Cursed Face of Inspiration
Cursed Face of Inspiration
Base Armor 65
Weight 10
Base Value 10000
Additional Effects Strengthens the Cursed Daedric Armor set. Has a chance to kill the wearer if the whole set is not worn.
Class Light Armor, Helmet
Upgrade Material Ebony

Cursed Daedric Face of Inspiration is a unique piece of light armor that complements the Cursed Daedric Armor set.


The helmet can be randomly found in boss chests throughout Foyada Padhome, and is very rare.

Picking a Cursed Face of Inspiration will summon Mha, a hostile Dremora, near the helmet.


The Cursed Face of Inspiration bears a unique enchantment that greatly enhances the positive effects of the armor set. However, the helmet has a chance to kill the wearer if the full set of Cursed Daedric Armor is not worn. Thus, Cuirass, Gauntlets and Boots must be equipped before the helmet in order to avoid death.


Unlike the armor, Cursed Face of Inspiration can't be forged or crafted using Daedric Magic. The helmet can be improved using Ebony Ingots. The smith must be knowledgeable about tempering magical items.


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