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Cursed Daedric Dagger
Cursed Daedric Dagger.png
Base Damage 13
Weight 6
Base Value 1500
Additional Effects Absorb Health. Has a chance to banish Daedra. If a target is killed, its soul powers the weapon.
Class One-Handed, Dagger
Upgrade Material Ebony
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Cursed Daedric Dagger is a unique enchanted Daedric Dagger.


Interestingly enough, unlike Cursed Daedric Armor, which has negative effects along with the useful ones, Cursed Daedric Dagger does not have any curses placed upon it. As with the armor set, the dagger must be forged under an eclipse.


Several Cursed Daedric Daggers can be found in Foyada Padhome, in Velar Malamath's hidden chamber and in a hidden cave, used for sacrificial purposes.

Picking up any of the Cursed Daedric Daggers will summon Sumeer Jabran, a hostile Dremora, near the dagger. He will be summoned every time a dagger is encountered and picked up.


The dagger bears a unique enchantment:

Instead of filling Soul Gems, enemies' souls feed the dagger, strengthening the enchantments placed upon it. The dagger's strength depends on the number of souls it consumed:

  • 0 Souls - Absorb Health 15 points. Can only banish lesser Daedra.
  • 5 Souls - Absorb Health 30 points. Can only banish lesser Daedra.
  • 10 Souls - Absorb Health 45 points. Can banish sentient Daedra, e.g. Dremora.
  • 15 Souls - Absorb Health 60 points. Power attacks with the dagger have a chance to send an area-of-effect blast that banishes any Daedra within its radius. The chance increases with every 5 Souls consumed after that.

The dagger's soul counter resets every two days if the weapon is not used.


Cursed Daedric Dagger can be crafted using the following components:

Alternatively, those practicing Daedric Magic/Padomaic Magic can coalesce a Daedra Heart and an Ebony Dagger.

Cursed Daedric Dagger can be upgraded using Ebony Ingots. The smith must be knowledgeable about improving enchanted items to do so.



  • The enchantment shader makes the dagger look like it's been stenched in blood.
  • The dagger may be considered cursed because of its Daedric nature and the ironic ability to banish Daedra.
  • While Velar Veleth was the one who created the dagger, he never got to use it.
  • The dagger is said to become more valuable if purified in a solution of Void Salts.