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4 months after Emperor Titus Mede II is assassinated by an unknown killer, a group of wayward adventurers and misfits find themselves on a Thalmor prison ship, and on their way to the mysterious Nightloom Island. On the ship, the group manage to free themselves and also free notorious killer, Goriyn Mortis. With Goriyn, the group kill all of the Thalmor guards on board, but find the boat is being powered by some form of Aldmeri magic, and cannot be turned around.

The boat finally arrives at the docks of Nightloom Island, and the group immediately find themselves in New Rose City, a small hamlet owned and operated by an Argonian known only as Boa. As a very wealthy and powerful individual, Boa has smuggled a number of men and women off the island already, and is merely using the island to hide from persecution on the mainland. He agrees to smuggle the group off the island if they kill a few targets for him. The first target is a necromancer named Tozein, who has set up his own fortress close to Boa and is constantly threatening the hold with his horde of skeletons. After a failed infiltration attempt against the necromancer, Tozein makes his case to the group to help him kill Boa.

The group find themselves unwilling to help both Boa and Tozein, and the group decide to steal a boat directly from the Dominion and sail it back to the land. Goriyn expands upon the idea, revealing that he had already been to this island before to help quell a rebellion by the Argonian fighter known as The Warlord, and that there are much more sinister things happening on this island. He thus convinces them to escape by creating a large uprising against the high-elf who runs the island, Warden Kaelmun. The group agrees to this plan.

The next morning, Warden Kaelmun has arrived in New Rose City with a large detachment of guards after discovering the boat of dead Thalmor guards. The group arrange a set of barrels and explosive oils, and light fire to a small portion of the city. With Warden Kaelmun and Boa believing that the other is responsible, the two sides engage in battle as many of New Rose's building begin to burn. As the group exits the city, they are cut off by The Nightingale, a mythical hero from the mainland who is chasing Goriyn Mortis. Their encounter is brief, as The Nightingale decides to help the innocent people in the burning city, and the group is allowed to make their daring escape. The group makes their way to the northern part of the island, where there is an old castle that Goriyn used to stage his assault on the Warlord's armies. They make their way through the Tribal Lands, which is inhabited by a peaceful group of citizens simply looking to try and find a way of living on this island. They enter a mead hall, filled with drunken revelers, and attempt to recruit the tribals to their cause. They will support them, but only if they receive the blessing of Shrol, The Man on the Mountain, who is an ancient diety revered by the tribals. Finally, there is a mysterious redguard who approaches Subailte and asks her to carry out his bidding and find certain people on the island.

The group head north and find the castle inhabited by large bird-human creatures, which they fight off. Inside, they find Imperial Legates Hafnir Lion-Eye and Dalacon Granus, as well as a number of soldiers. They had attempted to investigate this island, but were caught by the Thalmor and left to die. After settling in at the castle, the group head down to try and find Shrol in the mountains. Along the way, they are ambushed by Warden Kaelmun and a small army of Thalmor soldiers, which the group manage to evade. They then climb the mountain and find Shrol, who is revealed to be a dragon prophet and a former associate of Alduin. Shrol agrees to give them his blessing if they manage to pass three trials. They enter the mountain and are confronted by puzzles that test their resolve and wits, and the group eventually succeeds. On top of giving them his blessing, Shrol also reveals the nature of Warden Kaelmun: He is not an Altmer, but is instead a Falmer, who's skin is indestructible thanks to Daedric magic. The dealing itself has been hidden from time itself by the executor, but he reveals that the warden has a castle on the eastern side of the island, where they may find more information on how to defeat him.

After a few weeks of resting, and evading attacks from the nightingale, the group finally make their way to the eastern side of the island and towards the fortress. Along the way, it is revealed that Kaelmun has sent a number of mercenaries onto the island to dispose of the rebellion leaders instead of wasting more of his soldiers. Elsewhere, the redguard continues to hound Subailte, encouraging her to continue finding people on the island. When they arrive at the fortress, they sneak in and not only find a daedric summoning scroll, but also find a young dark elf named Vordel, who has been experimented on within the castle. Here, they find that the bird-like abominations at their home castle, as well as a number of other mutations they have encountered, are the results of Thalmor experiments.

The group get back to their own castle and use the daedric summoning scroll to discover Kaelmun's origins. The scroll contacts Barbas, who reveals that his immortality is a result of a deal from Clavicus Vile. Seeking revenge for the death of his people, he asked Clavicus for immortality, which he granted in exchange for unknown terms. However, Clavicus included the caveat that Kaelmun's immortality would fail in the face of extreme cold, meaning that his ultimate plan to take revenge on the Atmorans (and invading the freezing land of Skyrim) could not happen. Enraged, Kaelmun instead embarked into the Deadlands whilst the Oblivion Crisis was occuring and captured a unique creature known as the Xiverath. Dagon created a single copy of this creature, with the power to turn anyone that it killed into a copy of itself. Kaelmun used this creatures blood to create the monsters on the island, and once he has monsters that responds to his command, he planned to unleash them all on the mainland of Tamriel to kill as many as they could. Barbas also reveals that the redguard's name is Kharas at-Sentinel, who later reveals himself to Subailte as the Dragonborn who slayed Alduin, and the new Yokudan God of war and heroes.

The group then head down into the southern part of the island again to locate King Krozum, and ask for his assistance in dealing with Kaelmun. King Krozum does indeed have an ice mage, Ravos, that can help them, but he has been captured by one of Kaelmun's men. After a long encounter with the illusion mage, Knightmare, the group make their way into Bonechill Pass and fight the Khajiiti monster known as Jag, and rescue the ice mage. With the Tribals and King Krozum's men at their disposal, and an ice mage to defeat them, the group is ready to make their move on Crystal Eye Tower.

On their way back to King Krozum's Palace, however, they are captured by the remaining mercenaries and rendered unconscious for multiple days. When they awake, they find themselves in New Rose City, where they are taunted by Warden Kaelmun. He then leaves, and orders their execution. Before they can be executed, however, The Nightingale reappears and agrees to help them stop Kaelmun. The tribals and Krozum's men launch an attack on New Rose City, and the group escapes. They hitch a ride on one of the boats and are brought to the island tower. While the rebels fight on front line, the group enter the tower through the sewer and finally confront Kaelmun, whom they defeat using Ravos' ice magic. They also find the Xiverath inside attached to a dwarven machine, constantly ripping his regenerating blood from his body. They destroy the machine he is attached to, leading to the destruction of the tower and the magic powering the boats. The group is finally able to sail home.

Back on the mainland, however, Amaund Motierre has been selected as the next Emperor of Cyrodiil. Shockingly, he denounces Hafnir and Dalacon after they give their testimony on Nightloom, and are arrested for their 'crimes'. Shortly after, they are freed by Kharas at-Sentinel, who asks them to take the group that Subailte had found and protected on the island and create a new guild to protect Tamriel...


Main Protagonist Group
  • Goriyn Mortis
  • Xavier Manlaude
  • Eselde Manlaude
  • Baros Nightlock
  • Subailte
  • Varun Motriel
  • Olivia
  • Palanor/Valanor/Falanor
  • Sissta Ice-Veins
  • Kazriss
  • Denon Nightlock
  • Vordel
  • Utahsi (Diadros Khan)
  • Bloodskal
Other Notable NPC's
  • Warden Kaelmun [Main Antagonist]
  • Augustus of Leyawiin (Boa)
  • Tozein
  • Edwin and Bagarok
  • Bothawen
  • Jag
  • Cassipia
  • Shrol
  • Krozum


Part I - A Pointless Mutiny

Part II - New Rose City

Part III - The Plans of Rebellion

Part IV - The Escape and the Tribals

Part V - Here There Be Monsters

Part VI - Settling In

Part VII - The Mountain and the Trials

Part VIII - The Blessing of Shrol

Part IX - Rest, Relaxation, and Hired Swords

Part X - The Distrust Grows

Part XI - Infiltrating the Fortress

Part XII - Assorted Unfriendly Encounters

Part XIII - Barbas Reveals All

Part XIV - The Journey Towards Krozum

Part XV - Knightmare and Jag

Part XVI - Captured and Freed

Part XVII - Preparing for the Final Battle

Part XVIII - Defeating Kaelmun and Epilogues

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