Count Lerillic

"Count Lerillic ready for battle" - a painting by an unknown artist

Lerillic Papius was the Count of Leyawiin in the Second Era.


Born to a noble family of Anvil in 2E 500, Lerillic was taught swordplay, horse-riding, literature, arts and music from a young age. While he considered these skills and knowledge essential, he couldn't stand living among nobility. At the age of fifteen, Lerillic escaped from his family's manor and hid in a ship standing by the docks. The ship's captain soon found the boy and revealed that he is a pirate. Lerillic had been living among the plunderers for ten years, pillaging the coastal villages of Valenwood and Elsweyr. At that time he developed his hatred for the races of Mer and beastfolk. It was when he met Ri'Gattha-Shavar, a Khajiit warrior, and they became bitter foes.

Tired of living the life of crime, Lerillic betrayed his companions when they were docked in Leyawiin, and they were thrown in jail. Lerillic was rewarded for this deed, and decided to live among the nobles once more, eventually gaining trust. In 2E 532, Lerillic was named Count of Leyawiin.

Using his power and the war that raged between County Leyawiin and the Khajiiti kingdom of Pellitine, he secretly invaded the lands of Elsweyr; however, his attempts were to no avail due to Ri'Gattha-Shavar's excellent strategy. Lerillic is said to have lost his trusted general Falx Lupinus at the Siege of Fort Rawlith. After the war that lasted for more than 20 years, the last of Lerillic's troops were defeated and the Count himself gained disrespect among the royalty of Cyrodiil, he left for Corinth at the age of 72, disguised as a traveling monk and planning to assassinate Ri'Gattha-Shavar. However, he was detected, and the Khajiit offered him a chance to defend himself in the last duel. Lerillic agreed, and after a lengthy battle, he was defeated. The former Count was dismembered as a punishment, and Ri'Gattha-Shavar became the King's advisor after his victory.

Lerillic had a son, Malpen Papius, who would later sign a peace treaty with Ri'Gattha-Shavar's Anequina Jamanni clan, establishing a trade link between the clan and the Empire.

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