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The Legend of Nirn is an Elder Scrolls RP series, with it's own continuity and sub lore. Its main contributers are Apollo42, Cicero is cray cray, DeeJango, Eilonwyn, HolyWyvern, Psychomantis108, The Retroriffic Man, Sithfanjedi, SkyrimsShillelagh, Smooshie, UberHeroism and Wind Within 707.

The RP began in October 2013 and it was a sequel to the Skyrim RP that came before it, which ended at Skyrim RP 3.0. It carried over a few characters and continued several years after the last RP ended, begining thirteen years after the events of Skyrim.

It also carries over the continuity of Lilly Tira's unlisted RP as the character returns and her past events are mentioned.

The Legend of Nirn began with the Vidron Crisis, in which a companionship was built up to find and destroy the evil wizard, Vidron and stop his armies. The Companionship consisted of several characters of varying status, backgrounds and morals but they banded together for the common good.

The fourth era ends at 304 4E, giving rise to the fifth era.

World of Ruin

After Vidron's death, the story continues in World of Ruin as Tamriel becomes industrialised and magic is outlawed. The Black Argonian, Kaizen is resurrected, finding himself in a new age, full of morals and principles that he despises. His return gets the attention of the Penitus Oculatus as he attempts to bring the Dark Brotherhood back to the height of their power. During his rise to power, he kidnaps a mage's best friend and keeps her prisoner in his Sanctuary, forcing the mage to turn to the shadows, so that she could gain the power to save her.


The year is 4E 228, that’s ten years since the old companionship defeated the evil wizard Vidron at Red Mountain. Tamriel now suffers from even more rising turmoil: Since the last chapter Tamriel has been steadily industrializing. New technology like guns, cars, airships and electricity (beaumanic) have come to light through research on powerful Dwemer artefacts. Because of this rapid change in technology, the Empire (led by emperor Mantius Mede, son of Titus Mede II) was quick to overthrow any opposition. Namely the Aldmeri Dominion. Which was forcefully disbanded and the 'White-Gold Concordat' was replaced with the 'Mede agreement' that dictated: Valenwood would once again become an Imperial Province, Thalmor activities would be forbidden and above all made the worship of Talos, god of men, legal again. But ever since the battle of Red mountain the industrialisation has privetised the industry. Sacred grounds were demolished to make way for the ever growing industrial rising. But in 4E 225. A group of mages demolished a factory in Highrock. Making clear that the magic community would not take part in the destruction of Tamriel’s fair grounds. They created the Adamantine Empire. An allegiance between Highrock, Morrowind and Summerset Isles, led by an Arch Mage Lord Emperor from the Direnni Tower/Adamantine tower, located on the Highrock island of Balfiera. The Imperial Empire responded to this secession by outlawing magica research within its borders. In Cyrodiil, Skyrim, Hammerfell, Valenwood, Elseweyr and Black March all mages who opposed this new law were arrested and/or executed. The rest fled for either Morrowind, Highrock or the Summerset Isles. Now, a war wages between the battlemages of the Adamantine Empire, who fight for the preservation of Tamriel in its original and unspoiled state. And the technologically superior legion of the Imperial Empire whom fight for the ever growing force of technology and commerce. Which side do you choose?

Adamantine War

Map of tamriel.

During the years following the Vidron Wizard crisis. The Empire unlocked the secrets of the Dwemer Technology. With this new found power they created amazing technological feats. Electric light shines through the streets of the Imperial City, Airships made commerce more efficient than before. And the improvement of Weapons was extraorinary. Guns, Cannons and new armour. All this was made in factories, dotted across tamriel.

But not everyone was happy with this sudden change. Mostly mages and scholars were pushed aside. Magic was of no more use for the empire, only septims and commerce were important. Sanctuaries were destroyed, wonderful nature parks erroded... The mages of Tamriel didn't condone this at all. Then, in 4E 225, A group of Wizards blew up a Factory in high rock. Marking a revolt that would spark High Rock's secession of the Empire. Soon Summerset, now rebuilt from the Empire's flaming wrath, joined the secession and lastely Morrowind. These porvinces marked a second empire devoted to keep technology from sickening the land, and let magic flourish. The Adamantine Empire, named so because it's branch of government. The Arch-Mage Emperor rules from the Direnni/Adamantine Tower in High Rock.

For three years, there had been a nonaggression pact between the Empire and the Adamantine alliance. But recent events have jeopardized any and all peace between the two.

First off, Arch-Mage Lord Emperor Eren Chasseur of the Adamantine alliance died of old age during the night. It appeared though that there was only one more Chasseur drawing breath, a bastard daughter of Eren Chasseur II, son of the late emperor, who had already died by then. Desperate for a leader the Adamantines allowed Mikasa, Eren II's daughter to take to the throne in the Derinni Tower. Little did they know she was under influence of Tyranil, a shadow mage who had seemingly perished along with Vidron, ten years ago. But it simply wasn't the case. Now he, Tyranil, had complete dominance over the Adamantine Pact, only if he so desired.

On the other side of the conflict was the old Imperial Empire. It was because of the suspicious death of Emperor Mantius Mede that the cold war pact was broken. A group of rebels within the Elder Council rebelled against the peace-seeking policies the Emperor had turned to. Through a coup, the Yellow Order as they call themselves, gained power over most of the Empire's military and political institutions. They dream of once again uniting the whole of Tamriel under an Imperial banner. All the while maintain the strict and controversial no-magic policy and openly support the industrialization which creates jobs and comfortable living. Now an Elder Council member by the name of Venoratti has taken it upon himself to be the Empire's Lord Regent for the time being.

Spinoffs and canon

Legend of Nirn has several spinoff RPs as well, Myths of Mundas, Aube Reign, Unsung Heroes of the Oblivion Crisis, Lost Lands of the Akavir and Age of Tamriel to name a few. All of which are considered to be part of its continuity and they are often linked to the original story.

Don Pirata is loosely connected to Legend of Nirn, it uses several characters, such as Xervish from Aubeanic Reign, Sinir, Tyranil and an incarnation of Eilonwyn from Legend of Nirn as well as Maria Harin and Jack LeRapier. However, the RP isn't considered canon due to it having a large number of inconsistencies with the main Legend of Nirn RP and Aube Reign.

It is implied by Xervish that Don Pirata's timeline is somewhat parallel to Legend of Nirn's.

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