Age 64
Status Alive
Titles Supreme Chief of Orsinium
Factions Molag Bal, Thalmor, Orsinium
Place of Birth Orsinium, Orsinium (b.d. 4E 154)
Family Karog gro-Bashnag (Father)
Darag gro-Bashnag (Mother)
Kurgul gro-Bashnag (Brother)

Supreme Chief Bushnag gro-Bushnag is an Orsimer warrior, and was a member of the Molag Bal-controlled Court of the Aldmeri Dominion. He appears in the Neddrean Canon.


As a young Orc, he learned smithing and warrior tactics, which he used as an adult during battles of the Great War on the Imperial side. He also fought invading armies of the various factions on Tamriel away successfully, gaining him great honor. However, he was not known for his intelligence, and only fought out of pure instinct. When Bushnag became the Supreme Chief due to his feats, he is known for doing absolutely nothing, and just being locked in his room playing with toys.

Dominion Wars

When the Thalmor invaded Orsinium during the Dominion Wars, he was confronted about joining Molag Bal, to which he replied, "Yup, 'kay." He was then shipped off to Alinor without further word. He was also the only member of the Court who was not a servant of Molag Bal, and was so stupid he prayed in front of a shrine of Molag Bal and thought it was Malacath's, making him virtually unnoticed throughout the ranks of the Cult. When Neddre invaded the central palace of the Court, Bushnag did no fighting, as he had been utterly confused as to what was going on for the past few years of his life. When they captured him, he was sent back to Orsinium, where he is still Supreme Chief, to the dismay of the Orcs.

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