Ciel Highwind
Important Information
Race Breton/Aedric Descendant
Gender Female
Born 4E

Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

"Terra" Ebonheart (Lover)

Liara (Daughter)

Status Deceased (Sentient)
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'2
Weight 120 lbs.
Other Information
Affiliation Order of Harmony (Formerly)
Weapons Glanzfaust

High Rock (Formerly)


Ciel Highwind is a Breton and a member of the Order of Harmony during the Fourth Era.

Biography and Personality

Ciel was a child prodigy when it came to magic for a human, especially when it came to Restoration magic. She was also skilled in Martial Arts thanks to lessons from private tutors provided by her family. But even with her abilities, Ciel is not without imperfections. One of her flaws is that she was unable to call on the Dragonskin power, which is usually inherent to Bretons. She is also poorly skilled in Conjuration and easily gets drunk from liquors. She also has a distaste of Mage Armor spells in her early years and is sometimes 'trigger happy' in battle.

In her early years, her life was mostly made up of books, practice and constant study. She is also somewhat a fashion daredevil, creating clothes of her own design. But her custom clothing resulted in her being considered 'weird' by others who interact with her. At the age of 18, she decided to leave her home in High Rock and explore the outside world.

Due to her friendly and caring personality, Ciel is dubbed as a 'light of affection' by Terra, as explained in his private journal. Ciel also has a strong sense of justice and greatly dislikes injustice. She is also willing to protect those dear to her.

She also has a playful side, and is able to tease Terra easily with unpredictable results.


Ciel proves to be an incredibly capable mage and martial artist in combat. Her quick grasp and strikes in the art of unarmed combat made her an incredibly dangerous opponent in close-quarters combat. She is also an formidable mage, able to cast numerous spells in quick succession. With her great skill in Restoration, she is also ideal as a healer both in and out of combat.

She is also one of the few people capable to induct mortals into an "Oath" binding them into the Aedra, rendering them immortal and in service to the Aedra.

Unlike Terra, Ciel is also ambidexterous, which she uses to a great advantage.


  • Ciel likes to cook, but sometimes ends up disastrously with ridiclous results. But this is rare.
  • Her favorite food is Apple Cabbage Stew. Her least favorite food was Boiled Creme Treat.
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