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Crow Manipulation is, as its name implies, the ability to possess crows and make them do your bidding. It was practiced by ancient witches but it still practiced by some today, such as Agatha Tira and Isis Harin-Oakvale, from The Legend of Nirn and Tycho, from The Burned-Mane Canon.


Instances of Crow Manipulation can be traced back to the Second Era, where Goblin Witches would practice the art to attack cities. In fact a goblin witch even tried to take over Bangkoriah through the use of this form of witchcraft and aided the Daggerfall Covenant repel an Imperial Invasion, during a temporary truce.

In the third era, it is seen again but it is an obscure form of magic, practiced only by a hagraven known as Helga. She uses it to kidnap citizens of Whiterun and bring them back to her lair, where a number of terrible fates await them.

By the Fourth Era in both canons and it seems that it is only practiced by a handful of Witches.

Levels of ability

The basics involve possessing and controlling the birds and getting them to do your bidding, the more powerful the witch, the more power they have over the bird. It is worth noting that basic crow manipulation doesn't even require magical ability as it is achieved by Tycho, a Half-Breed thief of minimal magical talent.

Agatha Tira, for instance can possess a whole Murder of Crows and make them do complex tasks, like kill people and deliver things for her. Tycho, a less experienced manipulator, struggled to get a crow to steal the key to his jail cell.
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Crow manipulation (Original Image)

Some Witches are able to transform into crow(s) and morph into the creatures, similar to the way that vampires can transform into bats.

It is unknown how taxing this ability is on the caster, though it can be assumed that it does require some concentration and a deal of mental strength, in order to do it. However, Witches seem to do it rather casually, suggesting that it isn't as taxing as some other abilities...


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