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The Elder Scrolls Sandbox

Cosmic Force is the primordial energy that allows the creation and destruction of the world. It can be transmuted into all forms of energy at the thought of the one who produces it. Cosmic Force is the main source of energy used to fuel the power of divine entities, instead of lower forms of energy like magicka. It can be said to be the magical energy supply of Higher Divinities, all of which possess a pool of Cosmic Force over any other form of energy.

The amount of Cosmic Force one can generate, store, emit and control determines one's cosmological level within the universe, while the powers that this Cosmic Force can be channeled into determines one's ability to defeat other divinities. The amount of Cosmic Force a divine entity has therefore affects how strong a divine entity's Divine Skin is.

All users of Cosmic Force lack a race other than "Higher Divine Entity", which can also be referred to as a god.

Other Names

  • Cosmic Energy
  • Primordial Energy
  • Forces of Creation
  • Divine Energy

Effects and abilities

The primary purpose of Cosmic Force is simply as the fuel source of Divine Powers, which are powers that are far above the reach of mortals. All Divine Entities continuously produce and emit Cosmic Force from their bodies. Divine Entities are only able to store up to a certain amount of Cosmic Force, where more powerful entities can store more and weaker entities can store less. Cosmic Force regenerates relatively quickly and it is not easy for a Divine Entity to run dry of Cosmic Force unless they repeatedly use the strongest, most costly powers available of them in quick succession.

Cosmic Force can also be directly emitted and controlled by all divine beings for attack and defense, as the highest form of energy manipulation. It can also be converted into other energy forms like heat, light, magicka, dark energy, kinetic energy etc as necessary. It can be used in place of magicka for actuation of True Alteration and is actually superior for reality warping purposes. Cosmic Force can be used directly to open gateways between dimensions and allows one to survive inside the void, outside a plane of existence. It is a necessary ability for dimensional travel on one's own power if one wants to bridge between any two points within the multiverse.

Those who have Cosmic Force within their bodies are naturally Divine Entities and have the basic powers of such, granting them far greater affinity for magic and far stronger ability to use it. They do not age and recover quickly from physical wounds on their bodies. They have physical parameters that are superior to a mortal and so are their appearances. Also, those with Cosmic Force in their bodies are naturally capable of effortless flight and levitation without expending any energy. Their souls and bodies are synonymous and one, which means that should they die as divinities, they permanently get erased from the multiverse and cannot reincarnate unless they specifically have an ability to come back.

All Divine Entities are able to feel vibrations and perturbations in the cosmos, known as Divine Resonance. The activation of any power, skill or attack that requires Cosmic Force will release Divine Resonance. This makes it possible for all divinities to preempt the attacks of opponents able to kill them and makes ambushing them effectively impossible. Attacks that require time to charge up will start releasing Divine Resonance the moment they begin charging.

Knowledgeable and experienced divine beings even know what kind of attacks they are targeted with by the wavelengths and patterns of Divine Resonance. Every unique divine power or weapon has its own distinctive Divine Resonance pattern. Each higher divinity also emits their own unique Divine Resonance that they share with their Soul Sword, so divinities can tell each other apart by the Divine Resonance emitted when Cosmic Force is being used. It is possible to not emit any Divine Resonance by not using Cosmic Force.

The clash of Divine Resonance from divine powers striking each other or the clash of two soul swords that have power being channeled through them will cause the release of discordant waves of Divine Resonance. This causes reality distorting effects and fluctuations in space-time where the Divine Resonance released. This sound can eat away at the souls of those without sufficient divinity and hence cause mortals to pass out or go insane just by experiencing it if conscious. Those with sufficient divinity, such as incarnated divinities, those who have already refined their selves sufficiently or actual divinities are not affected. This discordant Divine Resonance will stir dormant divinity in those who possess it, making them extremely uncomfortable, but their inborn divinity will prevent more adverse effects.

The overall supply of Cosmic Force is truly infinite and it will never run out, existing in not just divine beings but outside the realms of existence. Hence, an unlimited number of universes can be created with this supply of power. However, since each individual universe will only be given a limited amount of usable energy after it is created, the conservation of energy inside an individual universe will not be violated unless a higher divine entity decides to add or remove energy from the universe.

Using Cosmic Force when a divine entity is incarnated will burn and harm their mortal body, although the divine beings themselves does not really take any damage from this process other than suffering pain mentally from the effects the mortal body is suffering. In fact, burning up the entire mortal body via the use of Cosmic Force on a large scale is the easiest way to break out of incarnation. The free flight and levitation gained from the presence of Cosmic Force in the body will be disabled during incarnation, so an incarnated divinity requires a separate power or a magic spell for flight during incarnation.


The conceptual powers and talents of a Divine Being who has control over the Cosmic Force. All who possess Cosmic Force possess authorities, although the number and power of the authorities are variable. These function as powerful skills that allow for overwriting and rewriting of reality and fate itself, in certain manners. Authorities are always related to the ascension pathway taken by an individual to gain Cosmic Force and almost always derives from their life experiences. However, it is also possible for some to be acquired through instruction or inherited via birth.

Soul Sword

All users of Cosmic Force will crystallize this upon gaining their Cosmic Force. It is a sword that has a core formed from the strongest offensive power they will acquire and linked to them. The use of a Soul Sword even when fully incarnated will release Divine Resonance as Cosmic Force is ultimately being used, not magicka or any other power source. A divine being may not favor the use of this weapon, but it generally will be used when one intends to perform large scale destructive attacks. When in its full form and a divinity is not incarnated, the soul sword can actually channel any offensive power its owner has and magnify it.

The Soul Sword is a reflection of a Divine Being's soul, mortals who gaze at soul swords are inflicted with fear and dread, with powerful Divine Beings be able to outright destroy a mortal's consciousness just by showing the blade. The higher the divinity and power of the individual, the larger the gap between the individual and mortal and therefore the stronger the effect. Mortals tend to forget that they have seen such a horrifying item the moment it is put away.

As the Soul Sword is actually part of a divine being and cannot be destroyed without destroying the Divine Being first, it actually is linked to them and they cannot be disarmed of the weapon. Also, divine beings do not have to physically carry their Soul Swords, summoning the weapon from nothing if they require the use of it. There is no requirement for a dimensional storage power to store this weapon, as the owner is also the sheath of the weapon. If a Divinity is killed, their Soul Sword instantly shatters, marking their death.

Killing someone with a soul sword permanently erases them from any cycle of reincarnation, unless the divinity wielding the weapon decrees that the individual is allowed to reincarnate. This works on all beings bound in a universe, hence denial of reincarnation can also be applied to things like world gods and daedra.

Base Form

The Soul Sword takes on the form of an indestructible sword that is able to still use Cosmic Force when a divine entity is incarnated, with a design that suits the theme of the one who wields it. This allows them to still use one of their most powerful offensive abilities which would otherwise be unusable without an appropriate conduit.

All such Soul Swords take the form of swords. All take the form of double edged straight blades, with curved, single edged weapons being completely unheard of as they do not exist.

Sealed Form

Depending on the level of sealing, the fear inducing ability of the blade and the type of powers it can release varies. The appearance also changes with the level of sealing. With maximum sealing, a Soul Sword is nothing more than an indestructible, armor piercing bound sword that costs no magicka to use.

It also doesn't cause any maddening effects and generally has a much simpler external shape compared to its true form, although they still appear as top quality swords made of rare and precious materials. Most Cosmic Force users rarely use maximum sealing, and leave some level of leeway for the sword to exert power, which gives them a slightly more ornate appearance and the ability to exert the user's most powerful offensive ability, albeit highly limited, while not having the fear effect.

Higher levels of unsealing allow more divine power to be released and increases the fear inducing effect of the blade. The sword also gets more ornate and closer to its true form as sealing levels are removed.

Magicka Flare

A specific attack, known by many divine beings as "Magicka Flare", can be used by those who possess Cosmic Force, even if incarnated. It creates magicka like energy from nothing and simply uses it as a puncturing linear attack. The way this energy can be controlled is up to the user, but it is unlikely to be able to severely wound another higher divinity unless one can catch their target by complete surprise and their target has no passive self protection abilities. The advantage of magicka flare is that it doesn't use Cosmic Force, hence it won't emit any Divine Resonance, allowing it to be used for surprised attacks or if one does not want to be detected.

Magicka Flare can also manifest as the magicka component of a higher divine being's offensive ability, allowing a higher divine to still fire an imitation of their power similar to the ability that is channeled through their Soul Sword. The conceptual effects of the divine power will be greatly attenuated when used in this manner, but there will remain some remnants of the power, allowing it to still be somewhat damaging even if used against other higher divinities, although the overall damage is likely to be poor.

As the power of Magicka Flare is still dependent on the divinity making it, incarnation tends to greatly lower its output and injuring power. In its weakest form, it can still severely harm mortals and in its strongest form, it has no problems killing lower divine entities if aimed well. It is generally ignored for direct combat by higher divinities unless they are out of Cosmic Force to power their divine powers, since the chance of harming each other with this is very low, even if used for surprise attacks mid combat.

Celestial Flames

Unique alchemical flame that derives from the reflection of a powerful divinity. It requires sufficient Cosmic Force levels to manifest in an individual, hence the ability to mobilize Celestial Flames is the mark of a high tier divinity. All divinities who possess Celestial Flames are able to do damage on a multiversal scale to multiple worlds and timelines. Celestial Flames can be controlled and channeled by Authorities or powers, but they themselves are not Authorities.

Celestial Flames have similar properties to Soul Swords, in that they can still be used when a divinity is incarnated, although the amount usable is greatly decreased. Furthermore, a mortal who witnesses Celestial Flames will be awed and left in wonderment at the flames. Those who witness the use of Celestial Flames will soon forget the majesty of the flames when it is put away. Celestial Flames come in many colors and may not even generate perceptible heat.

The main purpose of a Celestial Flame is purification of impurities in reality. All of them have unique properties related to erosion of reality and carry powerful concepts. This makes them very useful for refinement of alchemy and weapons when used in conjunction with the correct tools. Many can also be used as a light source or be manipulated much like normal fire via pyrokinesis.

If necessary, Celestial Flames can be used to attack or defend, like normal flames. Since they carry similar properties to Soul Swords, they can destroy an existence permanently and deny reincarnation. Their ability to cause harm is weaker than a Soul Sword. When a divinity is killed, their Celestial Flames will remain behind unless extinguished. Other divinities can attempt to absorb these flames to gain part of the powers the original owner of the flames had. A successful fusion with the flames will upgrade one's own flames and grant new powers, but a failure will cause the soul sword to shatter and the divinity to cease existence.


As Cosmic Force represents the state of one acquiring divinity, acquiring it is not easy and requires specific conditions before it can manifest in an individual. There are multiple ways to acquire Cosmic Force in the body, but the end result tends to deplete the energy of the universe one attempts to undergo apotheosis in, unless one meets a very specific condition. All methods will require the discarding of mortal flesh and freeing the soul to transform into the divine body.

Acquisition Methods

The easiest way to acquire Cosmic Force is to simply be born to a parent who has Cosmic Force in their body, inheriting the blood of a god. This is also the only way in which the energy of the universe will not be taken into one's body to force it to undergo a mortal to divine shift, because one is already divine when born, which means no shift occurs. A god's child still requires awakening their ability to use Cosmic Force, but this is generally smooth and causes no trouble. A god's child does not actually have the flesh of a mortal and will not have to shed it to reach divinity. A child of a universe based Divine or Daedric Prince does not count for this. It has to be the child of a Higher Divinity, who are born flawless and spotless in terms of mortal impurities.

The next method is to acquire a trait that allows one to connect with Cosmic Force and generate it. This does not produce a large strain on the universe one is undergoing apotheosis in, but it will still deplete some of the universe's energy. Known methods to gain the traits include receiving the blood of the Steelfang family to develop the feathered wings or the Divine Core of a Gatekeeper. Fusing fully with the trait giving substance tends to have a high risk for those who are fully mortal as it forcefully ascends and purifies the soul with a vast amount of Cosmic Force while burning up the mortal body, but those with latent divine power in their body generally suffer much less and have a higher success rate.

There are individuals who have a small spark of Cosmic Force in their body, known as a Divine Spark. The allocation of this is completely random, and anyone can have it, although the more dysfunctional the cosmology of the universe, the higher the chance of someone having a Divine Spark. Those who have the Divine Spark are naturally born with less physical and mental flaws than those without. Triggering the Divine Spark causes one to undergo apotheosis and absorbs the energy of the universe to begin the transformation process. This also carries some element of risk to it and will not result in the same amount of initial strength as one who acquired Cosmic Force through the use of an external source to acquire a trait, but it is safer. The process causes the mortal body of one to burn up as one's soul leaves the body and fuses with Cosmic Force to become a divine being.

Lastly, it is possible to use a technique to forcefully crystallize the energy of the universe into one's body and create the first strand of Cosmic Force in the body, even for a completely mortal person. One can then increase the amount of Cosmic Force through self cultivation. This technique requires one to create a technique which can drain the forces of creation in a world and will definitely invite punishment from the universe gods, since it is going against the nature of mortals. If one survives long enough to undergo apotheosis and become a god, the energy of the universe would be greatly depleted. However, this method is capable of giving much greater strength than simply awakening the Divine Spark and has no risk once one is ready for apotheosis, assuming one has correctly cleared all imperfections from their body and are ready to free their soul to fuse with Cosmic Force.

Acquisition Steps

The fusion process with Cosmic Force is the last moments someone ascending to divinity can mold their final appearance and mentality. The influx of Cosmic Force will cause great physical shifts as one's race is erased and reset to that of a divine being, while mental changes from the rebuilding of the mind to accept and utilize higher powers is also something that will occur. Physical and mental imperfections which are minor are just outright erased and the soul will be forever preserved in its most perfect state. One's character and appearance can therefore undergo radical shifts should one successfully ascend, to ensure one is free from the "stains of mortality" which would otherwise hold them down as mortals.

Should one still be bound by the imperfections of mortality, known as the "stains of mortality", if they are undergoing the shift from mortal to divine, their soul will actually fail to fuse with Cosmic Force and will scatter, not recycle through the Dreamsleeve. The same problem is encountered in the ignition of a Divine Spark, with those who are too impure for the ignition failing to transform and instead burning up into nothing. This is equivalent to erasing one from the cycles of reincarnation permanently. Hence, it is important that one fixes their physical and mental flaws before attempting any method of apotheosis. If not, the apotheosis is always guaranteed to fail and one will not have a second chance.

The difficulty of completely erasing the imperfections of the mortal body is not easy, as giving up the imperfections of mortality may require great changes in lifestyle, habits and thoughts. The transformation from mortal to divine is easier for humans and elves compared to beastfolk, who have to take additional steps to change their nature and prepare their soul for ascension. Beastfolk in particular require the method of self refinement to transform from mortal to divine in addition to a divine spark in their soul to even have a chance of acquiring higher divinity. This is because their nature is tied to more third party factors like the Hist for Argonians and the Moons for Khajit, which they have to sever and reject completely as these are considered great stains of mortality. This makes higher divinities of Beastfolk origin rarer compared to humans and elves.

Vampirism and Lycanthropy makes it easier for a Divine Spark to be ignited because of the origin of such abilities, but for those lacking Divine Sparks, transforming mortal to divine becomes harder as it is easier for the heavens to punish them. As the process of transforming from mortal to divine will cause life extension as one progresses down that path, generally a condition like vampirism isn't required for life extension if one fears not having enough time to reach the point needed to ascend.

If one is able to arrange for a targeted reincarnation into their ideal form and manage to recycle their soul through the Dreamsleeve, it would be useful for one attempting to reach divinity assuming their original body and soul have too many "mortal stains". Such a procedure would require one to be able to reawaken their memories of their past life or somehow still end up on the path to attaining divinity, but will be able to erase a lot of their "mortal stains" should this procedure be a success.

Transferring the soul to another body without going through the Dreamsleeve does not cleanse the soul of "mortal stains" at all so it would be pointless. A soul that has been tempered and prepared for receiving divinity will have permanent marks of transformation to it and will have an exceedingly high chance of attaining a divine spark once reincarnation is completed. This helps further in erasure of any "mortal stains" and ensures one reincarnates into a body that has a much higher chance of attaining divinity through any method.

Results and Effects

Upon undergoing apotheosis and gaining access to Cosmic Force, one's parallel selves will all collapse into one's own being and they are erased from every parallel world. Those who already have divinity, whether as a god's child or a possessor of a Divine Spark are already singular in the multiverse and do not undergo the parallel world collapse. The timelines of every world will respond by removing said person from the record of history. This is known as the "last second", since it is the last moment one is bound by the laws of time. As travel to a time point before one's "last second" in the world a god is born in tends to generate ridiculous paradoxes that resolve in undesirable ways, it is rare for a god to do so.

As mentioned, all higher divinities have the race of higher divinity, no matter their original race or origin, giving them the appearance and traits of a higher divine being such as access to Cosmic Force, Divine Skin, powers of divine nature and physiques that transcend mortals. Racial lines such as elf, beast or man are completely discarded and one will have a fixed true form not different from a perfected human, with no exception. Afflictions such as vampirism and lycanthropy will be discarded, again with no exception, unless recrystallized as a special power. Also, a higher divine will not retain any racial traits from their mortal days and incarnation can allow them to become virtually any race they wish should they take on a mortal body once more.

Destroying the universe that carries the origin of a god does not kill them and actually helps them by erasing their origin and closing off all paradoxes they can create if they were to return to that particular world in the wrong time. It is pointless to attempt to take down someone who ascended to divinity and acquired Cosmic Force by returning to the time points before they underwent their apotheosis in the world they underwent their apotheosis in, once they have already underwent the transformation into divine. Once someone has gained Cosmic Force, they exist outside the laws of causality and origination, hence they can no longer be returned to their origin.

While the Divines and Daedric Princes do have access to a bare minimum of Cosmic Force and apparently contradict this principle of singularity since they exist to oversee each universe, the sets of Divines and Daedric Princes in each universe are actually distinct from each other. They are bound to their respective worlds, being unable to planeswalk or switch worlds. As they are all copies of an original, perfect set, the less perfect of copies they are, the more likely a mortal in their planes they oversee will have an opportunity to undergo apotheosis to become a god, as a force of correction. Also, since the Divines and Daedric Princes are bound to their respective worlds, they perish if the universe they oversee perishes.


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