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Clan Snow-Foot was a noble clan of Nords, residing in their mansion, west of the city of Windhelm.


No one knows currently who founded Clan Snow-Foot, but it is speculated that they were created by an ancestor during the Night of Tears. Their clan also holds the standing stone of The Warrior, in Whiterun Hold, in high regard, and it is said that they worship it for some obscure reason.

Currently, there are not many members of the clan left, as it entered a decline when Sasha Snow-Foot was killed. There are rumors that there are various other members of the clan on Solstheim and even ones as far as the Rift.


  • Ulfrid Snow-Foot, leader of the clan.
  • Sansa Snow-Foot, daughter of Ulfrid Snow-Foot.
  • Sasha Snow-Foot, deceased daughter of Ulfrid Snow-Foot.
  • Sarah Snow-Foot, wife of Ulfrid-Snow Foot.