Sir Caesar Autrus
Caesar Autrus
Caesar in 4E 223
Race Imperial
Gender Male
Age 63
Status Alive
Titles Sergeant (Formerly), Knight-Brother (Formerly), Knight-Commander
Factions Imperial Legion (Formerly), Penitus Oculatus (Formerly), Empire, Blades
Birthplace Chorrol, Cyrodiil
Family Bacola Autrus (Father - Deceased)
Volrina Autrus (Mother - Deceased)
Eponis Autrus (Wife)
Cania Autrus (Daughter)
Sir, the Legion is retreating....but they are burning the city, we have to stop them
— Caesar telling King Daric about what was happening in Evermore

Caesar Autrus is an Imperial Blade, a Knight-Commander in the order, and a former Penitus Oculatus member. In the Penitus Oculatus he was the second-in-command to Ortius Civello and when his C.O. ordered them to stand down in Daggerfall he followed the order and was later inducted into the Blades along with his comrades. In the Blades he was also the second-in-command to Ortius.

Early Life

Caesar was born to a relatively poor family in Chorrol, his father was a veteran from the 1st Great War that had been injured in the line of duty and thus was discharged. Since his father was a cripple it was his mother that had to work to earn the family money. So Caesar's mother got a job as a maid in the city's inn. It didn't pay much so they stayed in poverty. When Caesar was old enough he enlisted in the Imperial Legion. It didn't take long for his skills to be recognized and he was drafted into the Penitus Oculatus. Once there he rose the ranks until he became a sergeant. Due to his skills he was more used as an agent and a spy than a bodyguard. During his time in the Penitus Oculatus, Caesar served a lot under Ortius Civello. He learned to respect him and became fiercely loyal to him.


Character Form

  • Class: Spellsword
  • Skills: Master Block, Expert One-handed/Heavy Armor, Adept Destruction/Restoration/Speech.
  • Spells: Chain Lightining, Lightining Cloak, Lightning Rune and Lightining Bolt. Close Wounds, Greater Ward, Heal Other.
  • Powers: Voice of the Emperor
  • Equipment: Penitus Oculatus Armor, Imperial Sword and Shield (Initially). Blades Sword, Blades Shield and Full Blades Armor (After being inducted into the Blades).

Return of the Septim Dynasty I

Penitus Caesar

Caesar in his Penitus Oculatus Armor

When the Emperor decided to join the battle of Daggerfall and his Penitus Oculatus followed, Caesar went with them. He rode on the same ship as his commanding officer Ortius Civello. When the Imperial Navy arrived in the Breton city and the Emperor and his army disembarked the Penitus when with him. Caesar rode with his fellow comrades during the battle trying to protect the Emperor. The Imperials were fighting outside the city with the Nords while the Usurper was leading his forces through Daggerfall. The two armies were evenly matched. The Emperor ordered the ships to fire on the battlefield. Ortius refused to follow the order and instead ordered the Penitus agents to stand down, most did and Caesar was one of them. The Bretons then joined the battle and turned the tide, the Stormcrown Alliance was winning. The Emperor boarded his ship and ordered a retreat, the battle was over as the Alliance dealt with the remaining Imperial soldiers. Ortius and his men surrendered to the rebels. A Blade walked up to Ortius and talked to him. Ceasar heard his superior tell the Blade about their defection. Ortius then demanded to see King Daric, the Usurper, but the Blade didn't let him, however the King walked over to them anyway. The Blade seemed not to trust Ortius but let Daric decide what became of the Penitus Oculatus that defected from the Empire. The Lieutenant and his men then met with King Daric, however the King couldn't hold a conversation with them as Ortius kept arguing with the Blade. Daric asked him if they would join him or if he and his men had to be imprisoned. Ortius responded by saying that they would join if Daric really was a descendent of Tiber Septim. The Blade tried to convince Ortius but his word alone didn't prove anything. Daric told the Penitus Oculatus about how he and the scholar followed the trail left by Uriel IV and Katariah, during their own investigations, and how they discovered that Katariah was Tiber Septim and Barenziah's granddaughter. The king left no detail out of the story. After hearing that Ortius agreed to help Daric, at least so he could go to Shornhelm and see the documents proving the story himself, but said that he wouldn't be his emperor until Augustus was dead. Caesar wasn't sure about Daric's legitimacy but he would follow Ortius, he always has. Later the Penitus followed Daric's army back to Shornhelm, where Ortius confirmed the Usurper's legitimacy. After that the Blade informed their Lieutenant that King Daric ordered the Penitus deserters to be drafted into the Blades. At first Ortius wasn't pleased and argued, but eventually he agreed to it. Ortius, Caesar and the others followed the Blade, Caccian Vulpin, to Wind Talon Temple, and ancient Blades base located in High Rock. There the Penitus Oculatus agents were trained by Caccian and turned into proper Blades, to serve as Daric Lariat's personal guard. The Blades remained there until they were ordered by Daric to head to Skyrim and aid the Nords in breaking the siege of Whiterun.

The Blades, under the commander of Ortius, head with the Breton army into Skyrim. They stop by Markarth to resupply. There they receive the news that Grandmaster Caccian died, so Ortius takes the role as the new grandmaster. The army continues on its way and arrives in Whiterun in time to attack the Legion and end the siege before the city was taken by the Empire. After they rest up and resupply in Whiterun they headed back to High Rock. By the time they returned King Daric had already headed south to attack Wayrest so the Breton Army and the Blades headed there to meet up with him and the rest of his forces. Once they arrived Ortius met with Daric and was told the plan of attack. The Grandmaster then informed the rest of the Blades. Daric had allied himself with the Forebears, a group of Redguards from Hammerfell, and they would aid in taking the city. At the break of dawn the Bretons marched for the city to distract the Wayrest soldiers before the Forebears arrived. Caesar and the other Blades charged with Daric, led by Ortius, against the enemy force. They killed many of the defending soldiers. When the Forebears arrived with Imperial colors the Wayrest soldiers fought with renewed moral, turning the battle in their favor, but it didn't last long as the Forebears attacked them when they were close enough and aided Daric's men in winning the battle. The Blades went with the rest of the army to the last city that they needed to take before all of High Rock was in Daric's control, Evermore. There Caesar and a few other Blades were ordered to go on a special mission under the command of general Roderic Acques.

Roderic and the group of Blades headed to the sewer entrance of Evermore. While they made their way through the sewers they encountered some resistance from creatures that lived there, and some bandits. When they arrived at the exit into the city Roderic told the Blades to get ready and then they charged towards the gates when they entered the city. The Breton covered the Blades while they charged for the gates. A group of Legionnaires attacked the Blades and Roderic headed over to help them fight. After dispatching the imperials the general ordered Caesar to find the lever to open the gates. The Blade climbed up the stairs near the gates and looked for the lever. A guard was there next to the lever, he drew his axe and tried slicing Caesar. The blade dodged and stabbed the guard with his katana. Afterwards he pulled the lever and the gates swung open. Roderic praised Caesar's work. With the gates opened Daric's soldiers started to poor into the city. When the soldiers entered the city the fighting moved to there. Caesar and the Blades joined up with Ortius and Daric and fought alongside them. When King Daric was injured in the battle and Roderic took him back to camp most of the Blades, including Caesar, remained fighting. The Imperial spotted a Khajiit, that had been looking for Roderic, fighting a pyromancer and after he defeated his opponent he told the Khajiit that Roderic had taken Daric back to camp. When the Khajiit left to find the general Caesar continued to fight in Evermore until he saw that the Legion was retreating and that they were burning the city down. The Blade quickly made his way to the forward camp, more specifically to the healer's tent, to warn his superiors. Caesar burst into the healer's tent and told them what the Legion was doing. Daric ordered them to save Evermore before it was burned to the ground. Jo'Khar, the Khajiit, followed Caesar to the city and used ice spells to put out the fires.

The Blades and the other soldiers were also trying to put the fires out, they were also attacking any legionnaires they found trying to burn the city. Caesar was throwing a bucket of water on a burning house when he sees a group of men, important men. He knew because the man in the middle of the group was a fat, old, wealthily dressed, crown wearing. He immediately went running to find Ortius to report this, but he was nowhere to be found. Caesar ran up to Jo'Khar, he said that he found the king. The Blade explained that he was boing escorted out of the city by the Legion. Jo'Khar acknowledged the news and followed Caesar to go after the king. Caesar led the Khajiit to where he last saw the king and his escort, then found tracks showing where they went. The two of them spotted the group, a unit of elite legionnaires led by the general himself were taking the fat king out of Evermore. Caesar said that there were too many to fight head on, he suggested a stealthier approach. Jo'Khar mentioned that he knew a Master Illusion spell that he could use on the legionnaires if they were more clumped together, to maximize its effectiveness. Caesar agreed with that and thought of a plan to get them to close ranks around the king, faking an ambush. He told the khajiit that they needed to attack the group from the roofs but remain hidden so they wouldn't know how many attackers there were. They both agreed on the plan and climbed up to the roofs to get into position. Caesar took out his bow and arrow and fired on the Legionaries, he hit one in the arm and another in the leg. The Khajiit began to fire spells at the group as well. The Legionnaires huddled in a defensive position, trying to see where they attackers were. They raised their shields and wards in the hopes of defending from the attackers. Caesar knew he had to give a signal so he shot an arrow straight up towards the sky, he hoped Jo'Khar would see it as the signal. He cast the Mayhem spell on the soldiers, causing them to start fighting each other. The Blade observed as the group of legionnaires were thrown into chaos. The fat King was right in the middle of the fight, Caesar knew he wouldn't survive. He got out of the shadows and jumped to the streets below, heading towards the King. The Khajiit provided cover to the Imperial and the King, using paralysis on them. Caesar slashes at some legionnaires in his way as he gets closer to the King. He found the King, who was on the ground trying to defend himself from a legionnaire. Caesar stabbed the legionnaire and helped the King up. The two then made their way past the fighting, which was easier than going is as many legionnaires were now dead. They were almost home free but the General kicked Caesar, knocking him and the King down. The Khajiit cast paralysis on the King, Caesar assumed it was so the King didn't escape while he fought the general. The fighting had subsided and only 3 legionnaires remained, all free from the spell's effect. They stood by their general, ready to strike at Jo'Khar and the Blade. The khajiit cast paralyze on the general, the three soldiers charged at Caesar. His superior training from the Blades and the Penitus Oculatus made him a much better fighter than the legionnaires, but numbers outweighed superior training. He struggled to fight all three at once. The Khajiit cast Chain Lightning, however the spell ended up bouncing to Caesar and sent him flying back a few feet. The general's paralysis ran out and he charged at the Khajiit. Jo'Khar jumped on the Imperial general and wraps his hands around his neck. The general managed to stab him twice while the khajiit was holding on to him but Jo'Khar quickly finished him off by breaking his neck.

Caesar had gotten up and was capturing the king, who was struggling. Jo'Khar aided him and bound king Barnand's hands with rope. Once Barnand found out they were taking him to Daric he tried to bribe them, but they didn't listen. Tired of the fat king's pit ramblings Caesar knocked him out and then Jo'Khar helped take him to Daric back at the camp. The enemy soldiers had all either been captured, killed or escaped. The battle was over, and the city was saved from burning down. The khajiit curiously asked Caesar what he thought awaited High Rock, Evermore and them now that the battle was over. They talked while they made their way to Daric's tent. When they arrived at the tent Caesar turned the coward king over to Daric. He waited silently while Daric judged Barnand and sentenced him to the dungeons for this crimes against Evermore. With the city now under King Daric's control they headed back to Shornhelm where the King had his coronation into the High King of the province. Caesar and the other Blades were there by his side and there they remained, serving as his royal guard.

Return of the Septim Dynasty II

In the six months following Daric's coronation Caesar, as well as the other Blades, remained at Shornhelm to protect the High King. It wasn't until Daric decided to send the rest of his army into Hammerfell that Caesar was ordered to go with them and serve under Commander Etienne Geles. A soldier found Caesar and told him to head to meet with Commander Etienne. He went up to an officer and asked if he was Etienne. He replied that he was and asked what Caesar wanted. The Blade introduced himself as the Knight-Brother of the Blades and former Penitus Oculatus member, like all the new Blades were. Etienne told him that to only take orders from him. He then told Caesar about his plan to get one side of Dragonstar to aid them in attacking the other. The commander also shared his B-plan, having Caesar assassinate the monarch of West Dragonstar and have them accuse East Dragonstar for the murder, causing a Civil War. Caesar commended the plan, saying that it was brilliant. Etienne said that this was why he was a commander. He then said that if they were lucky and the scouts cleared the road for them that they'd be able to reach Dragonstar within three weeks, maybe two, as they had just recently exited Shornhelm. The Blade warned that they should be careful when crossing the Western Reach as hostile Reachmen inhabited the area, as well as Orcs that lived in the mountains in between Skyrim and Hammerfell. Etienne agreed, but mentioned that perhaps they could bring up the old Daggerfall Covenant if they got the Orcs to join them. Caesar told him that the Orcs were too fond of Emperor Augustus, as he was the one that reinstated New Orsinium as an Imperial Province to get their support during the Second Great War. He also reminded the commander that it was the Bretons and Redguards that destroyed Nova Orsinium in the beginning of the 4th Era, so he doubted that the Orcs would betray the Empire to join them. Etienne realized that Caesar was right and then asked him if he knew of any passages that they could use to avoid conflict. The Blade suggested that they go straight south from Evermore, as that was a pretty direct path to Dragonstar. However he mentioned that the path would most likely be patrolled by Crown soldiers. He also mentioned that they could go through the mountians and try their luck with the Reachmen and Orcs. The commander said that that they'd need to be effective if they went through Evermore, because if one Crown soldier sees them and makes it to Dragonstar then the city would have its defenses up before they got within miles of it. But they would have to take the risk, as it was the best of the solutions. Caesar agreed and said that all the Breton must do is lead and he would follow. Etienne called his lieutenant and told him to have the army change its course towards Evermore. He also ordered him to send some of their best troops forward, to deal with the Crown patrols that might be ahead of them in the border to Hammerfell.

Etienne and his men arrived in Evermore a week or so later. They headed for the southern passage into Hammerfell. Their plan had worked an their best soldiers took care of the patrols, not letting them warn the city of the incoming army. Before long, after another week, they could see Dragonstar in the distance. Caesar went up to Etienne and asked if he had decided with side of Dragonstar were they going to try to reach out to first. He replied saying that they'd reach out to the east side, the Oligarchy. Since they'd likely vote on it, instead of simply deciding like the monarchist west side would. He said that it'll buy them time and increase their chances of a possible alliance. The commander also mentioned that he hoped they could take the city with as little bloodshed as possible, as not only would they win favor with the locals, but their army would be at full strength. The Blade agreed that the eastern oligarchy would be more reasonable, but mentioned that he had heard stories of their corrupt nature. Etienne said that before the voting starts, he wanted Caesar to infiltrate the city and bribe some of the council members. As it was better to be safe than sorry. He nodded, saying that the noble families of eastern Dragonstar that run the council sure do love gold. A day and a half later the Breton Army reached the outskirts of Dragonstar. They dealt with the Crown patrols and set up camp a few miles from the city. Etienne was in his tent when Caesar walked in. The Blade suggested that only the two of them go into Eastern Dragonstar, as a large group would only attract attention. The commander agreed and said that they shouldn't spoil appearances by bringing visible weapons. He said that if something went wrong they could always just bring a dagger or two each. Etienne then put on his helmet and a cloak, with a dagger hidden underneath it. Caesar also put on a cloak on top of his armor. He left his sword and shield and went to grab a dagger from the quartermaster. When he returned he said for them to go. He told the commander that the Council was said to meet in the big building in the center of town. He suggested that they remain undercover so the guards didn't catch them before they made it to the council building. They exited the command tent and viewed the city. It looked relatively peaceful. The commander said that they could wait until they started getting at each other's throats before they went in. As that'd distract the guards. Caesar said that that would be at night, as he heard that the city was at constant unrest because of revolutionary groups present in both sides of the city. But he said he didn't think the council was present at the Council Building at night. The Commander mentioned that they didn't have to go to the building at night. As he suspected that there'd be a few good places we could stay unnoticed until the next day. The Blade nodded and said that he would follow his lead, saying that they can leave when he deemed it time. The Breton said that they may as well set off now. Since by the time they get to the part of the city they're going to it would be dusk. And he hoped that'll be good enough. Caesar and Etienne left for Dragonstar.

The commander asked the Imperial what he planned on doing after the war's over. Before Caesar could reply the commander mentioned that honest if he didn't know that Caesar was a Blade he would've thought him to be a trader. The Imperial was a bit surprised, asking if he really looked like a trader. He then replied to the commander's question, saying that he was not much more than a soldier. He told the Breton that he was in the Penitus Oculatus before defecting and before that he was in the Legion. He said that after Daric takes the throne from Augustus he would likely still be a Blade. Etienne confirmed that he did have the look of a trader. He then told the Imperial that before joining Daric he was a mercenary, with a simple life...that he didn't miss. Caesar laughed and said that now he knew that if being a Blade didn't work out for him he could always become a trader. The Breton laughed as well saying that there are traders that are richer than kings and that if he knew what to do he could buy a palace. The Blade said that he'd keep that in mind. He looked ahead to the city gates saying that they arrived. Etienne said to let him handle the guards. He walked up to the guards and said that they were weary travelers and came to seek refuge in the city. The guards asked where do they hailed from. The commander said that they hailed from the Reach and they were travelling toward Stros M'Kai. The guard continued to question the two men, asking what side of the Reach they were from. Skyrim's, Hammerfell's, New Orsinium's or High Rock's. He was suspicious and so he gripped his scimitar. Caesar replied before Etienne could, saying New Orsinium. The guard seemed more suspicious, as they didn't look like Orcs. The Blade said that other races lived in Orsinium, just like the other provinces. The other guard asked what was the capital of New Orsinium. The Imperial replied that it was Trinimac's Fall. The first guard asked the second guard if that was correct. He replied that it was, and said to let them through. The duo walk through the gates. Etienne commended the Blade for his quick thinking, saying that it was a good trait, and it was something most of my subordinates lacked. Caesar thanked him, saying that when he was a part of the Penitus Oculatus he used to work as a spy. As they were walking through the city the commander said that they were being followed. He nodded towards a shadow on the ground and told the Blade to take a quick left, head straight down the road until the third junction then turn right to the first building on his left. It was an inn. Etienne told him to rent a room and said that he'd meet him there tomorrow. The Imperial acknowledged the order and left to follow the instructions. He made it to the inn and rented a room. Caesar went up to the room, took off the cloak and started to take off his armor. He finished taking off most of his armor, sat on his bed, dagger in hand, and took a nap.

The next day Caesar woke up and headed out of the inn. He went to where he and Etienne split up. Caesar waited with his back to a wall just watching for the familiar cloaked figure to appear. He saw the commander appear out of a corner and headed to him. He greeted him and asked if they should go to the Council Building now. Etienne said yes. He then said that if they denied them to just run. Not even to look around for him as the word around town was that the council may corrupt, but they were swift in eliminating those they hated. The two made their way to the Council Building. The building was of course guarded so Caesar turned to Etienne and said that he'd handle it as he was an Imperial. He went to the guards. When he reached them he greeted them and told them his name, but said that he was an Ambassador for the Empire. He said that he and Etienne were, and pointed at the commander. He told the guards that they needed to see the council. One of the guards asked if Caesar had an Imperial seal. The Blade showed them his old Penitus Oculatus badge, which he still had kept. The other guard recognized it as a Penitus badge, but mispronounced the order's name. The Imperial corrected him, which made the guard question why Imperials had such hard to pronounce names. Caesar said that he wasn't the one that named it, he just joined it. The guard said for him to go ahead, that the Council was in the main chamber. He told the Blade it was in the back of the building in the second floor. Caesar went back to Etienne and the duo walked into the building. Etienne asked the Imperial if he still had his Penitus Oculatus badge. He replied that there was no reason to throw it out, and even mentioned that he still had his old Penitus armor back in Wind Talon Temple in High Rock. They start climbing the steps to the second floor. The Breton said that it'll come in handy some day, like the badge did that day. He then said that the past leaves scars, but it also leaves gifts. The Blade said that they were wise words. They made it to the council chamber, Caesar told Etienne for him to go first. He opened the doors and walked in, greeting the council then asking if they had interrupted anything. The room was large and open, it had arches on the walls and windows that showed the city bellow. In the center was a crescent moon shaped table and three Redguards sat at it. The eldest one, the one in the middle, looked up at the arrivals. He said that they had interrupted their argument, but that that wasn't bad thing. He said that the other two just loved to argue, saying that he swore they had a thing for each other. The woman, who was on the right, said that that was an outrageous accusation as she wouldn't be caught dead with that pig. The man, who was on the left, laughed and said that he was surprised that now he was a pig, as previously he thought he was an ass. He joked asking if he shape shifted or something. The woman didn't appreciate his joke and told him to drop dead, as the city would surely benefit from it. The eldest man told them to please stop arguing, as they had guests. He then told Etienne and Caesar to sit for them to talk, as he said he was sick of the other two councilors and wanted to hear a fresh voice.

Etienne spoke, saying that they came on behalf of High King Daric Lariat. He said that they wished for East Dragonstar to join their cause, as not only would they gain prosperous trade routes and still have full control of the city once it is fully taken. The elder looked at the other two councilors. The woman said that High King Ennah would have their heads if they betrayed him. The man said that if they sided with them then they could claim western Dragonstar. He said that that benefit alone was worth the risk. The elder stroked his beard and said that the Forebears were losing the war and thus siding with them would be stupid. Caesar said that they were losing because they didn't have a large enough army, but now they do. He said that High King Daric had sent the full Breton Army to assist his allies, the Forebears, in their war. The man mentioned that the Breton army did win in High Rock. The woman retorted, saying that they weren't familiar with the terrain and climate of Hammerfell. He said that they should side with the Bretons and the Forebears. She said that they shouldn't. Everybody turned to the elder, he was still stroking his beard. He said that for trade and all of Western Dragonstar's territories, he thought it may be worth it. However he said that before they accepted the alliance that Etienne and Caesar would have to do something for them. The elder man told them that there was a rebel group in the city, they were called the Setting Suns and they terrorized Eastern Dragonstar at night. He said that they've dealt with groups like that one before but another just seemed to pop up after they ended one. He said that if the Bretons could deal with those rebels then the Council would accept. Caesar whispered to the commander saying that he thought they should agree to help. Etienne said that they would help, he then asked where they should start. The elder said that the Setting Suns were reported to have a base in the lower market, close to the bazaar. The problem was that every time they sent guards there the place was empty. He said that he thinks they have someone on the inside. The man told Frink, the elder, that surely he wouldn't bother their new allies with such a menial task. He said to let the city guard deal with the Suns. Frink said that that was the problem, the city guard couldn't handle them. The old man said someone in the guard must be helping the Suns. The woman agreed, telling Gor, the man, that Frink was right. She said the guards wouldn't be able to solve the problem and maybe Daric's men could. She said that if they did this then they would have her support. The elder said that it was settled, he told Etienne and Caesar go to the lower market and end the Setting Suns. The commander said that it would be done. The duo then walked out of the room. He then told the Imperial for them to deal with these Setting Suns. The Blade asked if he knew the way to the bazaar. The Breton replied that he'd seen a market the other day, he then explained the events of the last night. Caesar understood, then asked if he thought whomever was following them would follow them again. Etienne replied saying that if they could find them, then yes, and he didn't think they're trying to offer them discounted sweetrolls. The Imperial agreed that that was doubtfully why they were being followed.

They turned around the corner and saw a busy market with a bunch of people buying and selling things. Merchants were yelling discounts and how their merchandise was the best on that side of Hammerfell. Caesar pointed out that this was most likely the bazaar. The commander said to look for any sewer grates or trapdoors, he then started to looking around. The Blade began doing the same. Etienne called Caesar over, saying he found the trapdoor. When he saw it the Blade said that he would go first and jumped down the trapdoor. He began casting a very weak lightning spell just to create some light in the darkness. He also drew the dagger he had on his boot. The Breton asked the Blade if he could see anyone. Caesar replied that he couldn't see anyone, but that down there it looked like a passage to somewhere. He sniffed the air and then said that he thought that it may be part of the sewers. He then helped Etienne down the trapdoor and asked if they should follow it. The commander said for them to follow it, but for the Imperial to remain on his guard. Etienne then drew his concealed dagger. The two continue down the hallway. The only light source was the blue lightning in Caesar's hand. They made a turn and ended up in the sewers. The Blade remarked that he was right, the passage did connect to the sewer. They heard some splashes a few feet in front of them but it was too dark to see what made them. Caesar decided to follow it and they end up in a large underground complex. The Breton whispered to him, telling him to look for any type of doorway or opening, and to look down every grate he saw. The Blade began searching the complex, he heard some noises and saw movement in his surrounding. He pointed out that they were being surrounded. Etienne remarked that this was awkward and activated his Flame Cloak. The Imperial asked why it was awkward. He then looked around following the sounds and the movements trying to locate those surrounding them. Etienne said that he knew what he meant and then pressed himself against a wall, hoping that it was a wall. An arrow goes flying past Caesar, only missing by millimeters. He saw a shadow a distance away and casted lightning bolt at it. The blue light from the bolt momentarily illuminated the room showing half a dozen men around Caesar and the Commander. The Blade cursed the fact that they were outnumbered. The bolt missed. The man Caesar almost hit lit a torch and the room partly illuminated. A gruff looking Redguard said that the spell was close. He suggested to the duo that they don't move, as half a dozen arrows were pointed at them right now. He asked them why they were there and if they were working for the guards or the council. He also pointed out that they didn't look like locals as he examined them.

The Imperial turned to Etienne, as if to wait for him to say something. The commander said that they used to be sweetroll merchants, but now they're treasure hunters of a sort. The Redguard laughed, saying that it was rich that he tried to pass himself off as a sweetroll merchant. He then looked at the Breton and asked if he took him for a fool, saying that it was obvious that they were sent to find them. With the group of mostly Redguards there was an Argonian, who held a steady hand on his sword, ready to draw it. The Redguard looked over to the Argonian then back to the strangers. He assume that the duo's silence meant that he was right, and that they were sent to find them. He pointed out that as they could see it wasn't a good choice. The Setting Sun leader then turned to his men and ordered them to subdue them and take them to the hideout, and said to make sure to put a bag over their heads first so they didn't find out the location of their base. Five Suns started to walk towards Caesar and Etienne with their weapons drawn. Caesar charged a chain lightning spell and said that it looked like they'd have to fight them all. He looked at the dagger he held in his hand wishing that he had kept his katana. The Argonian was with the 5 Suns, he started slowly walking towards the Imperial and the Breton. Then suddenly, he stabbed two of the Setting Suns in front of him and shouted For Daric!. He ran over to where the duo were standing and briefly said that he would explain later. Caesar looked at the Argonian and asked which side he was on. He then cast the chain lightning hitting the two remaining Suns. The Argonian revealed that he was sent by one of Daric's generals to infiltrate the Setting Suns and gather intel in Hammerfell as a whole but that was a while back, before Daric had taken all of High Rock. He said that his name was Skaal-ti and that he was supposed to keep an eye out in Hammerfell so the Stormcrown Alliance would know if the Legion decided to march north from there. Caesar introduced the duo to the Argonian, mentioning their names and respective ranks. He told Skaal-ti that they were trying to end the Suns so the local government allied with them. He mentioned that the Suns apparently had an inside man on the guards or something like that, so that was why the Council sent them. He looked around to the four dead Suns and then asked the Argonian if he knew where their base was. Skaal-ti said that he had only been with the Setting Suns and as they were wary of strangers they didn't trust him with the location. But he thought their best hope was to follow any leads they find. The Blade said for them to search around, as they obviously had some sort of base around there somewhere. They split up and started searching. A while later the Argonian called them over. He told them that there was a lever there. When he pulled the lever a small ladder came down from the ceiling. He said he would go check it out. Skaal-ti walked up the ladder and left the duo down there. He then told them that he thought it was up there.

Caesar and Etienne followed Skaal-ti up the ladder. They made it to the base. There was a big cistern and in the center stood the gruff Redguard. He spoke, saying that Skaal-ti really disappointed him because of the betrayal. But he said that it was too bad for them as he knew the Argonian was not one of them from the beginning. Five archers stood behind him and pointed their arrows at the three intruders. The Setting Sun leader said that no one crosses the Suns and lives. Etienne muttered to Caesar that his Chain Lightning would be useful right about now. The Imperial charged the Chain lightning, he said that he wouldn't be able to hit them all, just two. He told the commander and Skaal-ti to get ready. Caesar cast the Chain Lightning spell and it hit two of the archers. The three remaining archers fired onto the three intruders, one of the arrows hit Caesar on his left shoulder. Etienne charged ahead and attacked one of the archers, only after stabbing him did the Breton notice the arrow in his thigh. Caesar cast another Chain Lightning spell at the remaining archers. With his magicka now empty he couldn't heal his shoulder, but he did pull out the arrow. Speaking to the Redguard leader of the Suns he said it's over and to surrender now. The leader replied that they would never surrender, they would be victorious. He said that the west would conquer the east. He then drew his scimitar and yelled. A dozen other Suns appeared from the sides of the cistern and charged at the intruders. Caesar looked around for a better weapon than the dagger he was using, he picked up a scimitar from one of the archers and charged at the Suns. Etienne plunged his dagger into a Setting Sun and took his weapon, decapitating another soon after. He asked the leader if he was sure he didn't want to surrender. The Leader slashed at the Breton, asking if that answered his question. Caesar sliced a Sun. Then three suns ganged up on him so Caesar was forced to stay on the defensive while his magicka recharged. Skaal-ti backed away from the fight and casted his 'The Shadow Stone' power and became invisible. Etienne blocked most of the attack but receives a cut down his forearm. He thought it could've been worse. The leader continued slashing at the commander, he activated his Adrenaline Rush ability and was able to use many power attacks at the Breton. Caesar held his own against the three Suns that surrounded him. His magicka had partly refilled so he cast lightning bolt at one of the suns. Etienne held up his sword to block the attacks from the Redguard. After withstanding many hits, the sword shatters in two. He then charged a Firebolt spell. The Leader kept on fighting the commander.

Caesar switched to the offensive now that he killed one of the three Suns attacking him. He slashed at one of the two and stabbed the other. There were six Suns remaining, two went to help out their boss while the other four charged at the Blade. Caesar blocked the attacks with his sword but he was getting ganged up on an some blows hit him, slicing at his armor. The robe he had been wearing over his armor was now completely ripped and fell off him. The leader was pulled back, and as Skaal-ti appeared behind him the Argonian's blade slid across his throat. Right after he slashed the other two suns helping their boss from behind. He then quickly switched his view to the Suns attacking Caesar. Skaal-ti switched to his bow and shot one arrow after another, killing two of the four, and the third arrow was blocked by a shield. The Sun came charging at him. Caesar stabbed the sun that was still fighting him and then sliced him in the chest. Afterwards he went after the Sun that was charging at Skaal-ti. The Argonian rolled over and let Caesar kill the charging sun. He thanked the Blade afterwards and asked if they should get going. Caesar knelled down next to the dead sun. He pointed out that they had high quality equipment for rebels, so someone had to be financing them. He then got up and said that they should get out of there, saying that they needed to see the Council to tell them they dealt with the Setting Suns. Caesar, Etienne and Skaal-ti made it to the Council Chamber.

When they entered the eldest councilor greeted them and asked if they were successful in completing the task. Etienne said that they did and told the councilors that now they had more reason to attack the monarchy on the west side of Dragonstar. He told them that the Setting Suns were the best financed rebel group he'd ever seen. But not only that, he told them how their leader said "the west will conquer the east". The commander came to the conclusion that the Council's rival had been plotting against them for months, if not years. The elder said that he feared as much. He said that the Suns were too well organized to be just an ordinary rebel group, he figured the King of the West was financing them. The old Redguard then said that now that they were taken care of the Council and East Dragonstar would side with him. He told the commander to expect their guards to aid them in taking the city in their name. Caesar then asked Etienne when should they strike.

Return of the Septim Dynasty III

Skaal-ti Tailshadow suggested that he observe them while hidden. He said it might give them a strategic advantage to have eyes on the enemy. Caesar agreed with the plan, telling the Commander that the Argonian could infiltrate West Dragonstar and help them from the inside.Etienne told him to go, but not to get killed. He then turned to the Blade and asked how he thought their Redguard friends were doing. The Imperial said he wasn't sure, since last time they heard from them they had lost Taneth and King Cluson had taken over command from his missing cousin. He asked if they should head back to the army camp outside the city. Etienne agreed and the two of them departed from the city. The two made it back to camp. Caesar immediately went to get his katana and his shield. He told the commander that he missed his weapons, the dagger he was using when they were in the sewers was not as reliable as his Blades Katana and Shield, which were high quality equipment. Etienne said he preferred his greatsword. He picked up his Ebony Greatsword with a golden engraved hilt. Caesar looked at the blade, noting that it was an impressive weapon. He asked his commander if he could retire to his tent, but to send for him if they were going to attack. He left and went to his tent when he was dismissed.

A few hours later one of Etienne's lieutenants came into Caesar's tent. The Blade asked him what was it. He told the Imperial that the Commander was starting the assault, he was told to get him. Caesar got his weapons, telling the lieutenant that he would be there shortly. He put on his armor and went to meet up with Commander Etienne. He met with the Commander on a hill overlooking the city. Etienne ordered Caesar to lead the first attack. To bring up ladders to scale the walls. If Skaal-ti didn't open the gate, he'd have to do it. The Commander said he would lead the second attack and told Caesar that no matter what he should not damage the walls. That would leave them open. Caesar nodded, said they would attack on Etienne's command. He told the Breton to give them the signal when it was time. He would organize the men in the meantime. The Blade left the Commander and headed to where the soldiers he was assigned to where camped. As dusk fell, the Lieutenant from before met with Caesar and told him the commander wished the attack to begin immediately. Caesar went to his men. They readied themselves and the warriors gathered the ladders. The Blade ordered the warriors to raise their shields. All the warriors held their shields above their heads. He ordered the archers and mages to ready for supporting fire. The mages and archers readied themselves. He ordered them forward, to the wall. He lead them there. They were mostly hidden, in the dark, until they were about a mile from the wall. However it seemed they were spotted because the city's alarms were sounded. Redguard archers soon fired down on them from the battlements. Caesar held up his shield to block the arrows and ordered the archers and mages to fire at will, to aim for the enemy archers.

Caesar yelled to his subordinate to double time their current speed, for they were almost at the wall. A few of his men had died due to the arrows being fired at them, others were injured. The mages and archers had a hard time shooting and running and as such most of the enemy archers were still alive. More of Caesar's men died due to the arrows. He yelled encouraging words to his men to keep them motivated. A soldier that was holding a ladder died and Caesar took his place, grabbing structure and carrying it to the wall. He yelled for the archers and mages to fire immediately. The first two ladders made it to the wall. The Breton soldiers started putting them up. Redguard archers fired down at the soldiers with the ladder, a few of them grabbed a ladder and pushed it down. One of the ladders fell and killed the two soldiers that were climbing it. Caesar made it to the wall and started to put his ladder up. He ordered the archers and mages to give them some supporting fire while the warriors climbed up the ladders. He held the ladder while a soldier started climbing it. Caesar climbed the ladder up the wall. The first few of his men had made it up and most of the ladders had reached the side of the wall. Another of the ladders fell though. He fought the archers and advanced. He looked down at the city, the guards had organized and were marching towards the gate. He knew his men couldn't take all those guards alone, he needed Commander Etienne's reinforcements. The Blade ordered the warriors to push the archers back. It was then that he heard a loud noise and asked what it was. One of the soldiers yelled in reply, the gates were opening. Caesar ordered the remainder of his men whom were still outside, to head in through the open gates. He was surprised that Skaal-ti actually pulled off his mission.

The Argonian and an Orc made their way over to Caesar. He first heard Skaal-ti call to him. They ran over to him and reported the success of their mission. The Argonian introduced his Orc friend, Gorum gro-Balg. Gorum greeted the Imperial. Caesar pointed to the remaining archers still on the wall and ordered Skaal-ti to aid him to help him clear them out. He drew his katana and charged at the archers. Below them on the streets, Etienne's reinforcements had arrived and were aiding Caesar's men against the city guards. Caesar slashed and sliced at the enemy Archers. Both Gorum and Skaal-ti used their bows to shoot at them. The Imperial lead his men after the last of the archers on the wall. Afterwards he spotted Etienne and his army fighting in the city. He expressed his relief, since his own men were starting to lose the battle before they got reinforcements. The soldiers on the battlements finished off the last of the archers. Caesar looked down at the city bellow, where the Commander and his men were engaging the enemy guards. Then he looked at the wall and told his subordinates that he had an idea, and for them to follow him. He lead his men through the wall to the opposite side of the city. They killed any guards they found along the way. Caesar and his men got down from the walls, they were now behind the enemy soldiers. The Blade told them they were going to flank them and said for no one to say a word. They approached the guards, who were too busy fighting Etienne's men to notice them. When they were close enough Caesar ordered them to attack and charged at the guards. The Argonian and the Orc remained as archers, firing accurate shots at the enemy. The guards were surrounded, Caesar's men attacking from the back and Etienne's men from the front. The Blade unleashed a fury of slashes, slices, dices, stabs, cuts, chops and bashes at the guards. They cut through the guards. The Dragonstar defenders were at a major disadvantage and were being slaughtered by the Bretons. Etienne decapticated one of the guards. His sword was covered in blood. He told Caesar that they needed to find the monarch. After stabbing a guard then kicked him off his sword, the Blade pointed to the large palace in the middle of the city and told him he must be in the palace. The Commander and two of his soldiers broke off from the battle and started heading towards the palace. Caesar followed him, motioning for Skaal-ti and Gorum to come as well. They went with him.

The group headed to the Palace. There the Elite guard still protected the King. The Blade asked Etienne what he planned to do to the king. The commander said it depended on what he planned to do to them. The group climbed the stairs up to the entrance of the Palace. The Elite Guards pointed their lances at the intruders. Seeing that they were part of the invading forces they blocked the doors. The captain of the king's guards ordered his men to protect the king. Etienne attempted to persuade the guards to stand down, telling them that their lives were worth more than their duty. He said their king would rather kill his opponents from the shadows than face them honorably. The guard captain asked for the Breton to elaborate on his comment. Caesar kept his katana ready. Etienne told the guards that their king was funding the group of rebels in East Dragonstar to usurp the council, rather than attack them head on. He said the king did not care how the public thought of him, he only wanted power. He asked if he would you serve a false king who worked from the shadows. The commander told them he wouldn't. The Captain and his men lowered their weapons, for Redguards valued honor just as much as the Nords and the Orcs. He asked for evidence of their king's involvement, or if they were just supposed to believe him. The commander told them that sadly they didn't, but they could just watch their king confess when they confronted him. The captain raised his spear again, saying he could not let them do that. By his honor and his oaths to the king, he was sworn to protect his life no matter what. As where his men. The other guards raised their weapons. Caesar said that they had no other choice, they had to fight. He lifted his Shield and crouched, pointing his sword forward and covering his body with his shield. Etienne drew his greatsword. He tried to expose the weak point of the spears. The Elite Guards kept their spears and Halberds pointed at the Bretons. Caesar approached slowly with his shield covering his body. The commander approached slowly. As he got closer, he swung upwards with his sword, attempting to break the spear. He managed to break that guard's spear. The guard moved back and drew his scimitar. Caesar lunged at a guard. He used his shield to push his spear up and then broke it with his katana. Before the guard could back away the Blade kicked him down and then stabbed him in the chest.

Etienne ordered his other troops to replicate his attack. Breaking the spears would give them a huge advantage. Skaal-ti and the Orc switched to their melee weapons, following the commander's example. In close quarters combat Caesar was excellent, he bashed the Redguards and slashed at them. After a while the elite guards were defeated. Etienne and his men went inside the Palace. There was a long hallway with a large set of doors at the end. Caesar deduced that is must be the throne room. The commander ordered the Blade and Skaal-ti to watch their backs. He slowly made his way towards the large set of doors and opened them. Caesar followed the order and turned around. He watched their six as they approached the doors. Etienne held his greatsword in one hand and pushed the door open with the other. The King was sitting on his throne. His guards move in front of him to protect him from the Bretons. The Blade turned forwards, facing the King and his guards. He asked if they were going to kill him. Etienne asked his opinion, but Caesar said that it didn't matter because he was not in charge. The Breton thought it best to take him alive, since the council would want him. Caesar nodded and approached the guards, holding up his shield. Etienne with Caesar on one side and Skaal-ti on the other approached the king. He ordered the monarch to surrender and they would bring him no harm. He gave his word. The King said he would not surrender his city, or his throne. He stood up and drew his scimitar. He said that if they wanted it, they needed to come and take it. Caesar bashed one of the guard's spears and broke it then he cast lightning bolt at the guard. Etienne slashed at one of the guards. Skaal-ti shot at another. The King lunged at the Breton Commander. He swung his scimitar at him. The Blade sliced at a guard and stabbed another, while the Argonian killed the first of them with an arrow to the chest. Etienne blocked the attack with his greatsword and took a defensive stance. The King activated his Adrenaline Rush ability and began to power attack the Commander. Caesar slashed another guard in the chest, saving Skaal-ti from his blow. Etienne raises his sword to block the attacks. He received a few cuts, nothing serious except for one across the chest.

The Imperial left the guards for the other soldiers. He went over to help his commander. He bashed at the King, staggering him while Etienne slashed at the king's legs. The King fell over due to the wound. Caesar went over to his commader and asked him if he was alright. The Breton replied that no, since it was a pretty deep cut. He complimented the king's sword, then warned the Blade of an attack from behind him. His voice was shaky as he spoke. Gorum and Skaal-ti continued to fight alongside the soldiers against the remaining guards. Caesar turned around just in time to raise his shield, protecting himself and Etienne. The commander unsheathed his dagger and threw it at a guard. The Imperial got up, thanking the commander for the warning. The Bretons had killed the last of the Redguard guards. He looked at the king who was on the floor in pain, then asked if they should drag the overthrown king to East Dragonstar. The commander nodded and said he would survey what happened outside the palace. Caesar motioned for his men to grab the King. He then followed Etienne outside, the Breton soldiers dragged the King. He saw that the Breton Army had defeated the West guards. He told Etienne that they should head over to the Eastern Council to inform them of their success. The Redguard King called the Council fools for siding with Daric Lariat, saying that the High King and the Emperor would have their heads. Etienne shrugged off the king's comment. The Bretons took the King to the east side of Dragonstar. As they were leaving Eastern guards were already arriving in the West to garrison the city now that it had been taken over. The group soon arrived at the council chamber. The commander told the councilors that they had brought their rival to them. The Breton soldiers threw the King in front of the Council's table. The Eldest councilor opened a vote on what to do with the king after he acknowledged the Redguard monarch. The male councilor voted on killing the king, right then and there. The female councilor voted to imprison the King for his crimes against Dragonstar, like funding the Setting Suns. The two turned to the elder. He agreed with the woman, saying that killing him would be premature. He said that the King could still be useful to them when they formally took control of West Dragonstar.

Etienne told the council that for their cooperation they would enjoy prosperous trade with High Rock. He asked for their troops to be allowed to rest there before they continued. The eldest councilor said that their doors were always opened to friends. He ordered the guards to take the King to his new room. Caesar bowed to the Councilors and then walked out of the room with the other Bretons. He went to the Gorum's tavern in West Dragonstar and had a few drinks. A Redguard handed him a letter from the council, it had been sent by King Bodean. The rest of the soldiers were also relaxing there for the night after the battle. While the Blade was drinking one of the soldiers told him that the Commander had called him to his tent. When he arrived, he asked the commander why he was called. Etienne informed him that he was now promoted to General, by Daric. He handed Caesar the letter he had received from the High King. He then told the Blade that they were going to Skaven and that he was called to the tent in order to discuss the comming siege. The Imperial congratulated him and then handed him the letter from King Bodean. He told the general that the Redguard king was also marching on Skaven. If they took the city then Sentinel would be cut off from the Empire and would be easy pickings for them. Etienne said that it was good news. A join attack would be far better than a lone assault. Caesar asked if they would be leaving soon. The general said that once the soldiers were ready they'd be heading out. The Imperial nodded and asked the general if he would like to have a drink with him and the men at Gorum's tavern over in West Dragonstar. He agreed. Caesar entered the tavern and sat at a table. He ordered a round of drinks for the soldiers, saying it was on the general. They all started to laugh and cheer. Etienne told them to drink up, they deserved it. Caesar drank like the others and celebrated the victory.

The tavern cleared out as the drunken soldiers tried to make it back to camp. Caesar was in the Command Tent with Etienne. He had a hangover. They discussed strategy for the rest of the day. The Bretons, after getting over their hangovers, left Dragonstar behind. They started their journey to Skaven where they would meet with King Bodean and his men. They arrived in the outskirts of Skaven and made camp east of the city. Caesar waited with the army for the general to lead them alongside the Forebears. They had agreed to attack at dawn. The Blade went to their general and told him that the sun would dawn in an hour, he suggested that they get ready. Etienne agreed and ordered the army to get ready for the siege. Caesar relayed the order. As the sun came up the Forebears began their attack, the Breton general ordered his army to do so as well. The two armies attacked the city, the Forebears from the southwest and the Bretons from the east. They surrounded the city of Skaven. With their combined numbers the Skaven soldiers were outmatched 2 to 1. The Forebears brought a few catapults along and they were firing onto the city's walls. Etienne ordered the support troops to bring up ladders to climb the walls on. Caesar was with the ladders on the east side of the wall. He blocked some arrows with his shield then cast Chain Lightning at the enemy archers. Skaal-ti followed Caesar to the ladders on the east side of the wall. Skaal-ti and Gorum were holding the ladders helping the other soldiers get up. Caesar climbed the ladder that the Argonian was holding. The Forebear catapults had broken through the wall after many volleys of rocks thrown over almost an hour. Caesar made it to the top of the wall, the Argonian and the Orc followed him up. The Blade slashed at the enemy soldiers. One by one they fell before him. Caesar saw the General climbing the ladder so he stood by it and killed any enemy soldier that tried to come near it. Etienne reached the top of the ladder and drew his greatsword, slashing and stabbing any Crowns who were close enough. Caesar pointed at a tower nearby and said that it was through there that they would get down onto the streets. Then suddenly an arrow pierced his left shoulder. He yelled and dropped his shield.

Etienne ordered everyone to get down, telling Caesar to stay there. The Imperial broke the shaft of the arrow off, saying he could handle it. His arm hurt so bad that he didn't pick up his shield. Etienne seemingly believed Caesar. He started making his way to the tower, being careful not to be shot. Gorum handed a healing potion to Caesar. Skaal-ti kept his head down, while Gorum kept his shield up, preparing for possible incoming projectiles. Caesar drank the potion and thanked the Orc, the bleeding seemed to stop. He grabbed his katana with both hands and followed Etienne to the tower, with the others close behind. The Breton opened the door of the tower and entered. Caesar and the others followed him. He said to head down the stairs to reach the street. From behind the door to the tower appeared a Redguard soldier and he lunged at the General with his Scimitar. He said the Breton wouldn't make it out of there alive. The scimitar hit Etienne's back armor plate, knocking the general over but not doing much else. Caesar stood in between the General and the Redguard as the General got back up. He, however, had a handicap, his hurt shoulder and the fact he usually used a shield. He distracted the Redguard but was unable to injure him. Etienne, slowly and carefully, got up and slashed at the Redguard. He ordered everyone else to push ahead, he'd take care of the Redguard soldier. The Blade called over the group of soldiers that was atop the wall and went down the stairs with them, which included Skaal-ti and Gorum. While Gorum remained with the Breton soldiers, the Argonian went off on his own. Caesar and a group of Breton soldiers made it to the streets and went to assist King Bodean, whom was fighting in the streets with his Forebear soldiers. They cornered the city guard and started to pick them off.

Bodean and the Blade fought side by side against the city guards. He complimented the Imperial on his fighting skill. The Blade was using his katana with both hands and as such had more maneuverability. He stabbed a guard then blocked the strike of another. The King rallied his men and charged at the guards. They pushed them back and took the city square. Gorum followed Caesar and did as he ordered. The city guards had routed. Bodean marched to the castle with his men behind him. The Orc told Caesar that something was wrong, Skaal-ti should have met up with them by now. Caesar looked around and said he was right. He said to Gorum for them to go look of the missing Argonian, as he was sure that Bodean could handle the rest of the battle without them. Caesar and Gorum searched for a few minutes for Skaal-ti. Initially they found nothing but then the Blade spotted a trail. He said for them to follow it for it might lead them to their Argonian friend. The Orc told him to lead, he'd cover him. He unsheathed his sword and grabbed his shield. Caesar followed the trail. It lead to the back of the Castle, to the dungeons. He told the Orc innkeeper to stay on his guard, they could be walking into a trap. Gorum now had a harder grip on his sword, continuously checking behind them. Caesar crouched and then motioned for the Orc to do the same. He told him that they need to be silent so any enemies down there wouldn't hear them. The Blade and Gorum make it to the inner dungeon. They heard some sounds and went for a closer look. There were two guards beating up Skaal-ti in a cell. The innkeeper crouched and walked silently with Caesar. He said to watch out for traps. The Imperial continued walking through the dungeon towards the guards in the far side of the hallway. He looked down and noticed there were a few traps, he could see a few feet in front of him there was a bear trap and after that there was a tripwire. He told his companion to follow him, for he saw traps ahead.

Gorum told him to lead the way and then sheathed his weapon. Caesar did the same for extra balance to more easily avoiding the traps. Then he slowly walked past the bear trap. The stepped over the tripwire. The two guards were about 20 feet in front of them. The Orc followed and avoided the traps. He drew his bow and waited for Caesar's word. The Blade whispered for Gorum to fire his arrow to attract the attention of the guards, then he would shock them with Chain Lightning. The innkeeper fired the arrow, forcing the two guards to investigate. When the guards got close enough Caesar casted Chain Lightning at them and sent one of the guards flying backwards while leaving the other stunned. Gorum landed an arrow in the stunned guard's chest, hitting his heart and killing almost immediately. Caesar stood up and said for them to get Skaal-ti. Caesar went up to the cell that Skaal-ti was in, the Argonian was unconscious. He tried to wake him up, telling him that they came to his rescue. He tried to open the cell but it was locked. He figured that the key must be with one of the dead guards so he went to check one of them. He told Gorum to check the other. Skaal-ti woke up, he was pleasantly surprised at the appearance of his friends. As he got up, the third guard entered the room. One of the guards that had captured the Argonian walked in on the rescue. He said that he observed the two killing his colleagues and said they were nothing compared to him. Gorum went for it and fired a steady arrow aimed directly at the guard. The guard quickly blocked it with his shield, becoming slightly staggered. He said that trick shots weren't enough to pin him down. The guard charged at Caesar, with his shield first. Caesar stepped out of the way. The guard hit the bars of the cell head on. Caesar then slashed the guard with his katana. The guard bashed Caesar with his shield but was still a little dizzy from hitting the bars. Caesar staggered but got back on his feet before the guard could hit him. The two locked blades but Caesar used his katana to disarm the guard. The guard blocked with his shield but that didn't stop the lighting bolt spell Caesar cast. The guard dropped to one knee and Caesar stabbed him, killing him. Skaal-ti complimented the Blade's kill. He then asked if they should get going. Caesar told him they they needed to get back to the surface to see how the battle ended. The three of them left the dungeons. The battle for Skaven had ended, with Stormcrown Alliance victory. Caesar went to his tent.

The combined army of the Forebears and the Bretons had left Skaven after resting and restoring order to the city. They travelled east to the city of Sentinel to face the High King and end the Civil War once and for all. They arrived on the outskirts of the city and camped there, waiting for their leaders to formulate a plan. An army of Dunmer led by Joran Nerevar joined up with the Stormcrown Alliance forces outside of Sentinel. Caesar was sharpening is katana in his tent. He had been healed for his wounded shoulder a few days back and he was now back at his peak. Though he had noticed that under too much strain his shoulder would give out, which is a consequence of him fighting with a wounded shoulder for so long during the siege in Skaven. A courier entered Caesar's tent and gave him a letter from Etienne, it was another mission. He gathered his things and picked out some soldiers to join him, including Skaal-ti. They set out on their mission to infiltrate Sentinel. At nightfall the Blade and his men made their way to the sewer entrance near the coast, north of Sentinel. They used the shadows as cover as they sneaked their way to the sewer entrance. The Blade could see the guards atop the wall but there was no one guarding the sewer entrance, mostly because it was underwater. Caesar motioned for Skaal-ti to dive into the water. He soon came up and told Caesar that it was ready. The group followed Skaal-ti into the water and then into the sewers. They walked through the sewers. Caesar should have gotten used to the smell since had gone into the Evermore sewers during the High Rock campaign, but he hadn't. It took them an hour before they came out into the city. They were in the Low-Class District, a few locals saw them but it was obvious they wouldn't tell the guards, as they hated them more than anything. Caesar and his men walked through the streets of the slums. A group of Redguards formed in front of them. The Stormcrown soldiers drew their weapons. One of the Redguards took a step forward and asked it they were the soldiers from the invading armies. Caesar held out his katana and told them they were. He remained ready for a fight but the Redguards didn't seem to want to attack them. The people said they were the citizens of Sentinel. High King Ennah had been taxing them crazy amounts ever since the Civil War had started. While they live in the slums he sat in the lap of luxury in his castle. They said they would not stand for that, and told the soldiers to follow them.

They followed the angry citizens of Sentinel. The citizens lead them to near a building that looked like a factory. The Blade asked what the building was. One of the citizens said it was an lamp oil factory. Another said it would be the perfect distraction and an excellent signal to the armies and the citizens that now was the time for the attack. Caesar nodded. It was 4 in the morning so the place was pretty empty. Caesar and Skaal-ti followed the citizens into the factory. He mentioned that they should be clear of the building, as there was a lot of oil in the building. Skaal-ti asked the Blade whom would light the oil, as it would have to be done manually. Caesar understood what he meant, whomever lit the oil wouldn't survive as there was no way to make it out before the explosion. An elderly man in the group of citizens said for them not to worry, as they had decided whom would light the oil stockpile already. He said they just just brought them there to tell them their plan. He told them to go find a way to let the armies into the city and remember that when the factory exploded the whole city would fall into chaos. Caesar and his men walked through the alleyways and made their way to the front of the city. They weren't able to get close to the wall because of the shear number of guards and soldiers patrolling them. The Imperial guessed they'd have to wait until the factory blew up. The man said it would blow in an hour and so the soldiers remained there. It was about 5 in the morning and the streets on the city were still quiet. That was until there was a huge explosion in the western side of the city where the lamp oil factory was. Many of the Crown soldiers rushed to the area to investigate. All over the city the rebellious citizens ran to the streets and began attacking the Crown soldiers. Caesar, Skaal-ti and the others ran to the south wall and towards the gate tower. They made it to the wall only to find the Dunmer had already broke a hole in it. Skaal-ti could see that the Breton and Forebear forces were also advancing into the city, but the Crown defenses were causing them much trouble. Caesar and his strike team began running across the wall and destroying or disabling the defenses, but that took a while as they had to fight the Crown soldiers stationed there.

Caesar and his men had destroyed a good portion of the Crown defenses and the full might of the invading armies was able to attack the city. On the coast the Breton ships provided supporting fire, bombarding the Crown capital. It wasn't until King Bodean announced the death of High King Ennah that the Crown soldiers put down their weapons and surrendered. With Sentinel in Forebear control, and the High King dead, the Civil War in Hammerfell came to a close. Caesar was recalled to High Rock to serve High King Daric as one of his bodyguards.

Return of the Septim Dynasty IV

Caesar received a letter from Etienne Geles, he ordered the Blade to head to Morrowind and investigate House Redoran, giving him the pin found on assassin. The High King's guest, Jina Nerevar, was almost assassinated while staying in the castle. Daric wanted the general to head to Morrowind to investigate the assassination as House Redoran was likely involved or at least implicated, be it falsely or not. He took a ship to Blacklight to carry out the investigation. When he arrived in the city, he was welcomed in as a part of Daric's army. Caesar had the pin that Daric had given Etienne from one of the dead assassins. He slipped away from the Blacklight palace and made his way to the city to find someone that can check the authenticity of the pin without biased towards House Redoran. Caesar scoured the city for someone to help him, he made his way to the slums of the city. He thought that the best person to figure out if the pin was fake or not was a forger. Caesar wasn't successful in finding a forger as none of the scum in Lowtown were willing to talk to him. He decided to ditch his Blades armor and weapons to go undercover. Caesar put on Heavy Chitin Armor to disguise himself. He then returned to lowtown to mingle with the criminals to try and find a forger. After some time Caesar was able to get the location of a local forger. He made his way there.

Caesar was in the low part of lowtown, he began wondering if he should buy a cure disease potion in case he caught some disease from this cesspool. He found the place where the forger lives, he gave the password the criminals had given him. The door opened and he entered, but then a sword came right at his neck. The Dunmer who was wielding the sword asked him what he wanted. Caesar told him that he was there for the forger, he needed to know if the pin was authentic. He pulled out the pin from his pocket. The Dunmer put the sword down. He said that he could help with that and led the Imperial to a small workshop. Caesar sat down next to the forger as he examined the pin. He took out a large piece of glass that enhanced the pin. He looked closely and said that it was a fine specimen, only that the color was off. Redoran pins were always Auburn colored like their flags and other symbols. The pin was Fire-Brick colored. He pulled out two slivers of paper panted red and put them against the pin. Caesar said that they both looked red to him. The Dunmer looked up at him, he seemed mad. He yelled, saying that they were not both red. One was clearly Auburn and the other Fire-Brick, totally different colors. Caesar asked him what that meant. The forger told him that the pin was fake, a sloppy forgery since whoever did it got everything correct except for the color. Caesar muttered, saying that it was a set up.

Caesar went back to where he had ditched his armor. After putting his Blades armor back up he returned to high town. Caesar was in the Blacklight Castle. He wondered who would want to set up the Redoran in the assassination of Jina. Caesar decided to take a walk to clear his mind so he could figure it out. Caesar was walking by the Plaza trying to figure out the mystery. Caesar decided to sit on a bench and try to organize his thoughts. He looked at the city gate where a man and a Dunmer woman had just entered the city. He noticed the mark on the man, it looked surprisingly familiar. It was the Nelthar mark, he had seen it plenty when he was fighting in Hammerfell. He saw the man gesture over to him and then the two began approaching the Blade. He wondered what the Nelthar and the Dunmer could want. Caesar stood up to greet the Nelthar member and the Dunmer. The old man asked him if he was one of Daric's Blades, to which he said he was. The Imperial recognized Nelthro's Nelthar mark, as he had fought alongside some Nelthars during the Hammerfell Civil War. Nelthro introduced himself to the man. He was happy to see the Blades were finally getting back on their feet. The Imperial explained a little of the recent history of the Blades and mentioned that before he was a Blade he had been an agent of the Penitus Oculatus, but had defected to Daric's side after Emperor Augustus started getting way out of line. The Dunmer agreed with him and the Imperial shared a story that his superior Ortius Civello had told him, about a time Augustus had stabbed a messenger in the foot because he didn't like the message. The Blade stated that the Emperor was clearly insane. Once again the Dunmer agreed with him, saying that her older brother Vivir had been killed in the Imperial City during a protest against the Emperor. Nelthro said that he would lose his throne soon enough, but first they had an assassination to investigate. The Blade asked what the Nelthar meant. He tried to seem ignorant to the fact even though he was pretty sure he knew what assassin they were talking about. He wasn't be sure if he could trust the Nelthar and the Dunmer or not. Nelthro explained that some time ago back in Shornhelm there had been an attempt on Jina's life, possibly by House Redoran.

Caesar knew that the Nelthars were allies of Daric and this was the Nelthar leader so he saw no harm in mentioning why he was in Morrowind. The Imperial revealed that he was sent to Morrowind to investigate the assassination. Nelthro asked what he had uncovered so far. The Blade told them that he went to a forger in lowtown Blacklight and discovered that the pin found with the letter back in Shornhelm was indeed a fake. The woman asked about him, prompting Nelthro to ask if she thought he was lying. The Blade said he doubted that the forger had been lying, as he showed him the differences between a real and a fake. The one found in Shornhelm was the wrong shade of red. He then said that the identity of the forger was Adaves the Copier, but he wasn't sure that that was his real name. Still, the Dunmer was not convinced. She thought the Blade stupid for trusting a random criminal and rhetorically asked if he even still had his coin purse. There could have been any number of things off about him. He could be an agent for the Empire, or Hlaalu, or Redoran, or Dres! She then angrily yelled at him for trusting random people in lowtown, saying that the Dunmer were known to masters of deception. The Imperial said that he didn't find a random forger. He spent a while in disguise to find the best in the city. He also complained about her tone, saying that she was forgetting that he was a spy. He was one for the Empire and now was one for Daric. He checked, the pin was fake and the color was off. He even said that she could test if by putting it up against any House Redoran banner. Nelthro suggested that it might be set up to look fake. The Blade didn't agree. He said that if they used that line of though then they'd come up with an endless amount of set ups. All they had to go on was the fact the pin was fake, if that was intentional or not didn't matter now. He just needed to find the next clue, the evidence to continue the investigation.

The Dunmer sighed, having to agree with him. She turned and whispered in Nelthro's ear. The Blade sat back down on the bench. He didn't see how to continue. House Redoran was at war with the other houses and the Empire, any one of them could be trying to set them up. Maybe even someone from House Redoran themselves, but he wasn't sure what that would accomplished. The Dunmer revealed that she was in fact Jina, which didn't surprise the Imperial. Jina said that she would be dead, people would think it was a set up from the Empire and her father would divert his attention entirely to Hlaalu and the Empire. The Blade also pointed out that it might just make House Indoril go after House Redoran, only for the Empire to attack them both after they wasted resources on each other. Nelthro sat down and said they couldn't give up. Though he soon fell asleep on the bench. Jina asked the Blade to help her take the sleeping old man to her cousin's house. She grabbed his arms while the Imperial grabbed his legs and they dragged him towards her aunt's manor. As they were walking she asked the Blade for his name. He introduced himself as Caesar Autrus. She said that her cousin would be home soon, and she hated the Empire. So he should try to hide his appearance, since he was an Imperial and because of the armor he was wearing. He tried to argue that the Blades hadn't been a part of the Empire since the Great War, which was 40 years ago, but then he realized that 40 years wasn't that long to an elf. Caesar then gave in and agreed to take off his armor. Sometime after they entered the manor, they could hear noise from outside. Caesar had slipped out of the manor before Jina's cousin had arrived. He was still wondering what to do about the investigation. He had no way of proving who made the fake pin. It could have been the Empire and House Hlaalu or it could have been House Redoran, or even someone else. The mystery seemed impossible to solve.

The investigation proved fruitless. He was about to report to Daric and ask for permission to return to High Rock when he received a letter that the High King was coming to Blacklight. Daric arrived Blacklight sometime later. There he met with Caesar who began acting as his personal bodyguard once again. Caesar told him all he had uncovered during his investigation into the attempted assassination of Jina, which he had mostly done alone since Etienne was sent back to High Rock to prepare the troops there for their invasion of Cyrodiil. Daric entered the palace in Blacklight and met with Dandras Redoran, the Archmaster of the house. Their meeting was short as Daric didn't want to talk with him alone. He asked that Dandras get them an escort to Mournhold so they could negotiate with House Indoril. The Dunmer as outraged, saying he would not negotiate with Indoril dogs. Daric persisted and told him he insisted or else he would end his alliance with House Redoran. Dandras reluctantly accepted. Daric, Caesar, Dandras, Dandras' Commander of the Guard and a small escort rode to Mournhold. They sported Stormcrown Alliance flags so House Indoril wouldn't attack them on sight. Daric rode in the front with Dandras, Caesar and the Redoran Commander. Dandras said that he didn't like this, he didn't trust the Indoril dogs. Daric said that he could and he would. Morrowind needed to be united in order to defeat the Empire. The Battle near Narsis only proved his point. They didn't talk much the rest of the way. They arrived a couple days later because of the slow pace they were going. The Mournhold gates were soon opened and a party rode out to meet them. Joran was at the head of it, and Daric recognized Jina with him. Joran Nerevar greeted Daric, and a Redoran Commander by the name of Balyn Omoran. He paused when he saw that the Redoran Archmaster was with them. Though he greeted him as well, before inviting everyone to his palace.

Daric accepted the invite, and said that it was a pleasure to meet the Dunmer in person for the first time. He said that Jina had told him a lot about her father, like his rank within House Nerevar and House Indoril and his rightful claim to the throne of Morrowind. Caesar rode next to him while Dandras, Balyn and the escort rode behind him. Dandras looked around with disgust. Joran replied rather humbly, saying it was what some people claimed and that on occasion he fancied that it was true. But that ultimately it would fall on Daric to decide who would be the next king, as only someone with his backing would be able to win the throne. Joran turned to Caesar, asking if he had been at the siege of Sentinel. Caesar confirmed that he was, under the command of General Etienne. Daric said that that was the reason why he had called this meeting between House Redoran and House Indoril. The group entered the Palace. The High King requested to be led to a room where they could have their meeting. Joran led them to a large, circular room with a long table in the middle. He took the seat at one end and motioned for them to do the same. Jina took a seat next to her father. Her father then asked what the purpose of the meeting. Dandras sat at the other end. Balyn and his men stood guard behind him. Daric sat in the middle with Caesar standing by his side. Daric firstly said to Dandras that he'd like the meeting to go undisturbed, as the Dunmer looked quite angry. He told him to remove his guards from the room, save for one. Dandras reluctantly agreed and ordered his soldiers out of the room, only Balyn stayed behind. Joran ordered the Indoril Guard out, keeping only the Captain. Daric then replied to Joran, telling him that this was a negotiation. House Redoran and House Indoril must be united in order to defeat the Empire and House Hlaalu. They had already defeated both of them and had begun reclaiming the territories they had previously had conquered from them.

Joran agreed, their recent defeat had brought some things to his mind, including the Great Council. He wanted to reform it, giving more rights to the Great Houses. The Great Houses needed to be united. Dandras said that is what House Redoran were doing before the Empire stepping in and made House Hlaalu the ruling house again. The Archmaster said, yelling, that now when Redoran try to continue their work Joran and House Indoril stepped in and messed everything up. The Breton told him to calm down, that there was no need to yell. He acknowledged that it was true that House Redoran had done much for the Dunmer for the past 200 years but that was all in times of war and tragedy. The Oblivion Crisis, the Argonian Invasion, the 2nd Great War. It is true that House Redoran led the Dunmer in those times but other than that Morrowind was separated into rival Houses. Morrowind needed unity, it needed a leader.

Joran suggested that Daric pick someone to back so that the rivalry would stop. Daric said the Empire backing House Hlaalu as they claimed kingship only aggravated their rivalry with the other Great Houses. Him picking a side would have the same effect. The Dunmer needed to settle the matter between themselves, he was only there to make sure it happened. Dandras said that House Redoran's past actions proved that they could and would lead the Dunmer. The Breton asked if the other houses would follow. The Archmaster said they they would make them follow. Daric claimed that that was the problem. House Redoran was a military aligned house. They would always do thing with force according to their code of honor. Dandras explained the Code of Virtues: Duty, Gravity and Piety. Daric nodded, he said that someone more calm minded and not so militaristic needed to be the leader. Someone who was already a born leader. He then turned to Joran and said that it was where came in. The Redoran leader grew angry and yelled. Joran asked if Daric was proclaiming him as king. Daric shook his head and reaffirmed that it was not his place to do that. He was merely saying that he thought Joran was the best person to rule and lead Morrowind. He was the grandson of the Nerevarine. Dandras pointed out that just because he was the descendant of the Nerevarine didn't mean that he should rule. The Breton asked why not. Joran had claim to the throne, he was a spiritual descendant of King Indoril Nerevar of the Chimer. The other Great Houses were far more likely to accept him as ruler than they were of the Redoran Archmaster. All Joran needed was the support of House Redoran. With their armies added to his the Empire and House Hlaalu wouldn't stand a chance. Dandras contemplated, saying that the High King spoke the truth. Joran asked if Dandras would swear fealty to him as king. He promised the Redoran a spot in the future Great Council of Morrowind. The Archmaster pointed out that he was far too young, too inexperienced at ruling. Daric argued that Joran would have the Great Council to aid him. Dandras thought for a bit and said that if he truly would reestablish the Great Council and give House Redoran the freedom and autonomy that House Hlaalu has stolen from them, then he would accept. Indoril would have House Redoran's army by their side, but they would not swear fealty to Joran until the whole of Morrowind was united under his banner.

Joran accepted the deal. Though he said that many may think that House Hlaalu should be destroyed, but he didn't. Not all of them favor the Tyrant, and it was to that side that he would be extending a hand of acceptance and forgiveness. They would still be part of the Great Council. The Redoran said that they haven't been a part of the Council since the 3rd Era. They were kicked out because the Empire abandoned Morrowind in the Oblivion Crisis. They were the Empire's lap dog and now they were back as their lap dog. He asked Joran what made him think they would ever change. They had always been corrupt, working with the Morag Tong, the Camonna Tong and the Thieves Guild. Daric chose to stay out of it since this part of the negotiation didn't involve him. Joran argued that one of the main reasons they rejoined the Empire was because they were exiled. He asked how he would feel if House Redoran was exiled, after all that they had done for Morrowind, and after all the promises he had made him. Besides, being deceitful and working with thieves and assassins was in the very nature of the Dunmer. Once Edras was gone, Joran felt that they could put them back on the right path. Dandras argued that that may be the way of the other houses but House Redoran didn't work with thieves and murderers. If they had ever been kicked out of the Council for being the Empire's lap dog then they wouldn't go back to the Empire and be their lap dog. They would restore their honor, not taint it some more like House Hlaalu has done. Be he said that if he truly thought that House Hlaalu could change their ways once they conquered Narsis and brought unity to Morrowind then it would be on Joran's head when they went back to their old ways and screwed over the Dunmer once more. Joran was fine that that and asked if there was anything else that they needed to discuss. Daric said that that was all. Everyone exited the room. As they were going out of the room Daric approached Joran and asked to speak in private with him.

Caesar remained outside the room at the High King's request. Not long after the two emerged from the room after their talk. Caesar remained in Mournhold with Daric.

Return of the Septim Dynasty V

Daric's armies gathered as they got ready to set out for Hammerfell, where they'd meet up with the Redguards. Daric's Army had met up with Bodean Suda's Army. The Redguard Navy set out to blockade Anvil while the rest of the Redguards and the Bretons invaded Western Cyrodiil. That way was guarded by the 1st and the 11th Legions. Cyrodiil wasn't going to give up without a fight. Daric's alliance had a hard time advancing through Cyrodiil. The Legions were well trained and disciplined, their formations were strong and unbreakable. The Bretons, under Daric were cut off north of Anvil by troops of the 1st Legion and couldn't help Bodean take the city. The Bretons were fighting an in an open field with the Imperials. The Legion's tactics gave them the upper hand. Though the Breton Battlemages are unmatched in all of Tamriel. Daric was in the front lines wielding Flamerend and casting fireballs at the Imperials alongside his Blades. The Bretons were still locked in open combat with the 1st Legion. They remained unable to help the Redguards. Daric and his Breton Battlemages were able to force the Imperials to retreat, though they just as many casualties as the Imperial. They marched South to Anvil to assist the Redguards. When Daric's men arrived at in Anvil the city it had already been surrounded by the Bosmer and the Redguards. The Legionnaires stationed in the city had no where to go. Together the three armies took Anvil in no time. The Imperial soldiers inside were either killed or imprisoned if they surrendered.

Two thirds of the Bosmer army left for Valenwood while the rest joined Daric's army, bring it back to full strength. Daric's men and the Redguards marched for Kvatch. The Redguards and Daric's men continued their march to Kvatch. The 1st legion that Daric's Men had fought had rendezvoused with part of the 11th Legion that was guarding Kvatch. Daric his allies made it near the city of Kvatch. They still hadn't climbed the hill up. Celegorn had the feeling that it could be a trap so him and his bosmer stayed behind while the Bretons and the Redguards climbed the hill to the city. The Bretons and the Redguards climbed the hill to Kvatch. The path up was pretty narrow so the armies had to break formation to climb up. From the walls of the city part of the 11th Legion had begun bolstering their defenses. Daric and his men had almost made it to the top when war horns started blowing in the south. The 1st Legion had been hiding and waiting for Daric and his men to partly climb the hill so they could be trapped between the 11th and the 1st Legions. The Bretons and Redguards were forced to fight on two fronts as the 11th legion from Kvatch also attacked them. The Breton and the Redguards were trapped in the hill that lead up to the city. From the top they had to fight the 11th legion and the bottom they fought the 1st Legion. Celegorn and his Bosmer then attacked the 1st legion's flank as they had separated from Daric's men before they went up the hill. With the help of the Bosmer, the Redguards and the Bretons were able to break the ranks of the 1st Legion at the bottom of the hill. The 11th Legion kept advancing however so Daric and his men had to retreat further down the hill.

The 1st Legion couldn't hold their line and were forced to retreated after the bosmer routed their forces. The archers continued to pick off a few of the retreating units before switching focus to the 11th Legion that was pushing the Breton and the Redguards off the hill. Without the other front to worry about Daric and his men could focus all their efforts on the 11th Legion and were able to stop them from advancing any further. The Bosmer archers and the Breton Battlemages fired onto the Legionnaires. With all of Daric's men focused on the 11th legion they outnumbered the Legionnaires almost 2 to 1. However the Legion was fighting downhill, which gave them the tactical advantage. Despite this, they still got pushed back into Kvatch by Daric's armies. There they besieged the city. The Bretons started mounting ladder onto the wall of Kvatch and the Bosmers quickly made their way up. They cleared the way so the Reguards can follow. The Bretons Mages provided cover from bellow. The Bosmer captured part of the wall and fired on the Legionnaires bellow, while the Redguards captured the rest of the wall. The Redguards and the Bretons set up a battering ram and proceeded to ram the southern gates of Kvatch. The battering ram broke through and the alliance troops flooded into the city engaging the Legionnaires stationed there. As the Bosmer archers were atop the walls firing with extreme precision onto the Imperials and the Bretons and Redguards fought them in the streets. The Legionnaires didn't have anywhere else to go. They were trapped in Kvatch with Daric's army and were outnumbered. It wasn't long before the city was taken and the troops rested after the battle. After capturing the city Daric and his armies stayed there to rest.

Daric was in the Kvatch Castle. He headed outside to meet the courier. Seeing the messenger being escorted by his men he went up to him. He asked him what news he brought. Outside two other messengers had arrived, the Nord scout and the Redguard courier. The Dunmer said that Joran Nerevar's army had taken Cheydinhal, and defeated 3 Legions at different times. He told the High King that the Dunmer were staying in Fort Usarek, across the river from the Imperial City. They attempted to infiltrate it, but 5 of the 7 infiltrators were unsuccessful and were beheaded by the Imperials. He was the second courier sent to Daric, he found the first one murdered by skeletons wearing the Armor of Augustus Mede's personal guard. So the Imperial were using necromancers. Daric stated that that was odd. He said to have the Dunmer wait for them and the Nords to arrive. They still had to capture Skingrad before reaching the Imperial City. The other couriers made their way to Daric as well. The Nord said that he had a message from Ulfric Stormcloak. He wanted support in taking Chorrol, they needed to take the city or risk an attack from the rear by the troops stationed there once they besiege the capital. Daric turned to the Dunmer courier and told him to tell Joran to send reinforcements to the Nords. Then the last courier came up to Daric. He had an urgent message, High Rock was under attack from the Orcs. Daric was shocked. He asked since when. The Redguard told him that they received the news a few wees ago. They have sacked Evermore and were heading towards Wayrest last time he heard. Daric thought for a minute. He sighed, there was nothing he could do. Caesar Autrus, who was Daric's personal bodyguard now, spoke. He said that there had to be something. They couldn't just leave High Rock at the mercy of the Orcs. Daric asked him what he could do. He couldn't march his army back there and jeopardize the Cyrodiil invasion.

The Dunmer left to return to Joran's camp. The Nordic Scout nodded and set out for the Nordic Camp near the Orange Road. Daric and his men marched through the Golden Road towards Skingrad. The Breton King turned to his bodyguard and told him that it hardly felt like two months had already passed since the start of the Invasion. Caesar said that it felt like longer. Daric and his troops continued on their way to Skingrad. Daric and his men were in the outskirts of Skingrad. A few days ago a few Imperials had started to join his army. They had heard of the capture of Bruma, Cheydinhal, Anvil and Kvatch and had become hopeful that Augustus could be defeated by Daric. Even some Imperials had begun questioning his methods, though most who did wound up dead. Daric and his men surrounded Skingrad, but maintained a safe distance so they couldn't get hit by projectiles. They had begun building some siege equipment, like ladders and such, before attacking. Daric and his men had begun the siege, they charged the walls bring their ladders with them. Daric's armies had broken the western gates with their battering ram, while others had climbed the wall on their ladders. The legionnaires were outnumbered 2 to 1, they wouldn't be able to hold out for long. Daric was inside the city slashing legionnaires with Flamerend and casting fireballs at them. Caesar was at his side protecting him. Bodean and his men were storming the market district like a wave, their scimitars cutting Legionnaires in half. The bosmer were atop the roofs raining arrows down on their foes. Daric and his soldiers overwhelmed the Legionnaires defending the city.

Skingrad was taken and a few days after Daric and his armies marched along the Golden Road to the Red Ring. The Nords marched down the Orange Road to the Red Ring, the Dunmer who were in Fort Urasek also marched onto the Red Ring. The armies had begun constructing the siege equipment they would need for the coming battle. Many were scared, many were tired, many were anxious. All were determined to fight, for fighting they must to secure their freedom and their future. Soon the Dunmer army arrived at the Stormcrown camp.

Daric mounted his horse. The Catapults were being loaded. The men were in position. It was time. He blew on the horn and the Artillery started to fire on the walls. The Men got on the row boats they had made to cross the river. The Undead on the walls fired arrows and spells at the Invaders, the Ballistae installed into the towers of the city fired on the armies bellow. Ulfric had brought a platoon of Bear Berserkers to the Main Gates, as he was planning to help take it down. Daric was with the Cavalry men, who were leading the battering rams to the gates. The artillery rounds were starting to break off bits of the outer wall, killing some of the undead on the western wall of the city. The Imperial Ballistae had managed to destroy a few boats and catapults. The undead soldiers shot arrows and fired spells at the Dunmer Silt Striders that tried to make it over the walls. The Catapults of the Dunmeri began to fire, shooting giant green balls. When they were over the city, the balls uncurled, revealing Ogrim. They dropped into the city, crushing anything beneath them. The boats had begun landing on the other side. There the soldiers were putting up the ladders to climb the wall. Ulfric and the battering rams were reaching the gates. One of the rams was destroyed by the Ballistae. The other began ramming the gates while Ulfric helped with his thu'um. Daric was casting fireballs at the wall. The artillery was aimed at the sections of wall where the ladders. Some of the ladders were pushed down by the undead. More and more silt striders got over the walls, and Dunmer began to land. Some of them also began to climb the ladders with the Nords. With Daric and a few others protecting the battering ram and Ulfric helping to break the gates they were open soon enough. When they were broken open Daric and the Cavalry men charged into the city, with the Redguards right behind them. The artillery was aimed farther into the city, so they wouldn't hit any friendlies.

Daric had to dismount as the streets of the Imperial City were no place for fighting on horseback. With Ulfric and the Bear Berserkers at his back, along with his Calvary men who had dismounted as well, they charged into the Market District. The streets were full of undead soldiers. The Bosmer troops had climbed the wall with the Nords and were assisting from above. The Bretons were trying to take out the Imperial artillery that were still firing on the invading forces. The Redguards were following Daric into the city from the broken gates. Joran and the rest of his army came through the gates. The fighting in the streets of the Talos Plaza District was wearing down the Alliance troops in an alarming rate. Everyone of theirs that died would be reanimated and would attack his former friends. The Alliance had discovered that Sloads were responsible for raising the dead. As such they went after them and put them down. With both the Sloads from the Talos Plaza dead Daric and his allies were able to clear out the undead in it after a while. They regrouped in the center of the Plaza. Daric said that if there were Sloads like the ones they encountered all over the city then they had to hunt them dow. Green Emperor Way was probably too overrun with undead to take before they get rid of their biggest advantage, being able to turn their dead against them. Joran looked at Daric. He said that if there were only two Sloads per district then they should split up. Balyn could lead one of the expeditions, while he offered to lead another. He said that if they kept using the same tactics, they could win the battle. They also had the Bosmer archers to aid them. Daric ordered the Dunmer and the Nords to head tot he Elven Gardens District. The Bretons, Bosmer and the Redguards would go to the Temple District. The fighting was still going on atop the walls and alliance artillery was still firing on the city. The armies had spread into the city and were fighting all over.

When he entered the Temple District Daric could see the Martin Memorial Statue inside the Temple of the One. He could see that the temple looked pretty abandoned but interestingly some undead shades were coming out of it. He bet that the Sload was inside. Bodean told Celegorn to have his men look for the other one while they take out the one in the temple. Daric ordered some of his officers to organize the attack in the District while he, Caesar, Bodean and Celegorn headed to the Temple. They fought they way to the Temple's entrance as shades were still coming out from inside the Temple. The group were able to defeat the shades and entered the Temple. The Sload was using the long unlit dragonfires to fuel his necromancy. The pyre stand still held magic within it, despite the fires having gone unlit for over two centuries. Daric said that they must stop him. He cast a Fireball at the large creature who blocked it with a Ward. Bodean said that spells wouldn't work, Sloads were excellent mages. They needed to use brute strength to defeat it. Celegorn suggested that they surround him, his slowness was his weakness. The group spread out trying to surround the Sload, all the while dodging his spells and trying to fight off the shades. Celegorn fired arrows at the Sload to get his attention. As he did that Caesar killed shades and moved closer to the creature. Daric and Bodean were trying to get the attention of the shades so Caesar could go after the Sload. Caesar was able to get behind the Sload. Celegorn kept firing arrows at him so he wouldn't see Caesar. Bodean and Daric kept the shades at bay. Caesar stabbed the Sload with his katana. With the Sload dead the shades dispersed.

Daric looked around the temple. He told Celegorn to check with his men, to see if they had found the other Sload. He told Bodean to come with him, they were going to rally the troops. They left the Temple and went to the streets to join the fighting. The Alliance troops pushed back the undead. The bosmer were atop the roofs shouting at the undead below. At the far end of the district they could see the Sload that was commanding the fiends. One of them reported to Celegorn. The Bosmer King went to Daric's side. He told the Breton that they had found the second Sload. Daric said to go to him. The last Sload in the Temple district wasn't able to hold the allies for long, as the Nords had arrived to help from the Elven Gardens. The bulk of their army was in that district so the undead wasn't a match for them. This time it was Daric that killed the Sload, by stabbing him in the chest with Flamerend. With the Sload dead the army dispersed to the other districts. A soldier came running to Daric. The soldier reported that Augustus had brought a platoon of undead to the Elven Gardens, they weren't able to defeat him. Daric turned to the other leaders, he told them to continue going after the other Sloads, he would go after Augustus. Celegorn, Ulfric and Bodean nodded. Daric had rallied his Breton soldiers in the Temple District to head to the Elven Gardens. Daric charged into the Elven Gardens with his men. Caesar went with him.

When they arrived at the Elven Gardens, Daric headed off to fight Augustus while Caesar helped coordinate the Breton forces. The undead were getting the upper hand when the dead Bretons started attacking their former companions. The Bretons were being pushed back by the undead. Caesar heard a roar in the sky. The roar got louder and closer. The undead were almost pushing the Bretons out of the Elven Gardens. Then out of nowhere a red dragon swooped into the Elven Gardens and breathed fire down on the undead. The dragon devastated a good portion of the undead foes with his fire after a few swoops over the Elven Gardens. Augustus saw that his army was suffering heavy losses thanks to the dragon and the new moral boost that Daric's men had gotten. He reluctantly ordered his undead to retreat to the Market District to regroup. After the undead started to retreat the Red Dragon landed in the Elven Gardens.

Daric rallied his soldiers and headed to the Palace District. The Bretons marched towards the Palace District. Augustus and his undead army charged into the Palace District. He was leading the attack, the Sloads were in the back of the army controlling the undead. The Bretons and the Nords entered the Palace District to aid the Nelthars. The Dunmer followed the Nords and Bretons. The armies clashed. Despite the Allies having greater numbers the Sloads' power to reanimate the fallen soldiers helped keep the battle pretty even on both sides. Caesar found Daric and caught up with him. He asked Daric if he was okay then asked where was Augustus. The Breton told him that he was dead. Caesar was glad, now all that was left was to kill the undead. Daric nodded, they needed to clean up Augustus' mess. The last Sloads were put down by the alliance. With the Sloads all taken care of the undead forces couldn't maintain their numbers by resurrecting dead alliance forces. The Alliance were able to kill the undead with greater ease. It didn't take that long, only a few short hours, to kill all the undead left in the city.

All over the city the Breton troops put Daric's Septim flag up. They started cleaning up the city. The citizens that were locked in their houses had begun to come out and life slowly came back to the capital. The alliance forces set up camp outside the city, with only a few staying inside to keep order. The Troops from Elsweyr, Black Marsh, Valenwood and Summerset Isles returned to Cyrodiil. When all the Legionnaires had returned to Cyrodiil Daric had most of the Alliance soldiers sent back home, to go maintain order in their own provinces. The Blades followed him everywhere he went, the order had become his personal guard like it used to be for the Septim Emperors before him. The Penitus Oculatus were changed into a spy faction. When the Province leaders arrived in the capital with their escorts Daric had them all brought to the Elder Council Chamber. He needed the fighting in Tamriel to stop and the only way to do that is to make a treaty with the other leaders.

Joran walked into the Elder Council chambers with his family, escorted by the Indoril Guard. He introduced Daric to his family, then asked how were things. Jina just stared up at Daric, the awe in her eyes very apparent. Joran's wife, Elva, who had just recently arrived from Morrowind, walked in after him. She greeted Daric, saying it was a pleasure to meet with him. The Breton greeted her and welcomed her to the Imperial City. After he greeted the Nerevars, the family sat at the table next to Joran. Daric sat at the middle of the table. Caesar Autrus was standing right behind him. Celegorn Camoran, the Bosmer King, his brother and his son arrived. Bodean Suda sat down next to Daric, to the right of Daric was his cousin, who had replace him as High King of High Rock. Ulfric arrived right after. Bodean asked Ulfric how Galmar was doing, as he had been hurt during the battle. Ulfric said that he was fine, he was just getting too old for that kind of thing. The other leaders arrived and all sat down at the Elder Council Chamber. Daric said for them to get the matter at hand, bringing all the provinces back into the Empire. They needed everyone so they could maintain peace in Tamriel, which was the motive behind this meeting. The Argonian King, Azeez-Nassa, said that they didn't need the Empire. The Argonians would not be ruled by the Empire any longer. Daric said that he was right. This confused many of them. Azeez-Nassa asked what he meant. Daric explained. He said that things were going to be different. Under his rule the Empire would not intervene in matters only concerning one province, unless requested by that province. They would maintain the peace and order between the Imperial Provinces but we would not impose their rule on them. Similar to how Morrowind had it in the 3rd Era. All the Provinces would have self-rule, only some Imperial laws would have to be followed by all, in order to maintain unity within the Empire, like the abolishment of slavery and such. Joran nodded slowly. Elva looked at Daric and asked who would enforce those laws, imperial soldiers. Joran looked at her, and they seemed to have a silent conversation with their eyes. Finally, Joran sighed and looked away. Jina continued to stare at Daric, before Joran patted her shoulder and she looked away.

Daric said that each ruler and his people would enforce their own laws including the universal imperial laws. The universal laws wouldn't be anything like forced religion or anything like that, they would do basic things like the adoption of the Septim coin in all provinces. The Legions would maintain order and peace in Tamriel, having a headquarters in each of the provinces, but they would not interfere with the local governments. The Khajiiti Mane asked that even if he maintained this policy how would they know that one of his successors wouldn't turn out a tyrant like Augustus. The Breton said that in the treaty he would declare that if any Emperor broke even one of the terms, he would be unfit to rule and should be relinquished from command by any means necessary. The Empire was not meant to rule all of Tamriel with an iron fist. It was mean to maintain the peace and prosperity of the provinces. Bodean said that that was an admirable then but asked if they were meant to swear fealty to him. Daric nodded, saying that it would guaranty that they would follow the universal laws and his orders should he had to intervene in extreme circumstances. Each province would also have to donate a proportionate amount of troops to the Legions so the Empire could defend its territories. Azeez-Nassa said that they were just fighting the Imperials and now they were just supposed to pretend it didn't happen. Daric said that he didn't, but Augustus was gone. He would rule fairly and the autonomy that each province had would make sure that they didn't feel oppressed. The Orc King, Garzonk, asked what would happen to Orsinium. If he was going to be razed to the ground once again. Daric assured him that Orsinium would still be recognized as an official Imperial Province.

Jina spoke up. She asked what would happen if one of the leaders broke their oath. Jina looked over at Naerion, who was also at the meeting. Daric said that if one of the leaders broke an Imperial Law, by invading another province or committing atrocities, then the Legion would be forced to step in. The Empire's purpose was to maintain peace and order on Tamriel, if one province or its leader threatened that peace the Empire would intervene. Daric then grabbed a scroll and opens it on the table. He said that it was the 2nd White-Gold Concordat. It detailed all the imperial laws and the other terms. Signing this would make them an Imperial Province, as for swearing fealty that was a formality for after his coronation. He handed it over to his cousin, the new High King of High Rock. High King Garth Lariat signed the Concordat. He then passed it over to Ulfric. Ulfric said that the Empire had brought peace and prosperity to Tamriel before, the 3rd Era was evidence of that, but Titus II was a weak ruler, and Augustus was too strong a ruler. He believed that Daric had the right amount of strength. Galmar behind him grunted in agreement. Ulfric signed the Concordat, and then passed it to High King Bodean. The Redguard told Daric to keep his word and bring prosperous trade back to Hammerfell. He signed the Concordat, then passed it to King Celegorn. He signed without a word. His brother, Fargoth, gave him a strange look. Celegorn passed it to Joran.

Joran took the Concordat. He believed that with Daric's help, Tamriel would be stronger. He signed the Concordat, and passed it to the Altmer King Yanniss Mothril. Elva looked around the room, lingering a little bit on Celegorm and Naerion, and looking between the two. She agreed with her husband, but added that Daric needed the right people beside him to be a strong leader. Elva's eyes lingered on Daric for a split second, before laughing a small bit and whispering something to Joran. Joran glanced at her, stunned. Jina glanced over to the two of them, her eyes bitter and upset at something Elva had said. Jina looked back at the leaders. The Altmer said that this was the best thing for his people. He signed the Concordat, passing it to King Garzonk. Garzonk was impressed that Daric defeated Augustus in single combat and said that he had earned the respect of the Orcs. Since they had pledged to the Empire before and Orsinium was going to remain under Imperial protection, he agreed to sign it. He signs the Concordat, then passed it to Azeez-Nassa. Azeez-Nassa said that they didn't need Imperial rule. Daric said that he had more to lose by not signing than anyone else. Black Marsh was know for being economically stagnant, they would not survive forever as an independent province. Azeez-Nassa was adamant in his position, saying that the Argonians would make do on their own. Daric tried to reason with the Argonian, saying that the Empire would let them have self-rule as well as bring prosperous trade and guarante peace. Azeez-Nassa looked Daric straight in the eyes. He was about to say something but stopped himself. He accepted, reluctantly. He signed the Concordat. After that he passed it to the Mane. The Khajiit was very grateful that he was freed from the Imperial prison that Augustus had locked him in. His people had been pawns of the Thalmor and Augustus, this was going to help them in more ways that one. He accepted and signed the Concordat. He gave it back to Daric. The Breton was pleased. The Empire was back to its former self. He knew that there was still rebuilding and reestablishing order to take care of, but they are on the right path to secure Tamriel's future. He thanked them all for that. They had one more matter to discuss, the Elder Council. He had decided that each provincial ruler would get to nominate one person to a seat at the council. The Nelthars also had one seat, that meant 11 councilors. They would vote on a Chancellor to lead the Elder Council. But that was for later, for now he requested that you remain in the capital for a while longer. The preparations for his coronation were almost finished.

Caesar attended the coronation of Daric and after he took over as Emperor, Caesar became his personal guard. The Blade was also there for Darius', Daric's new name, wedding to Livia Mede.

Months later. Darius was sitting on the Ruby Throne. He was holding court, he listened to some citizen's proposals. After Darius heard the proposal he decided the correct action to take. A Blade and a Bosmer barged into the throne room. The Blades inside next to the door tried to stop them, saying that they couldn't interrupt the Emperor. The Blade that had led the Bosmer in told them that the Bosmer needed to talk to Darius, that it was urgent. Darius saw the commotion and told them to let the two pass. The Bosmer approached the Emperor, he said that he was the Prince of Valenwood. He had been running for days from assassins just to get to the capital. It is important. He looked around at the Blades and then walked up to Darius's throne. Caesar drew his sword as the Bosmer approached. Darius told him to lower his blade. The Bosmer continued approaching him and soon they were right next to each other. The prince said that he couldn't trust anyone except Darius. His uncle had told him to come to the Emperor should anything happen to him. He was dead, killed by the same assassins that were after him now. They also killed anyone else who knew the truth. Darius asked him what was this truth. The prince said that his father, Celegorn, was not himself. He was somehow being controlled. The Breton asked by whom. The Bosmer said that it had been since they were taking Falisnesti. His men saw Celegorn talking to him right before he started acting weird. Once again, Darius asked with whom. The prince revealed that it was the Masked Man. Darius was shocked. He immediately thought of Naerion and asked himself if that is who the Bosmer meant. He questioned himself, asking why a Nelthar would do this. Darius asked the Bosmer to specify features of the Masked Man, but the Bosmer didn't know any more details.

Darius turned his attention to Jina Nerevar who had just run into his throne room. She yelled, saying that Naerion had hired assassins. He turned to Caesar and ordered him to dispatch the city guard to arrest Councilor Naerion and bring him to him. Caesar nodded and ran with a group of Blades to alert the city guard. Caesar and his group of Blades had informed the Commander of the City Guard to alert the guards to find and arrest Naerion. Caesar entered the Throne room along with the other Blades that had gone with him. He told Darius that he had informed the city guard, they were searching for Naerion as he spoke. The Emperor was pleased. Nelthro Kanir walked into the throne room and stated that the guards had found Naerion, but that they would have to fight for their lives. He said that a Nelthar would never allow another Nelthar to be captured. Darius turned to Nelthro. He was also surprised at seeing Nelthro again. The Emperor said that Naerion committed a crime and he must be tried. He didn't care if the Nelthars didn't like it, they weren't above the law. He would be brought to him, Darius wanted to learn why he did this. He stood up and turned to Caesar, ordering him to get more me and assist the guards. Then he turned to Nelthro and asked him if he knew that Naerion could control minds. Caesar went to gather some men. Caesar had rounded a group of 20 guards up to find and give backup to the ones that were engaging Naerion. A scout went up to Caesar and his group and informed him that Naerion was in the Arboretum. Caesar and his group headed to the Arboretum.

Caesar and his group of 20 guards had entered the Arboretum. He ordered them to fan out and get nay civilians close by to a safe place. 10 of the guards left to round up civilians while Caesar and the other 10 went towards the fight. He could see that the guards were fighting two men. Caesar charged a Chain Lightning spell and cast it at one of them. He ordered the other guards to attack. The 10 guards with him prepared for a fight, 2 of them had bows and switched to range while the other 8 charged in at the enemy. One of the original guards saw the group heading for the two Nelthars and warned them not to touch the fog. The man prepared to engage them but all his spells dissipated. He looked around and saw Nelthro Kanir. Nelthro said that this ended now. He told the guards to return to their post immediately, then turned to Naerion and said that he was under arrest. Caesar held his hand up, telling the guards to stand ready. He told Nelthro that the Emperor had ordered him to take Naerion into custody and that is what he intended to do. He then pointed at Naritin and said that he murdered 3 Imperial guards, so he was also going to be taken in. The guard captain corrected him, saying that he killed 4 guards. Caesar corrected his mistake and charged Naritin with four murders and assault on the remaining guards. That earned him a very large bounty. Nelthro looked at Caesar. He said that it didn't matter and then opened a portal with his powers. He pushed Naerion into it and he disappeared. He then did the same with the other man.

What Nelthro did angered Caesar, so he drew his katana. The Blade Darius had sent saw that Caesar was about to attack and called to him. Caesar looked back and saw the Blade. The Blade told him that Darius had authorized Nekthro to take Naerion. Caesar looked over at Nelthro, he still didn't sheath his katana. He said that there was still a bounty on his other comrade's head, a large one. Nelthro shrugged and used his magic to summon a large pouch of gold, which he then threw at Caesar. The Blade caught it, seeing that it was enough to pay the bounty he let Nelthro go. He handed it to one of the remaining guards and then told him to gather the dead and notify their families.


  • Initially Caesar was meant to be a full warrior, this is why he never used any spells in Part 1. But once he came back in Part 2 he was given some destruction and restoration spells and he no longer used a bow.
  • He is one of the only characters to show up in all 5 parts of the RotSD RP.
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