Circlet of Anyamis
Circlet of Anyamis






Raises the wearer's magicka and stamina by 500 points, and magicka and stamina regenerate 200% faster. Raises the wearer's speech and barter by 15 points.


Queen of Anyamis (former), Vorwith Forlen (former), Sybilla Beaufort

The Circlet of Anyamis is the circlet worn by the first Queen of the Falmer.

The first Queen of the Falmer wore this crown as a symbol of her grace and authority. Throughout her entire reign, this was the circlet that sat on her brow. Most of her subjects greatly respected her. When she died, the crown seemed to disappear from the face of history, assumed to be buried with her. It turns out that the entire time, it was in possession of Vorwith Forlen. He had stolen it from her grave.

Vorwith had added it to his collection of Falmer artifacts. It was just another artifact he had taken to insure that nobody, except himself, could have access to the ancient Falmer magics and artifacts. He stored it away for millennia, until the day of Adawulf Sea-Born's wedding to Sybilla Beaufort in 4E 237. On that day, Vorwith gave it to Sybilla as a gift.

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