Yahkem Xayah
Yahkem Xayah is a coven of Daedric Magic practitioners of Elsweyr. The coven was founded and led by the long-lost Clan Mother Fadomai-Jihhri of Anequina Jamanni.


Fyhrrec the Sojourner, Sapiarch of Conjuration Arts from the town of Dusk, conversed with Yahkem Xayah's sectarians, who regaled the Sapiarch with tales of creating pocket planes of Oblivion, the greatest feat one can accomplish.


The only known ranks within Yahkem Xayah are:

  • Initiate
  • Caitiff
  • Curate
  • Shaman


  • The letters Yahkem and Xayah make only very few appearances compared to other letters of Daedric Alphabet.
  • Fyhrrec the Sojourner recorded his time with Yahkem Xayah in his treatise Sorcery of Murky Waters.
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